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Dorian T.’s Avatar
Dorian T. Sep 19 125 views

Any info for entrepreneurship and ecommerce?

I'm a senior in high school right now, and I am very interested in ecommerce and entrepreneurship. Is there any valuable info about ecommerce or things i should know and keep in mind for entrepreneurship, like how i can find quality suppliers and unique designs and products? #entrepreneurship...


Brooklyn S.’s Avatar
Brooklyn S. May 19, 2018 277 views

What are some useful study habits for visual learners?

I am a visual learner and want to get the hang of studying, but I know each professor is different so I need my own study skills accustom to my learning habits. #student #professor...


Dominick R.’s Avatar
Dominick R. Oct 22 27 views

What career best fits my strengths and hobbies?

I'm a senior in high school and would like a future career as an auto-mechanic. My two strongest strengths are: I never give up and I am a problem solver. My hobbies are working and playing problem solving games. Given my strengths and hobbies what kind of career best fits me? What other...

#automotive #mechanic #strengths #cars #trucks #hobbies

Jordan R.’s Avatar
Jordan R. Sep 06, 2019 106 views

What personal attributes are essential for success for the engineering field?

I’m a senior student at Brennan HS. I’m looking into engineering careers because I excel at math and science but have a creative streak that needs an outlet. #engineering #engineer #career #math #science #personalitytraits #character...


Anthony L.’s Avatar
Anthony L. Sep 17, 2019 125 views
jeami C.’s Avatar
jeami C. Aug 23, 2018 254 views

Should one take advantage of Study Abroad programs?

Many claim it's a nice experience to have, however ​is it worth the expenses and traveling a far distance for a long period of time?...


Raquel D.’s Avatar
Raquel D. Sep 19, 2019 174 views

How do deal with living in a dorm

Theres a 25% chance ill have to study out of town, how do i get a dorm #college #studying-tips #college-bound...


Eloy D.’s Avatar
Eloy D. Oct 09 123 views

What career best fits me?

If my strengths are hardworking and caring and my hobbies are basketball and being active (exercise) what type of career best fits me?...


Isabella M.’s Avatar
Isabella M. Sep 06, 2019 99 views

What was the most difficult obstacle you faced during clinical rounds ?

I’m a student at Brennan hs and I’m interested in nursing specifically in pediatrics #nursing #nursing-education...


Eloy D.’s Avatar
Eloy D. Sep 29 112 views
Annette L.’s Avatar
Annette L. Oct 07 171 views

What types of careers or industries might best fit me?

My strength's are being organized, being a good listener, a go getter and a perfectionist, and some of my hobbies are listening to music, drawing, watching YouTube, and playing mobile games. I don't know what career or industry might fit me. #business...


Alejandra M.’s Avatar
Alejandra M. Oct 24, 2016 464 views
Michelle S.’s Avatar
Michelle S. Sep 02, 2017 353 views
Hailey N.’s Avatar
Hailey N. Sep 27, 2019 78 views

What interests you about being a PA

Helping other people and being able to be there for people who need help....


Dominick R.’s Avatar
Dominick R. Oct 09 51 views

What's it like a day in the life of an Auto Mechanic?

I am looking forward to a career as an auto mechanic and would like to know the daily obstacles a mechanic goes through. The pros and cons of being a mechanic. #automotive #mechanic #day-in-the-life #day...


julian H.’s Avatar
julian H. Sep 23, 2019 86 views

What skills are required to become a physical therapist?

I want to know what skills it takes to become a physical therapist #physical...


Erick M.’s Avatar
Erick M. Sep 06, 2019 106 views

Are the work hours malleable for college?

I love working with animals and I’d like to become a veterinarian or a veterinarian technician. #veterinary-medicine...


Chloe J.’s Avatar
Chloe J. Sep 21, 2018 205 views

What is the day in the life of a mental health therapist like?

Do they make your own hours? Do you work from home, a desk or an office? What time do you get up? How many patients do you see a day? What time do your days usually end? etc, things like that. #psychology #therapist...


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