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Arturo D.’s Avatar
Arturo D. Aug 23, 2019 45 views

How long will I take to become a mechanic?

Im Arturo im 18 years old and i want to become a automotive mechanic....


Brianna G.’s Avatar
Brianna G. Sep 20, 2019 48 views

What is the entry salary ?

Hello good morning my name is Brianna Grajeda, I'm in job corps for rehab vocation and I will like to learn about it....


Heber J.’s Avatar
Heber J. May 22, 2019 71 views

I'm interested in a Nurse Anesthetist but wonder what courses and how long it would take?

What ratios would need to be applied to be the proper dosage for an average persons height/weight or other factors applied?...


Laura L.’s Avatar
Laura L. Jun 06, 2019 130 views

How is a job day as a Rehabilitation Technician? Is it worth to obtain advanced education?

I am currently training for Rehabilitation Technician and I want to know what to do after I complete my certification...


Daniel P.’s Avatar
Daniel P. Jun 24, 2019 57 views

How do people advance in Rehabilitation Technician?

Rehabilitation Technician...


Luz L.’s Avatar
Luz L. Mar 16 40 views

What growth opportunities are there in the field of physical therapy?

I'm a female, 19 years old. I'm studying Rehabilitation Technician at Job Corps to become a Physical Therapist Assistants. #physical-therapist #sports-medicine #rehab #occupational-therapy...


Daniel P.’s Avatar
Daniel P. Jun 24, 2019 81 views

What are different job options for Rehabilitation Technician?

I'm a student at job corps and I am training for rehabilitation Technician...


Luz L.’s Avatar
Luz L. Mar 16 27 views
arturo A.’s Avatar
arturo A. Aug 16, 2019 41 views

what is a typical day like in HVAC

I am always ready for everything in a job...


Joshua B.’s Avatar
Joshua B. Mar 16 32 views

What is the best career for me? Recommendations?

I'm male, 19 years old and graduated from high school. I'm currently attending Job Corps and am doing Facilities Maintenance as my trade that falls under Construction. I'm interested in becoming a Journeyman Electrician or Lineman, however, I'm not entirely sure what I should really do. I'm...

#career-choice #job #career

Orlando S.’s Avatar
Orlando S. Mar 03 31 views

Which important safety protocols should all welders follow?

I am very strict when if come to following safety rules. #welder...


Arturo D.’s Avatar
Arturo D. Aug 23, 2019 44 views

What is the pay for a automotive mechanic in Dallas Tx?

Im Arturo im 18 years old and I want to be a automotive mechanic....


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