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carissa V.’s Avatar
carissa V. Oct 30, 2019 105 views

Does this job pay well to support a family?

I'm a student at Job Corps. I would like to know more about being a Rehabilitation Technician because I want to be able to help people. #medicine...


Colby G.’s Avatar
Colby G. Oct 30, 2019 242 views

what office jobs pay 6 digits and not hard to find?

i am a student at job corps in El Paso TX, and i'm interested in working inside a office or maybe becoming a investment banker any suggestions? #career...


Diana G.’s Avatar
Diana G. Nov 19, 2019 152 views

Are there related fields I might want to look into for psychology?

I am 20 years old and I am planning in getting a career as either a psychologist or school/educational counselor #education #counseling #clinical-psychology #psychology...


Ni' Yah R.’s Avatar
Ni' Yah R. Sep 13, 2019 167 views
isaac M.’s Avatar
isaac M. Nov 15, 2019 222 views
Jose L.’s Avatar
Jose L. Aug 30, 2019 299 views

what should i include when filling out a resume?

what things/subjects should i put into my resume to insure that i get the spot of employment/stand out from everybody else that has applied for the position #job-application #job-search...


Brianna G.’s Avatar
Brianna G. Sep 20, 2019 185 views

What is the entry salary ?

Hello good morning my name is Brianna Grajeda, I'm in job corps for rehab vocation and I will like to learn about it....


Lorena L.’s Avatar
Lorena L. Aug 05, 2019 183 views

What related fields do you think I should consider?

I am a student currently enrolled in Office Administration classes....


David C.’s Avatar
David C. Sep 05, 2019 273 views

Is welding a career that can pay off?

I am currently studying to achieve my welding certification and would like to pursue a profitable career and overall a successful life....


ricardo M.’s Avatar
ricardo M. Oct 04, 2019 113 views
Francisco M.’s Avatar
Francisco M. Mar 02, 2020 199 views

Can you describe the hardest welding challenge?

I am very interested in the welding field. I have welded once and it was fun. i am looking to find out as much as i can about welding. Any suggestions, tips, or advice would be great....


Devin V.’s Avatar
Devin V. Oct 04, 2019 278 views
Aylin M.’s Avatar
Aylin M. Nov 05, 2019 122 views
selena V.’s Avatar
selena V. Nov 05, 2019 93 views

Would enlisting in the military be a good choice?

I want to work as a physical therapist assistance and i would like to get as much as experience as I can....


Arely S.’s Avatar
Arely S. Oct 07, 2019 1474 views

Which major is better? Math, Finance or Accounting?

I love numbers . I don't know if I should pursue a major in Math, Finance or Accounting. #accounting #finance #business #math...


Francisco O.’s Avatar
Francisco O. May 16, 2016 638 views
Aldo L.’s Avatar
Aldo L. Dec 10, 2019 242 views

What's the best way to find out about jobs in this field?

Hi my name is Aldo Labrado, and i wanna know how i can find a job and which is the best way. #job #job-search #career #internship...


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