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Victoria M. May 29, 2018
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Vitaly R. Feb 11, 2017

Job Opportunities

As a 15 year old what can I do to find a job and having a higher chance of actually being hired? #worker...


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Dierra R. Oct 30, 2016

How will the knowledge one learns, and the experience one has change the lives of other people and create a better community, so there's more unity instead of isolation if someone were to study psychology counseling?

From a person who likes to observe someone's mental mind, how would knowing the mind, and knowing why someone does what they do help them in the future and make them become a better person. How will talking to someone and hearing their problems help you become a better person? How can sympathy...

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Emily F. Oct 28, 2016

Being a Zookeeper do you find that you are allowed to specialize in certain animals?

I am a senior in High School and I want to work in a zoo or somewhere with Big Cats. I will be happy as long as I can work with animals but I was wondering whether it depended on what you did in college or where you worked. #worker #zoologist...


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Carissa B. Oct 27, 2016

How can you get a job during college in your major

I'm studying to become a mechanical engineer...


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Johana T. Aug 09, 2016

When in an interview what is the most important quality one can radiate?

I've been looking for a new job and since I'll be interviewing I wanted to know what is most important....


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Wenge X. Jul 26, 2016

Am I qualified in game industry?

I just finished 2.1 in subject Computer Science (Game Tech) at NTU , but I always confuses that am I really qualified in game industry. Can I handle well with the jobs? Projects? Well three years in studying game tech is good for me, I gain lots knowledge, but their current workers must have...

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Michel R. May 24, 2016

What are great places for a first part time job?

I am currently in high school and I am 16 years old (turning 17 by the end of the year). Recently I have been wanting to help my parents with paying my phone bill and learning to manage responsibilities. I don't have any valid working experience, so I want different suggestions. #experienced...

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Nora O. May 17, 2016

Do social workers really not make any money?

I want to be a social worker but everyone says social workers don't make any money. #social...


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Velayutham D. May 04, 2016

How to describe the typical work in Company?

I want know the company work and how to describe the work. #career #work #worker...


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Annalee C. Oct 23, 2015

what collage classes should I take to get collage credits for a social worker

i would like to get collage credits for my job as a social worker. #social-work #social-worker...


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Amara O. Jan 20, 2015
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Stacia H. Jan 19, 2012

How do you handle hearing the stories from a young child and woman on being abused?

I am junior in the business of sports school and i am wondering if I will be able to handle the stories coming from my clients. #work #social #sociology...