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Claudia L.’s Avatar
Claudia L. Jan 18, 2018 246 views

How do you know which job offer to accept?

I'm wondering about the factors that I should be considering about assessing the job offer that's best fit for myself. Even though it'll be a long time before I'll be applying for a full time job in the animation and film industry, I'd still like to know the general things to look for that are...

#jobs #film #animation #best-fit #job-offers

Aishwarya J.’s Avatar
Aishwarya J. Jan 16, 2018 669 views

What's a day in the life of an aerospace engineer like?

Aeronautical or astronautical, it doesn't matter. I'm interested in pursuing a major in aerospace engineering, but I want to get a scope of what applying it to a career is like. #engineering...


Lizbeth C.’s Avatar
Lizbeth C. Oct 20, 2017 413 views
Jalen A.’s Avatar
Jalen A. Jan 18, 2018 160 views

In what kind of ways does your communication play a role ?

To find out if it’s how your work is presented or is it the good communication and talking that gets you connected....


kelsey N.’s Avatar
kelsey N. May 11, 2016 576 views

Is there a high demand for people with a degree in food science?

I am thinking about majoring in food science and was wondering if there is a high chance that i can get a job with this degree. #science #college-major...


kelsey N.’s Avatar
kelsey N. May 11, 2016 616 views

Is a lot of travel typically required for food science majors?

I want to know how much of my time will have to be devoted to my job to make a good living off of it. #science #food #biology...


Sebastian C.’s Avatar
Sebastian C. May 03 81 views

Do experienced surgeons take rookie surgeons in during an operation?

I was wondering if it was necessary for rookie surgeons to experience operations first hand or just watch from afar. #healthcare #medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare #surgery...


Spencer  T.’s Avatar
Spencer T. Sep 27, 2017 316 views

What is the easiest way in finding clients when majoring in accounting?

Sometimes when you graduate or have a degree in accounting, it may be hard for you to find the people you need to make it an actual career. That's why I'm asking what is the best way to find clients. #accounting...


Jessica P.’s Avatar
Jessica P. May 17, 2016 493 views

My career question is what school should i go to if i want to be an accountant

My name is Jessica p.I am a 6th grader and I am 12 years old. My career goal is to be an accountant. I want to be an accountant because I love math. I also want to have a second job which is to be a layer. When I was younger I wanted to be a layer but a I grow I want to be an accountant cause I...

#accounting #accountant

Thythy T.’s Avatar
Thythy T. Sep 27, 2017 415 views

Do you ever get bored of being an accountant?

I am asking because I want to do something related to math, but do not want to be stuck doing the same thing everyday and eventually getting bored. Because I have worked so hard for a job, I do not want to end up not liking it. #accountant...


Nate F.’s Avatar
Nate F. Sep 05 41 views

How long will it take to get a degree in security?

I like to skate and workout. I enjoy music, animals, sports. In the future I want to have a profession in security. Like Animal control, lifeguard, environment security or Transportation security....


Katia D.’s Avatar
Katia D. Feb 19, 2017 476 views

Is a PhD required to get a good job in the biomedical field?

This is a bit of a general question, but I'm interested in pursuing a career in biomedical engineering, research, or science. I've heard that there is much competition and that a lot of experience is required to get a job in this field. #research #biomedical-engineering #biomedical...

#science-phd #biomedical-engineer #medical-research #biomedical-science

Lauren L.’s Avatar
Lauren L. Jan 17, 2018 235 views
Rhea K.’s Avatar
Rhea K. Apr 22, 2018 387 views

With the field of biomedical engineering, are there any problems being a girl?

I heard that in most STEM fields, being a girl means you earn less, there are less opportunities, not as many companies believe girls are capable, girls are of less value. I wanted more information if this was a myth or if it was true and how it might be a bad decision to go into this field....

#career-in-the-field-of-biomedical-engineering #biomedical #biomedical-engineering #biomedical-engineer

Emmanuel R.’s Avatar
Emmanuel R. May 28 92 views
Sarah M.’s Avatar
Sarah M. Apr 26, 2016 1319 views

What questions do you recommend I ask in an interview?

I'm trying to prepare for an interview I have in a couple weeks for an internship at a tech company so i'm hoping to get some ideas of questions I should ask the interviewer. What are the best questions you've gotten from an interviewee? What are questions you've asked in an interview that went...

#interviews #human-resources #technology

Jeremiah P.’s Avatar
Jeremiah P. May 03 120 views

What are the educational requirements to become a programmer?

What colleges/courses do I need to take to become a professioal programmer? #programming #technology #college...


Jared Chung’s Avatar
Jared C. Sep 27, 2011 31323 views

What should I major in if I want to become an investment banker?

Many students want to become investment bankers. What is the most common degree that investment bankers usually have, and is that the best degree to get if I am sure I want to be an investment...

Rhea K.’s Avatar
Rhea K. Apr 22, 2018 202 views
Arianna H.’s Avatar
Arianna H. Mar 17, 2014 3625 views

How long did it take for you to figure out what career you were interested in?

How long did it take for you to figure out what career you were interested in? I'm a Junior and I still don't know what I want to do after college. #career...


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