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El Paso, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
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Dominic H.’s Avatar
Dominic H. Aug 17 67 views

have you reached your financial goal?

Hello I am wondering have you reached where you had initially planned to be in your financial goal? And what are some tips on how to accomplish it?...


Ricardo P.’s Avatar
Ricardo P. Apr 24, 2019 114 views
Briadna A.’s Avatar
Briadna A. Aug 20 104 views

What types of tasks do nurses do?

I would like to know what kind of tasks nurses do in their jobs and how many hours do they work? #registered-nurses #medicine...


Rick V.’s Avatar
Rick V. Jul 26 111 views

When it comes to branching and moving into a career did you have to obtain another degree or was your certificate in Office Administration good enough for employers?

Hello! My name is Rick #business , I'm 23 and attending David L. Corrasco Job Corps in El Paso, Texas and I'm pursuing a career in Office Administration and I ask this because I think it's important to view this certificate as either a step or if it's more than perfectly fine to keep this as my...

#careerpath #officeadministration #educationlevel

jesus R.’s Avatar
jesus R. Aug 31 59 views

how could i increase my salary

What should I study or is it just the experience?...


jesus R.’s Avatar
jesus R. Aug 31 63 views

How heavy is the job of an automotive technician

I plan to work on this in the future and I just want to know . #job...


Saul C.’s Avatar
Saul C. Aug 18 158 views

which values are most important in the work area?

I would like to know which values are most necessary in our work area, to know an order and how to apply each of them #career #culinary-arts...


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