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El Paso, Texas

Within 40 mile radius
Abduljalal’s Avatar
Abduljalal 17 hours ago 10 views

Is being a doctor worth it?

I want to become a medical doctor, but it appears that they lead stressful lives and although they make bank, most of their earnings get tied up in the purchase of various insurance policies to cover potential mistakes made during practice.

Yahel’s Avatar
Yahel Jul 08, 2021 622 views

How I can become software developer?

#software-engineer #technology

Pablo Edrei’s Avatar
Pablo Edrei Sep 26 21 views

How can I become omniscient?

How can I become omniscient?

keiver’s Avatar
keiver Sep 26 39 views

What are the requirements for a welding job?

I'd like to learn more about starting a career in welding.

Diego’s Avatar
Diego Aug 22 80 views

Can I make a living being a chef?

Can I make a living as a chef?

Azul’s Avatar
Azul Aug 22 126 views

What are some of the best skills you need to have in the culinary arts field?

Student at the David L. Carrasco Job Corps Center, improving my culinary arts training.

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Sep 08 98 views

What are some very important things to know when going into the military?

Some information that may be helpful for a civilian to going into the military that may not be thought of until you are there?

Yakov’s Avatar
Yakov Apr 14 224 views

How long does the culinary pathway normally take to complete at Job Corps?

I am currently in the cpp stage of Job Corps, and I want to go into culinary. How long does it take to complete both the normal and advanced training pathways?

Cesar’s Avatar
Cesar Oct 07, 2021 270 views

How does being a construction building inspector affect your lifestyle?

#construction #management #inspectors #job

Gustavo’s Avatar
Gustavo Oct 14, 2019 339 views

What is the most dangerous thing to take into account when welding underwater?

Stay safe #welding #osha #workplace-safety

Jamarquai’s Avatar
Jamarquai Apr 27 117 views

What are the stress levels?

What are the stress levels that you deal with in your career and how do you handle it?

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Sep 13 64 views

Is it possible to do college/earn college credit while being in the military?

Have not started working towards college credit yet, unsure if I'm able to earn degrees in the military or if its only possible after serving or before enlisting.

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Jul 22 168 views

How long do you have to be in the military to qualify as a veteran?

Planning to be in the military before college, wanna know if I will qualify to be a veteran if I served for 4 years.

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Jun 09 240 views

How much money did you invest in your career?

Was the amount of investment that you was worth it at the end?

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Sep 07 73 views

What is the entire process for being in the military as an enlisted?

Planning to enlist sometime within the next year and want to know what is the entire process for enlisting and what will happen after boot camp.

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Aug 31, 2021 960 views

What things should I avoid saying in a job interview?

#job #interviews #job-search #interviewing-skills

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Jul 20 202 views

Is having a job during college normal?

I would need a source of income during college to pay for my education and I was wondering if it is normal/feasible to have jobs while in college.

Hirvin’s Avatar
Hirvin Jun 22, 2021 255 views

the job of a welder is difficult?

#career #job

karem’s Avatar
karem Aug 30, 2019 284 views

what is a typical day in welding job?

I am currently attending welding vocational in school David.Carrasco #job

Karla’s Avatar
Karla Mar 02 160 views

What is average salary that a Lawyer can earn?

I would like to be in a job that has a good salary, since I would be giving knowledge and professionalism to the job.

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Jul 20 217 views

What are the proper steps to become Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

Working towards GED, thinking what steps I need to take to become CRNA.

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Feb 02 192 views

how much does my career pay

#career #money #financial-planning

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Feb 02 335 views

In which city can I generate more money?

#finance #financial-planning #money

Wendy’s Avatar
Wendy Oct 25, 2019 412 views

What are the most effective strategies for seeking a position in this field?


Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Aug 23, 2019 330 views

What are the rewards of working with Administration?

#human-resources #economics #physician #business

Miranda’s Avatar
Miranda Jan 17, 2018 594 views

As a future first-generation college student, what advice could be given to me for my daily life in college?


aylin’s Avatar
aylin Oct 25, 2019 587 views

What credential of certifications am i gonna able to here in this career industry?

#career #information-technology #technology

esteban’s Avatar
esteban Mar 02 186 views

does the humidity in your area negitivly affect HVAC equipment

i live in a very dry hot dessert area and iyts a very good town to practice HVAC alot of money to be made but im wondering if there is more money to be made in a hot but more wet area like houston #HVAC

leslie’s Avatar
leslie Jun 12, 2019 240 views

how long did it take you to become a physical therapist?


Francisco’s Avatar
Francisco Oct 07, 2021 206 views

Do you expect hiring for this job in the region to increase, decrease, or stay the same over the next few years?

I am currently in distance learning for job corps and I'd appreciate it if someone would respond to my question.

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