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What is it like in the nursing career? What is it like in the business side? What is it like as a social worker?

I would love to learn more of all three, im stuck between which one is best for me financially, and mentally because i want to enjoy what i do in the future.
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2 answers

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Janeen’s Answer

Hi I am a nurse with an insurance company. There are so many different types of nursing. I am not an affiliate of this university, but the below link is a university website link that gives a concise breakdown of pertinent information about each type of nursing:
Also, Here is a sample job template from a recruiter website. This lists typical skills the company wants in a job candidate:

I have worked in the areas of Community (Public) Health, Case Management, Med/Surg, Telemetry, Travel Nursing, Utilization Review, Nurse Auditing.
As aforementioned, I currently work with an insurance company in STARS Improvement with physicians and members of the health plan.
Insurance companies have plans which people sign up for. Many of these plans have a Star Rating System that measures the performance of plans based on quality of care and customer service among other categories. The categories are ranked between one to five stars, with five being the highest and one being the lowest.

Here is a breakdown of the categories:
Staying healthy: screenings, tests, and vaccines
Managing chronic (long-term) conditions
Plan responsiveness and care
Member complaints, problems getting services, and choosing to leave the plan
Health plan customer service
Part D (Medication Drug) plans are rated on how well they perform in the following four categories:
Drug plan customer service
Member complaints, problems getting services, and choosing to leave the plan
Member experience with the drug plan
Drug pricing and patient safety

So in a 'nutshell', my role is to make sure the physicians have what they need to service the patients of the plan. My job is to drive excellent customer service which increases the STARS ratings and the bolster the value of the healthcare plan.
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Betty’s Answer

Hi Jileddys,

Wow, those are three very different types of professions. While I don't profess to know all the details of each profession, these are my cursory observations.

1. Nurse
- Pay: Good (average income is over $100k per year)
- Job Satisfaction: Good and rewarding, especially if you like helping patients and interacting with them
- Job Growth: Great as the population ages, nurses will be in more demand
- Work Schedule: Flexible but may require long hours. Several people I know work 10-12 hour days for 4 days/week
- Disadvantages: Dealing with difficult patients, lifting heavy patients, and all the bio stuff with the human body

2. Business
- Pay: Good to Excellent (average income is over $100k per year)
- Job Satisfaction: Good for people who love to work in the corporate world. There are plenty of different jobs like Human Resources (employee relations), business development (sales), marketing (attract customers by understanding their sentiments and purchasing behaviors), product management (developing a product like the next killer app or game, etc), etc
- Job Growth: Great since many companies need these critical functions even in a depressed economy
- Work Schedule: May require long hours and there might be deadlines to meet
- Disadvantages: MBA degree is the standard since it can be very competitive to get a good job with a good company

3. Social Worker
- Pay: Lower than the first two
- Job Satisfaction: It can be very rewarding for the right person, and my friend also confided that it can be very emotionally taxing when dealing with people in need. Counseling or psychologist could be other options worth exploring since there is some overlap with this profession.
- Job Growth: Not sure but with local and state government departments always lacking funding, growth might be poor.
- Work Schedule: Seems like 9-5 with a regular work schedule.
- Disadvantages: Not sure except for the lower salary in comparison to the other two professions.

Hope this helps!