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Career Questions tagged Childcare

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Oct 04, 2022 312 views

What requirements would I need to be a social worker?

What requirements would I need to work as a social worker (mainly child protective services or something of the sorts)? What educational requirements are there to work as a social worker? What classes should I take in high school to help me understand the responsibilities? What are the best and...

Voc’s Avatar
Voc Mar 09, 2022 178 views

What are the best classes to take? How can i read reactions better?


Linbing’s Avatar
Linbing Sep 28, 2021 204 views

Is it challenging to do childcare everyday?

I am a 9th grade student. I am interesting about the job of childcare #childcare

Linbing’s Avatar
Linbing Sep 28, 2021 219 views

What can I do now, as a 9th grader to gain experience to be in childcare

I am a 9th grade student and I am interesting of childcare #childcare

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Mar 01, 2021 250 views

Are there scholarships available for adopted children in the US?

#children #childcare

Jileddys’s Avatar
Jileddys Feb 24, 2021 294 views

What is it like in the nursing career? What is it like in the business side? What is it like as a social worker?

I would love to learn more of all three, im stuck between which one is best for me financially, and mentally because i want to enjoy what i do in the future.
#nurse #business #socialworker #careers #childcare

Beyza’s Avatar
Beyza Nov 11, 2020 333 views

What is like to be a fashion designer?

I love to sew and I am self taught. I have been sewing for a year or two and I hope to one day have my own business. I also love children and helping people in need.
#children #sewing #fashion #childcare

Taimane’s Avatar
Taimane Nov 03, 2020 306 views

How long do you have to be in college to be a doctor?

I love to draw pictures and I love watching scary movies. #childcare

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Oct 23, 2020 294 views

What are the drawbacks, if any, are there when being an Occupational Therapist?

Hello, my name is Maddy and I am a sophomore in Highschool. I really love animals and most of the time children. I do not have a specific dream job, but I want to work in the Health Science department. I like working with others and like to be social, however I am a bit shy. I dont think this...

Krishna’s Avatar
Krishna Sep 24, 2020 777 views

What does a day in a pediatric doctors life look like?

I want to be in the medical field. I have not decided if that look like being a doctor for me or a surgeon. I also love working with kids and I feel as if this is a career that I would love but, want to know more about. #hospital #healthcare #childcare

RONG’s Avatar
RONG Jul 19, 2020 465 views

How to continue study while stay with a Toddler during the Covid-19 pademic?

#COVID-19 #Childcare #selfstudy #exper #mechanical #technical #JULY20

chloe’s Avatar
chloe Sep 24, 2019 421 views

if my strengths are taking care of babies what careers might fit me

i like playing sports and taking care of babies #childcare

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jul 06, 2018 508 views

What kind of career can you do if you want to work with babies?

I know I want to work with babies, however, I don't know what job to pursue. I'd like to do more serious stuff for my job, but i'm scared that i'd probably mess something up and not be able to help the patient. I'm thinking about becoming a nurse that works with babies, but only does minor...

Erika’s Avatar
Erika Mar 10, 2016 878 views

How many classes do I need to take for the career of a social worker?

I like working with kids but I do not want to teach and I was interested in childcare or social worker. #social-work #childcare

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Nov 21, 2014 911 views

whats the lowest amount of years it takes to get into any type of childcare?

I'm interested into going into child care when i'm older #doctor #pediatrician #childcare

Natasia’s Avatar
Natasia Mar 28, 2014 1365 views

What kind of internship opportunities are available to child-development psychology majors?

I would like to major in child-development psychology when I go to college this fall. I know most of the course that I would have to take in order to succeed this major, but I would like to know what opportunities outside of the classroom could be available to me to get hands-on experience...

Azhane’s Avatar
Azhane Mar 26, 2014 986 views

Does being a Child Welfare Worker take a huge emotional toll on a person ?

Want to Work with Children & Worried about the emotional relapse. #children #social-worker #childcare #welfare

MarlaCodman1’s Avatar
MarlaCodman1 Sep 27, 2012 5542 views

How much money does an obstetrician make a year?

i'm 15 and i would love to take care of babies one day. i think they're so cute when they're so small. #doctor #healthcare #childcare

MarlaCodman1’s Avatar
MarlaCodman1 Sep 07, 2012 5225 views

do you need to go to college to babysit?

i'm 15 and i love kids. I love how they have so many different personalities. #childcare

Zyaire873’s Avatar
Zyaire873 May 23, 2012 5699 views

What can I do in highschool now to prepare for my future goal of becoming a doctor?

I am intrested in becoming a doctor who deals with diseases and emergency care. I also would like to travel around the world and work with children. #doctor #travel #childcare #diseases

Sharrian’s Avatar
Sharrian Mar 20, 2012 1592 views

Do I need insurance for a baby-sitting service?

I am a high school student who is looking to start a baby-sitting service. #entrepreneurship #childcare #baby-sitting

Kbuckley’s Avatar
Kbuckley Jan 20, 2012 30595 views

Was it hard to become a pediatrician/doctor?

My name is Kimberlie Buckley and I am a 9th grade high school student. I am very interested in becoming a doctor ,but I mostly would like to become a pediatrician because I enjoy working with children. #doctor #medicine #healthcare #childcare