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A professional is on top of her or his game. They often display positive qualities such as being disciplined, punctual, and having the drive to succeed. For more information, please...

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Arianna A. Jun 19 228 views

Is it too late to figure out what I want to do if I’m 12

I play tennis,I love shopping and anything related to fashion My dream job is to be a #professional spy or detective. #fashion...

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Marie E. May 19 222 views
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Thomas P. May 14 150 views

What are the different types of businessmen?

I know that being a businessman is not just a profession in itself and that there are branches of businessmen. I am simply inquiring about what are the different branches of business and businessmen. #business #entrepreneur...


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danieh K. May 14 240 views

Should I take calculus?

I'm in high school right now wanting to pursue an education in business/economics, and I'm wondering if I should take calculus in my senior year. Any advice? #math #business #career #econ #economics #highschool #school #professional...


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SURYA M. May 07 236 views

how to know choose a career

I am undecided highschooler , interested in technology and computerscience but wouldlike to use them as tools... #technology #stem #stem #professional #it...


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Polina W. Apr 25 95 views

Is fashion marketing female dominated?

Hi, I would like to ask this for anyone currently working in fashion marketing. Would you say you work mostly with females? I have always enjoyed working with both men and women and would like to enter a career in fashion marketing and have always been under the impression it is female...

#business #marketing #fashion #professional #career

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Isabella L. Apr 23 115 views

I'm interested in going into sports medicine but also interested in business, which is the best option?

I am three sport athlete with high honors, I go to a technical school and take Information Technology as my trade. #sports #medicine #sports-management #business...


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Taylor A. Apr 14 90 views

Who are the biggest Interior Designers?

What companies and pros really stand out in the design world and what could I learn from them? #interior-design #interior #designer #professional...


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charlotte H. Mar 07 151 views

How to know what industry is the right fit?

As an undergrad, it feels as though there aren't enough opportunities before graduation to figure out what industry is the best fit for me. What sorts of activities would you recommend an undergrad pursue in their limited free time? Or, what have you found to be the most valuable experience to...

#business #career #professional #undecided

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Michael H. Mar 02 71 views

I want to know how to become a foreign service officer

I’m the first in my family to both graduate HS and will now be going to college. I always dreamed of travel and helping others so I decided on diplomacy. I want to join the foreign service and travel the world and work for the government #career . #professional #professional #career...

#foreign-service #foreign #foreign-policy

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Diego A. Dec 10, 2019 101 views
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Diego A. Dec 10, 2019 110 views

Are you happy with the amount of compensation you get as an office administrator?

I want to take the career of office administration career and i want to learn more about it. #professional #career-choice...


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Diego A. Dec 10, 2019 110 views

How did you know the office administration career was the career for you?

I want to take the career of office administration career and i want to learn more about it. #professional #career-choice...


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karson W. Nov 14, 2019 114 views
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Elizabeth M. Nov 14, 2019 108 views

What is the best career for me?

I am Elizabeth , I'm in 11th grade. I love all animals, vacations and anything beachy. I love warm weather and swimming. I want to travel all around the world, and I want to go to college, and wouldnt mind studying abroad. #travel #college...


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Bobby R. Oct 25, 2019 100 views

How did you become interested in the welding field?

I'm very self motivated and I like to take initiative . I'm a hard worker who likes to ask questions to gain more knowledge ....


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Dj O. Oct 15, 2019 80 views

How will the military work with you far as your class schedule for college?

I am a automotive student at job corps, just looking for insight from a professional. #professional...


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Addryan N. Oct 03, 2019 83 views