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marnath B. Oct 21, 2016 579 views

help!!! what are some ways to be active in college for a future medical school student

I'm a current freshman in college and I just recently declared my major. I'm a biology major and in the future I plan on going to medical school. I feel the need to be active in college, so it looks good on my transcript, but don't know how. medicine biology doctorate-degree college...


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Hadi D. Feb 15, 2017 558 views

How many years experience are needed to be in the Ship Broking area?

24 years old graduated student. Willing to work in Ship Broking area. How many years do I have to work as a trainee? shipbroking broker brokers...


Angelica  F.’s Avatar
Angelica F. Sep 01, 2017 476 views

Is being a pediatrician hard ?

I want to be a pediatrician but I have looked but how many year of college I need & it said around 8. That's why I want to know if it's worth it and if it's hard. That way I prepare my self mentally & physically to get started on my dream career. pediatrician doctor...

pediatrics hospital-and-health-care healthcare

amoi J.’s Avatar
amoi J. Mar 13, 2018 595 views

I am currently a Junior in Highschool and I am close to being a senior. I have been thinking about the career I want to pursue after highschool and I want to become a pediatrician. What degree should I look for and how many years will I be in school?

I always wanted to become a doctor when I was younger. I had the passion to help people. When I was little I used to pick up medical equipment and play like I was a doctor. In middle school and high school I went to the library often to research books about the medical field and children. I...

college doctor majors premed pediatrician

Lindsey G.’s Avatar
Lindsey G. Mar 26, 2018 378 views

How does a veterinarian maintain the health and well-being of competition sporthorses?

I am a pre-vet college student that is interested in specializing in equine medicine. What preventative measures can be taken to minimize long term damage, and if a major accident were to occur what are the best possible treatment plans available? pre-veterinary-medicine equine veterinary...

competition veterinarian specialization veterinary-medicine

Hanan M.’s Avatar
Hanan M. Apr 03, 2018 313 views

How can I increase my chances for the Direct Med program?

I know that the Direct Med program is extremely competitive, but what can I do to make sure that I have a competitive resume that will higher my chances of getting in too? Do I need to make sure that I have good grades, good extracurriculars, or what? medicine directmedicine healthcare...

hospital-and-health-care premed medschool

Hanan M.’s Avatar
Hanan M. Apr 04, 2018 1001 views

Any tips for aiming for the University of Toledo Medstart program?

University of Toledo is perfect for me right now, and even though I have a long time until I get into college, I really want to make sure that I'm doing everything possible to get into their programs. Any tips on what I should be doing? UniveristyofToledo Medstart medschool doctor premed...

medical-school medicine hospital-and-healthcare healthcare

Emma G.’s Avatar
Emma G. Apr 05, 2018 398 views

What recommendations do you have on getting into Vet school ?

I plan to go to vet school after undergrad but these schools are especially selective and difficult to get into. What are your recommendations for things that I can work on that will set me apart from other applicants? animallovers veterinarian medicine vet-school...


Emily J.’s Avatar
Emily J. Apr 09, 2018 300 views

Are hours as a general surgeon too long?

I would like to be a general surgeon when I finish college. I would also like to have a family and I'm wondering if I would still have time to spend with them, or if the job would be too much. generalsurgery surgery medicine healthcare hospital-and-healthcare doctor surgeon...


Sarah J.’s Avatar
Sarah J. Apr 19, 2018 386 views

What full-time/part-time jobs would be great for experience when wanting to pursue a career in Forensic Pathology?

I'm new to the work environment relating to the medical field and I do a lot of research, and ask others questions, on this topic, but the answers are either broad, or unanswered. I would also appreciate learning from what someone else had to do to build themselves up to this specific type of...

medicine pathology pathologist forensicpathology

Trisha L.’s Avatar
Trisha L. Apr 21, 2018 451 views

Relocating Future Dental Hygienist... NC to MA or RI

I am currently in Dental Hygiene school in North Carolina. I am about to start my second year of the program, and will graduate in 2019. When I graduate, I plan to move to either Massachusetts or Rhode Island (somewhere close to the state lines). North Carolina is one of the stricter states,...

dentistry rdh dental-hygienist dental-hygiene relocation dental dental-practice