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Career Questions tagged Worker

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Israel 19 hours ago 5 views

Is there sick pay leave for mechanics?

Financial help needs to be met and fulfilled on the end of the job as I do mine.

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Justin Apr 12 111 views

How do I stay on track to becoming a office worker?

I need a job

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Andrew Mar 06 125 views

What type of education do you need in order to be a HVAC person ?

Hi, my name is Andrew I am at San Jose Job Corps, CA and I am interested in becoming an HVAC worker. I was wondering what type of education and certificates, you need to require in order to become an HVAC worker. Thanks for answering this Question.

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Kayla Feb 13 244 views

What jobs can I get as a 15yo?

I want to start paying for my own things, but I can't get a job because most jobs hire at 16.

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Jordan Jun 26, 2022 382 views

I wanna help the foster system

I wanna help the foster system and maybe become a social worker for homes and to make sure foster homes are more safer and better since the no more abortion law has been made most people will depend on foster cares and the system is messed up how do I start a path into becoming a social worker...

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Braeden May 07, 2021 650 views

How Much does A Construction Worker make per year

I want to be a construction worker #worker

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Taryn Apr 01, 2021 428 views

What is the daily life of a Subway worker?

I was curious as to what it is the daily life of a Subway worker as it’s a job that works with food so maybe one day I would like to see if it would be nice to work there.

#work #food #worker

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Bailey Jan 22, 2021 513 views

What is a good college to become a social worker?

#social-worker #worker

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valerie Nov 13, 2020 286 views

What job i need to work on for me

moving jobs, teaching jobs, dance career jobs
#worker, #family

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Abagail Oct 27, 2020 376 views

what restaurant do you recommend to work at?

I was thinking about being a waitress because it's a good paying job and I can still go to school while also being a waitress. #part-time-job #worker #school #engineer #jobs #waitress

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Alec Oct 26, 2020 330 views

What is the best route to becoming a fire fighter?

I like the idea of becoming a fire fighter and helping people and ping them safe. What is the best route to getting a fire fighter job as well and keeping that job? #firefighting #worker

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 471 views

Why would anyone get into Metal Refining?

What are some of the pull factors into getting a job in metal refining if there are any? #career #metal #worker #metalworker #metalrefiner

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 328 views

Is there anything basic that someone getting into metal refining must know?

Is there something that I have to know in order to be successful at my job or is it all just common sense? #career #metal #worker #metalworker #metalrefiner

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 338 views

How prepared are most people in the Metal Refining business?

When getting into the job, how prepared are they? Is there a specific amount of knowledge required to even start? #career #metal #worker #metalworker #metalrefiner

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 380 views

What is the typical salary in the metal refining business?

From the average worker on the job to some of the higher ups within the business.
#career #metal #worker #metalworker #metalrefiner

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 364 views

If given the choice, would you leave the metal refining business?

Is this a job that you enjoy thoroughly or would you give it up in a heartbeat for anything new? #career #metal #worker #metalworker #metalrefiner

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 334 views

Is the metal refining business good to get into?

Is it constant hard work that you have to be specially trained to endure, or is it just another job? #career #metal #worker #metalworker #metalrefiner

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 436 views

What type of work do you do as a Metal Refiner?

What do you typically work on? Is it just shaping metal into figures, trying to make it look nice, or just cutting it and packaging it? #career #metal #worker #metalworker #metalrefiner

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 362 views

Is being a rebar worker a job that you recommend?

Would you tell people to get into the business and why or why not? #career #rebar #worker

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 335 views

What would be a reasonable salary for a rebar worker?

From things like the typical monthly salary to some of the higher ups within the business, is the payment generally the same across the board? #career #rebar #worker

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 360 views

How did you found out that you wanted to get into this job?

How did working with and around rebar interest you or was this a job that was just available? #career #rebar #worker

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 351 views

Is there potential for improvements and promotions in the rebar business?

Are there enough positions within this specific business to get a comfortable promotion or are these few and far between? Are raises even a potential or not commonly? #career #rebar #worker

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 312 views

Is the industry growing for new recruits?

Is it possible for someone with no connections inside the business to get in and be comfortable with their position or is that completely blocked since there aren't enough spaces? #career #rebar #worker

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 379 views

Can you describe a typical day for a rebar worker?

From things like the work load to when you get up and have a lunch break or anything particularly unique to this job. #career #rebar #worker

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Tyler Sep 25, 2019 362 views

How do you get into the rebar business?

How do you get your start in a career like this? #career #rebar #worker

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Victoria May 29, 2018 745 views

Is it difficult to balance college and a job simultaneously?

#jobs #job #worker

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Vitaly Feb 11, 2017 729 views

Job Opportunities

As a 15 year old what can I do to find a job and having a higher chance of actually being hired? #worker #person

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Dierra Oct 30, 2016 692 views

How will the knowledge one learns, and the experience one has change the lives of other people and create a better community, so there's more unity instead of isolation if someone were to study psychology counseling?

From a person who likes to observe someone's mental mind, how would knowing the mind, and knowing why someone does what they do help them in the future and make them become a better person. How will talking to someone and hearing their problems help you become a better person? How can sympathy...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Oct 28, 2016 916 views

Being a Zookeeper do you find that you are allowed to specialize in certain animals?

I am a senior in High School and I want to work in a zoo or somewhere with Big Cats. I will be happy as long as I can work with animals but I was wondering whether it depended on what you did in college or where you worked. #worker #zoologist #sanctuary

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Carissa Oct 27, 2016 472 views

How can you get a job during college in your major

I'm studying to become a mechanical engineer #worker