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Claudia L.’s Avatar
Claudia L. Jan 18, 2018 276 views

How do you know which job offer to accept?

I'm wondering about the factors that I should be considering about assessing the job offer that's best fit for myself. Even though it'll be a long time before I'll be applying for a full time job in the animation and film industry, I'd still like to know the general things to look for that are...

#animation #job-offers #best-fit #jobs #film

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Jordan S. May 28, 2019 129 views
Jose P.’s Avatar
Jose P. Jan 18, 2018 222 views

How is geology going to even help me in life if I want to follow a business/entrepreneurship career?

Im asking this question because I don't find this class helpful towards want I want a profession in towards my future and it is a requirement for me to take it....


Samuel E.’s Avatar
Samuel E. Jul 18, 2019 92 views

How is job security for Carpenters?

I'm currently thinking about becoming a carpenter, and would like to know if the field has decent job security or not. #carpentry #construction...


Aishwarya J.’s Avatar
Aishwarya J. Jan 16, 2018 772 views

What's a day in the life of an aerospace engineer like?

Aeronautical or astronautical, it doesn't matter. I'm interested in pursuing a major in aerospace engineering, but I want to get a scope of what applying it to a career is like. #engineering...


Calvin K.’s Avatar
Calvin K. May 11, 2016 1228 views

How valuable is volunteer experience for job applications?

I've heard volunteer experience is a valuable thing to have when applying for jobs, so is it especially recommended/desired? I have no time to dedicate to volunteering due to a job and full-time school, so I'm a little concerned this might impact my future job searches and applications. How...

#job-searching #career #volunteer #volunteering #job-search #jobs

Eduardo C.’s Avatar
Eduardo C. May 28, 2019 78 views
Kylie B.’s Avatar
Kylie B. May 28, 2019 70 views
Navid N.’s Avatar
Navid N. Feb 10 29 views

How long is an internship?

Anthropology and English student in college #anthropology #english #education...


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Brandon J. Sep 05, 2019 51 views

What is the hard thing to learn about HVAC

I'm in job corps right now and I'm just waiting to start my training and I want to know what I'm in for? #career #job...


Frieda T.’s Avatar
Frieda T. Dec 29, 2019 48 views

What does a public relations person do

unsure what to #art...


Fabian N.’s Avatar
Fabian N. Sep 12, 2019 47 views

#Do you get certified to handle chemicals being an HVAC Technician?

#I am a student at the San Jose Job Corps center and my trade is to be an HVAC Technician....


Renne S.’s Avatar
Renne S. Jan 11, 2018 414 views

What should I do in order to work with the FBI? #FBI

I am really interested in becoming a special agent and would like to know how one becomes one. I am wondering how many years of college I should do and I am wondering where I should go. I am willing to go out of California, but have no idea if the FBI looks at the state your college is in....

#fbi #law-enforcement #investigations #police-and-law-enforcement

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David C. May 03, 2019 62 views
naileah C.’s Avatar
naileah C. May 28, 2019 70 views
Lauren L.’s Avatar
Lauren L. Jan 17, 2018 277 views
Rachel S.’s Avatar
Rachel S. Jun 30, 2019 94 views

Good forensic science volunteer/internship programs?

I want to get some experience in the forensic science field. I am in my second year at college. I am trying to major in applied forensic chemistry. I am having trouble finding a program for a student in college at my level. I seem to only find the ones for pre-college and well into college....

#forensic #science #college #college-major

cristian H.’s Avatar
cristian H. Sep 05, 2019 76 views
Jalen A.’s Avatar
Jalen A. Jan 18, 2018 213 views

In what kind of ways does your communication play a role ?

To find out if it’s how your work is presented or is it the good communication and talking that gets you connected....


William H.’s Avatar
William H. Mar 15, 2018 187 views

For doctors/physicians, what would you change to enhance your residency experience?

I understand that there are ups and downs in medical school and the training years later on. I want to know what can be done to make things smoother for doctors. #medicine #residency #doctor #healthcare...


Orobosa O.’s Avatar
Orobosa O. Feb 02 36 views

What degrees do you need in order to be a surgeon?

I am in High school. I play sports, only Basketball. I am curious about the work of surgeons. I wonder how well the job gets paid, how hard it is, and if it would be a job that I would be interested in. #career #doctor...


Lissette C.’s Avatar
Lissette C. Aug 29, 2019 61 views

What is something a registered nurse hoped they had known before starting in that occupation ?

I'm currently in training for medical assisting and want to become a RN. I have allot of interest in this field for this occupation. I'm excited to learn more about the services they provide to help people. Just want to cover some concerns #nursing...


Chanyah G.’s Avatar
Chanyah G. Jan 08, 2019 181 views

what are some good ways to study

I try to study but the methods I take never hold #studying-tips...


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