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Luz L. Mar 16 113 views
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Francisco O. May 16, 2016 569 views
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Luis G. Aug 05, 2019 115 views

What are the requirements to become immigration inspector

I am a recent High school graduate, I'm looking for a career in law enforcement ....


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Kaila H. Oct 14, 2019 64 views

I want to be a automotive mechanic.

I am a student at David L. Carrasco Job Corps center in El Paso TX. after this I plan on going to Utah for advanced training in Automotive. Do you think this is a good move? What else do you suggest I do?...


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Wendy B. Oct 19, 2016 481 views

What should I study for my journey of becoming a neurosurgeon?

My computer science teacher suggested me to choose a major most related to neurosurgery, but he does not know which majors are most appropriate. #science #medicine...


Wendy B.’s Avatar
Wendy B. Oct 19, 2016 409 views

What are good medical schools to attend to become a neurosurgeon?

I am aware that medical schools are a must, but there are plenty and I don't know which ones provide the best quality of teaching. Currently, I am considering Texas tech and Baylor University, they were suggested by my counselor at school. #science #medicine...


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Elizabeth R. Oct 30, 2019 71 views

What is the good part of Rehabilitation Technician?

I' am a student at job corps, I'm 22 and I want to help people other get back in to the their daily routine if they aren't possible to walk or do anything on their own I want to make it possible for them that they could do it....


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julio A. Jul 23, 2019 123 views

What do you like about your job? Whats the hardest part of your job?

My name is Julio Arreola im looking into auto mechanics can you answer my questions please...


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ricardo M. Oct 04, 2019 84 views
jesus M.’s Avatar
jesus M. Nov 19, 2019 76 views

how did you get to be a welder?

l have 16 years old and l want to be a welder , at the moment l an job corps student , hopefully l can get my career as a welder ready on 6 or 7 months , after that l want to go with my family to work on Pecos or Odessa on the pipelines and oil fields as a welder #job...


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Cyron E. Aug 05, 2019 132 views

What the most hardest time in career?

Im in Job Crops been interesting to be Border Control or Security so im learning in Protective Services #job...


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Orlando S. Mar 03 260 views

Why should we hire you?

I am always on time when it comes to work. #work...


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adam J. Aug 16, 2019 143 views

How can I become a mechanic at a dealership in El Paso, TX?

#mechanics #engineering #texas #mechanic #engineer #career "Specifically, I want to be a mechanic at VIVA dodge in El Paso TX" (Admin Note: Original question posted above here in the...

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Domenica V. May 14 447 views

How can you determine what career is best for you?

Building things and finding solutions to problems are things I like as well as being able to help people. I plan on opening a business whether it is in auto mechanics or construction. #construction #business #automotive...


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Jose R. Oct 04, 2019 103 views

how have you used data to make decisions?

i wanna earn all 9 credential/ certifications for Facility maintenance. #facility...

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victor D. Oct 04, 2019 107 views

how many type of welding?

i like welding that #job #career s a good job for...

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Heaven A. Oct 30, 2019 109 views

What's the best way to find out about jobs in this field

My name is Heaven and I am 18 years old and iam looking forward to study...


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