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diego O.’s Avatar
diego O. Oct 30 36 views

Were and how do you get peace in school with so much people around?

Diego's been my name for the past 20 years all I'm looking for is peace in my heart I feel like I have been trough a lot in the past 20 years of age that I have this is why I ask this question like school really the answer? #college #college-major #school...


Daisy M.’s Avatar
Daisy M. Jul 02 43 views
Adaline G.’s Avatar
Adaline G. Nov 19 21 views

What’s better, Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree?

My name is Adaline, I am 22 years old and a mom of 1. I like to see the bright side of things. I’m interested in the medical field, and I want to be a Registered Nurse. #nurse...


Alonso M.’s Avatar
Alonso M. Nov 19 13 views

What interests you most about cars?

I would especially like to know more about the engines....


Yamelyn L.’s Avatar
Yamelyn L. Aug 30 34 views

What are the employers looking for in Realtors?

My name is Yamelyn I'm 17 years old I'm currently attending Job Corps in El Paso, Texas and will soon be attending an Office Administration class. I took a business class at the last school I was attending and learned much useful information but I would like to know what employers would be...


victor P.’s Avatar
victor P. Aug 30 26 views

How can you advance in military as a mechanic

#tech Im interested to learn more about professions and how to learn more skills about auto mechanics in the...

isaac M.’s Avatar
isaac M. Nov 15 36 views
Edward Q.’s Avatar
Edward Q. Aug 23 30 views

How old do you need to be to get a real welding job

Is there a age that you need to start working in a big welding company or in any job that there is for welding...


Jesse G.’s Avatar
Jesse G. Nov 19 7 views

What are the characteristics that one must have to succeed in said career?

I am currently under the job corps program, with the vocation being welding . I wish to know how to thrive in this industry....


Luis R.’s Avatar
Luis R. Nov 19 17 views

Are there related fields in the welding industry that I may want to look into?

I recently enrolled myself into Job Corps because in my case it provided multiple opportunities to make progress in life....


David R.’s Avatar
David R. Nov 19 29 views

Are you happy with the career you study?

Hello, I don't know if you see this day or night but thank you for watch my question, I just wanted to ask you something, it's a small question that can help me for my path to my career, I hope and the answer, luck #career #college...


Wesley P.’s Avatar
Wesley P. Oct 25 34 views

What credentials or certifications am i going to obtain in these industry?

I m a good kid that is always challenging himself to be better than other people . #business...


Elizabeth R.’s Avatar
Elizabeth R. Nov 05 18 views

What benefits do you get out of Office Administration?

I'm interested in working in any type of office but I'm more interested in working in a medical office...


ricardo M.’s Avatar
ricardo M. Oct 04 29 views

why do you like about welding

#teacher my favorite part is the fire it makes and how things...

Ayline Z.’s Avatar
Ayline Z. Nov 19 9 views

What do you like most of this job?

My name is Ayline and I'll will like to enjoy the Department of Criminal Investigators & Special Agent...


Nathaniel M.’s Avatar
Nathaniel M. Oct 14 26 views

What is the hardest part about working towards becoming a good automotive technician?

I'm attending job corps in El Paso I've got my high school diploma and I'm going to advanced training in Utah after I get my AES certificate....


Diana G.’s Avatar
Diana G. Nov 19 23 views

Are there related fields I might want to look into for psychology?

I am 20 years old and I am planning in getting a career as either a psychologist or school/educational counselor #education #counseling #clinical-psychology #psychology...


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