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Aisha C.’s Avatar
Aisha C. Oct 15, 2012 1105 views

Is it possible to have more then one career ?

im a sophomore in high school....


Kassidie H.’s Avatar
Kassidie H. May 21, 2016 634 views

what are the best fields of work coming in the next 5-10 years?

going to be entering the world soon, just like to know my options. college jobs work...


Amina D.’s Avatar
Amina D. Jul 01, 2016 506 views

When to start looking for a high paying job?

Should I start after- or during college? I am a little confused as to how the process works....


Daniela C.’s Avatar
Daniela C. Aug 21, 2016 663 views

What are the best schools to study business?

And what are some that offer great programs in Sports Management? business sports...


Irene P.’s Avatar
Irene P. Oct 06, 2016 1278 views

What kind of master's degrees can I do if I am studying translation and interpreting?

I am studying the degree of translation and interpreting but I do not know the offer of masters that I can choose. jobs language foreign-languages translation...


Zan L.’s Avatar
Zan L. Jan 10, 2018 491 views

What are some jobs that will let me work with animals?

I love animals, but I don't think I could handle being a veterinarian. What are some other jobs that will allow me to work with animals? animals...


Leela K.’s Avatar
Leela K. Jan 10, 2018 369 views

What can I get my masters degree in if i do my BA in liberal arts?

I am a freshman and really like the subjects that go under liberal arts. I want to do my undergrad in liberal arts but I know that I can't really make a living out of it - I'll have to do something with a grad degree. What kind of professions stem from liberal arts? liberal-arts...


Anh Minh N.’s Avatar
Anh Minh N. May 06, 2018 373 views

What is the job security of a Med Student?

My parents and family members have always been urging me to go along the route of becoming a doctor or anything relating to medical. On my part, I am not that against their suggestion. Recently, I've been aiming to switch from Mechanical Engineering to applying for medical school. A factor of...

medicine college-major jobs

Gvonta H.’s Avatar
Gvonta H. Nov 13, 2020 442 views

What all do I have to do to become a successful engineer in the near future?

I want to learn what will be the best route for me to become a engineer computer expert software...


Emely L.’s Avatar
Emely L. Jan 14, 2021 227 views

What major would be a good pair to architecture major?

I’m in my second year of college. I am taking architecture major but I am concerned that it would be difficult for me to find a job in the future. Architecture consumes a lot of time, but I could manage to spend 2-3 years more if it will help my resume, and find a better job. Considering...

career doublemajor business architecture college jobs major