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Devin V.’s Avatar
Devin V. Oct 04, 2019 301 views
Gino S.’s Avatar
Gino S. Sep 29, 2017 570 views

Is it possible to work at Nike with a degree in Industrial Design?

I'm asking because i have always wanted to work at Nike and my teacher told me that industrial design is a really good career to choose. #design #industrial-design...


David C.’s Avatar
David C. Sep 05, 2019 348 views

Is welding a career that can pay off?

I am currently studying to achieve my welding certification and would like to pursue a profitable career and overall a successful life....


Ashleyn Z.’s Avatar
Ashleyn Z. Aug 05, 2019 213 views

What does a typical day on this job look like?

I am a student at job crops, getting my training for Protective Services. I'm interested in joining the boarder patrol or the FBI, and would like to get some information from people who have experience with it. #career...


Arely S.’s Avatar
Arely S. Oct 07, 2019 1704 views

Which major is better? Math, Finance or Accounting?

I love numbers . I don't know if I should pursue a major in Math, Finance or Accounting. #accounting #finance #business #math...


Carlos C.’s Avatar
Carlos C. Sep 01, 2017 295 views

How do I begin a christian music career?

I'm a catholic christian artist in Texas, and my dream is to work in ministry professionally playing music on tour. I already play at my church and have a christian band, but I'm stuck. I don't know where to go from here. What do you recommend?...


Noe H.’s Avatar
Noe H. Sep 18, 2019 156 views

how do people advance in this this field

I am looking into advancing my knowledge in automotive I'm interest in this field because I like working on cars what are some things you need to get more skills in this trade #engineering...


Francisco O.’s Avatar
Francisco O. May 16, 2016 691 views

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