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Why would anyone get into Metal Refining?

What are some of the pull factors into getting a job in metal refining if there are any? #career #metal #worker #metalworker #metalrefiner

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2 answers

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Patsy’s Answer

I started out as a materials scientist and I studied metallurgy as part of my degree. Most of the jobs left the United States so it was not something I pursued. What I liked about the subject was the ability to create alloys for specific engineering use cases (aerospace, building materials etc). Steel plants are pretty amazing in the size of the cranes required to move materials around and the heat and size of the machines needed to melt the metal components. Good luck with your search!

Patsy, I agree with you, because unless someone is interested in that field it will become difficult to pursue that field of knowledge. Plus you should be able to travel to places like South Africa, Ghana, Sierra Leonne for training . Joseph Anie

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Joseph’s Answer

Metal refining is one area that comes under Mining and Mineral Engineering or some chemical engineering. To start such a career the first pull should be the interest, what it involves, and where to get the required field training. The U.S may have some Colleges that have such training.
However, nations like South Africa, Ghana, and Botswana may have basic fieldwork and demand for your service. I say so because South Africa leads in Gold mining, followed by Ghana which has a Mineral and mining engineering course at it's Kwame Nkrumah University Science and Technology. Thank you.