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How long do you have to be in school

Hi Jazmine, do you mind clarifying your question? How long do you need to be in school to do what? Valerie F

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2 answers

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Jazmine! If you could please specify the type of school that would help to give more details; for high school and for college it is four years. College can be different such as completing two years in community college and obtaining an Associate's and then moving onto a larger university for two more years and obtaining a Bachelor's. There are different graduate studies such as law, medicine, nursing, doctorate, etc., that require different schools and different length of time for completion.

Best of luck!

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Terry’s Answer

All Depends on what your goal is. I know a few professional students.
Legally I think you are required to go up to 12th grade, but even then some do not make it that far
If you want a Associates Degree add 2 years onto 12 years of general education
under graduate degree add 4 years
Master's degree 12 general edu +4 under graduate + 2 years
Doctorate 4-6 years extra