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Career Questions tagged Professional

A professional is on top of her or his game. They often display positive qualities such as being disciplined, punctual, and having the drive to succeed. For more information, please...

Jashaira V.’s Avatar
Jashaira V. Oct 17 39 views

I don't know what I want to be.

I don't know what I want to be when I group. professional...


Snyder G.’s Avatar
Snyder G. Sep 28 51 views

What strugles do you face in your current job

I am a 9th grader and i currently studying software devloping and id love to know some tips and tricks to help with strugles that I will face. software-development technology...


Trevon W.’s Avatar
Trevon W. Aug 04 80 views

What is this all about?

I am a 10th grader looking to start early in my career...


bhavleen S.’s Avatar
bhavleen S. Jul 05 113 views

career option after B.Com

after 12th I started pursuing for CA did my B.Com side by side appearing in CA exams.. but still my IPCC first group is not cleared.. I want to change my path but don't exactly know which career option do I have.. Can anyone please guide me. professional accounting career...


Inenceba M.’s Avatar
Inenceba M. Jun 27 116 views

How can i do a franchising business

I am a very caring person with goals of being successfully in life. qualifiedaccountant professional...

Lamar H.’s Avatar
Lamar H. May 20 74 views

What do firefighters do on their free time?

i always have a lot of energy i like sports and i like to workout....


Sara R.’s Avatar
Sara R. Apr 22 180 views

What is it like to be an author (just plain writing books)?

I have already written a book and want to know what publishers would accept a kid author, if there is job stability, or if it should just be a hobby and not my main job at first. author professional jobs...


Kezang D.’s Avatar
Kezang D. Apr 10 165 views

I want to join indian commando

I am kezang Dawa from Bhutan .And i completed class12 stream commerce professional...

Braydon C.’s Avatar
Braydon C. Mar 15 114 views

As a Database Administrator, what software's do you recommend?

A Database Administrator uses safe and reliable software to ensure the companies data to be safe. But is there any specific software that someone with this profession would recommend? databaseadmin...


Canhui L.’s Avatar
Canhui L. Mar 11 128 views

What are some difficulties of your profession, federal detective

Being a federal detective, do you get paid well. Do you have enough courage to do this professional work....


Jeward U.’s Avatar
Jeward U. Mar 10 177 views

How to be a good scientist?

I'm a 9th grader student and I like to play basketball and I like to cook a lot professional scientist cooking...

Deisy E.’s Avatar
Deisy E. Mar 10 161 views

How to get started acting?

I'm really passionate about acting, but I just wanted to know where I can get started if I want to pursue acting professionally. How can I get familiar with the industry and possible acting schools? acting...


Makiya B.’s Avatar
Makiya B. Mar 01 147 views

How do you know if you like your profession?

I am very versatile. I Can switch us and so almost anything if I put my mind to it. It’s not hard for me a catch on and learn something new. any professional educator...


Luke K.’s Avatar
Luke K. Feb 26 113 views

What or who pushed you to pursue engineering.

All of my cousins have become successful in all different types of engineering so I was interested in what sparked your interest and what has made you stay with this profession for so long. #engineering#science...