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jeami C.’s Avatar
jeami C. Aug 23, 2018 423 views

Is it recommended to have a job in your first semester/year of college?

It's tempting to get a job to help pay for tuition, etc., however won't it interfe​r​​​e with your studies given that it is your first time taking college classes? first-job...


Madeline D.’s Avatar
Madeline D. May 11, 2016 707 views

Do multiple free-lance careers work well together?

I'm going to be an undergraduate studying harp performance, but am also interested in writing and translating. Have you found that balancing multiple different careers took a lot of organizing, but proves feasible, or is it spreading your time and training too thin? writer musician...

multi-tasking freelance-writing translation

Jordan R.’s Avatar
Jordan R. Sep 06, 2019 406 views

What companies and organizations have the best track record for promoting women in engineering?

I’m a senior student at Brennan HS. I’m looking into engineering careers because I excel at math and science but have a creative streak that needs an outlet. engineering engineer science math women womenengineers...


Faith A.’s Avatar
Faith A. Aug 19, 2018 319 views

What should I know about college and scholarships?

I heard that you need to take basic course like English and such, is that true? Also what else should I be aware of before applying for scholarships? basics college...


Raquel D.’s Avatar
Raquel D. Sep 19, 2019 294 views
Madeline D.’s Avatar
Madeline D. May 11, 2016 572 views

Is a Music Education degree necessary if you think you will be teaching outside of public schools?

I am majoring in harp performance, and hoping/planning to graduate in 3 years. I am interested in teaching, but don’t think I will be teaching music in public schools. Are there other reasons I should consider a music education degree, or would it really not be right for me or my graduation...

teaching music teacher music-performance

Martha S.’s Avatar
Martha S. Nov 28, 2021 123 views

How to become a pediatric nurse? Some pathways to take.

I'm going to graduate with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Wellness this year. And thinking about applying to an accelerated nursing track to earn the bachelors of nursing. I'm trying to figure out what the best path is in becoming a pediatric nurse. Such as after earning the BSN should I get...

nurse pediatricnursing healthcare

corey C.’s Avatar
corey C. Apr 10, 2019 638 views

any tips for a new programer

I have the fundamentals down for c++ but I'm looking for advance tips and tricks to make my programs run smoother computer-software...


Teanna H.’s Avatar
Teanna H. Nov 18, 2021 116 views

which degree allows for more potential careers in travel internationally: a bachelor's degree in therapeutic recreation or recreation and leisure studies?

I really enjoy being of service to others and I am already currently pursuing an associate's degree in psychology and after doing many career quizzes I've come to conclude that recreational therapy would be a career that I would enjoy. My main interest is helping people but also not being bored...

career-choice college recreationaltherapy college-major career-counseling

Jordan R.’s Avatar
Jordan R. Sep 06, 2019 288 views

What educational preparation would you recommend for someone looking to be an engineer?

I’m a senior student at Brennan HS. I’m looking into engineering careers because I excel at math and science but have a creative streak that needs an outlet. engineering math engineer science career education collegeclasses...


Matthew M.’s Avatar
Matthew M. Jul 10, 2018 522 views

Is Chinese a good language to learn?

I am planning on minoring in Business. Will learning Chinese be helpful, even though I will be living in the U.S.A? # Business...


Ashley X.’s Avatar
Ashley X. May 06, 2020 295 views

What are steps one should take in order to become an investment banking analyst?

I am really interested in math, and I enjoy dealing with data. I think technology is really useful, and a quick navigation tool....


Miwa S.’s Avatar
Miwa S. Aug 18, 2018 287 views

What kind of careers can I do with a major in Environmental Studies?

I want to major in Environmental Studies and study humanity's relationship with the natural environment, but what careers can I expect after college? environmentalstudies...


Laniya W.’s Avatar
Laniya W. Sep 09, 2019 196 views

Why do people leave the field of business continuity and risk management?

I am a 17 year old black woman who is a senior in high school aspiring to be a Business Continuity Planner. business entrepreneur...


Suzette I.’s Avatar
Suzette I. Sep 06, 2019 275 views

What companies or industries do you think I should target?

My name is Suzette I. I’m a senior at Brennan HS and after I graduate I want to attend Texas State and study journalism and digital media to become a sports broadcaster sports sports-management...