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Jaylin G. Aug 20, 2016 1035 views
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Verona L. May 21, 2016 466 views

What should I study if I want to become a lawyer?

I am about to graduate from his school and I am still unsure of what career path I want to follow #professor #law #lawyer #student #attorney...


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Verona L. May 21, 2016 601 views

What is the best law school in texas?

Wanting to be a lawyer one day, but I might want to change my current school choice. #lawyer #student #attorney...


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Madeline D. May 11, 2016 534 views

Do multiple free-lance careers work well together?

I'm going to be an undergraduate studying harp performance, but am also interested in writing and translating. Have you found that balancing multiple different careers took a lot of organizing, but proves feasible, or is it spreading your time and training too thin? #writer #musician...

#translation #multi-tasking #freelance-writing

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andy S. May 14, 2016 487 views

Biomedical engineering and Pre-med

How difficult would it be to attempt to get into the Premed system at a college while also striving for a bachelors in bio medical engineering? Would it help my chances? #doctor #engineering #medical-school #biomedical...


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Noah K. Sep 25, 2019 69 views
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Grant H. Jul 25, 2016 566 views

I have no work experience! How can I acquire a job?

It's time to pull my own weight, yikes! Recently I applied to various famous franchises online, the only problem is, they never responded :( . With no success online I decided to visit a "now hiring" good ol' McD's and ask for an application. I completed the application and returned it to a...

#resume #hiring #first-job

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Evan S. May 24, 2016 907 views

What is the best way to prepare for a career in cyber-security in college?

I am attending The University of Texas at San Antonio as a freshman in the fall pursuing a degree in cyber security. Other than working as hard as possible in class, how can I prepare for and ensure a career for myself after college....


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Mariel O. May 05, 2016 662 views

Benefits of writing classes

I hope to be a published author one day, not as my main job, since I don't think I could make a living off my writing, and I was wondering if writing classes are worth the time and money. My thought is that reading constantly and writing often is the best way to improve my writing. Will...

#teacher #author #writing #creative-writing

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Xavier L. Oct 23, 2016 452 views

When going into the STEM field what type of college would benefit and individual most ? A liberal arts college (such as Wesleyan university) or a large university (such as A&M college station) ?

I've recently taken a tour to liberal arts colleges in the New England area and was wondering if these college types have an impact on education and career opportunities. #engineering #astronomy #natural...


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Bryan L. Oct 31, 2016 469 views

How essential is your degree type (BS, MS, Phd) in the research field?

I would like to know how the different degree types could impact my role in the research field. Is there an incentive to continuing my education past a bachelor's degree? #science #research #biochemistry #laboratory...


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Janice P. May 27, 2016 657 views

If I want to work at a library, what are my best options so that I have a better chance at getting the job?

I really want to work at a library, but don't know how to be considered a top candidate for hiring. #librarian #library...


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Vicente M. Oct 31, 2016 441 views

What's the Job increase for Computer Hardware Engineering?

By what precentage are Computer Hardware Engineering jobs becoming needed....


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Verona L. May 21, 2016 612 views

How can I avoid taking out loans?

About to be a freshman in college, but I do not want to fall into debt. #student #students #financial-aid #student-loans...


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Melena G. Aug 16, 2016 860 views

First job tips please

I am looking for a job after school and need help in deciding...


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Alejandra M. Oct 24, 2016 443 views
Brittney G.’s Avatar
Brittney G. May 11, 2016 779 views

I am interested in Web Design but I am not sure of the job market or exact degree to pursue.

Yesterday, I won an award at my school for best Web Design projects, having the highest grade in the school, on each project this school year! I am about to graduate high school. I'm not sure exactly what major/minor to pursue and I am also wondering what kind of a career I will find. I am...


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Jaylin G. Aug 20, 2016 493 views

Do I need up to 9hrs of sleep to get through college

People tell me the more sleep the better but I really don't get much sleep. Im always late to bed early to rise because i like studying at night but need to get up early for practice so sleep doesn't come when needed. #help #time-management...


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andy S. May 14, 2016 634 views

Mathematics and biomedical?

To my understanding (from whart highschool teachers have told me) engineering takes alot of mathematics to be able to do well. Is this true? and if so, how much is mathematics actually applied in biomedical engineering? I absolutely love math and it's subtopics. And it is one of the reasons why...

#mathematics #bioengineering #biomedical #premed

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Mariel O. May 05, 2016 445 views

Do I have to major in biology to be an ornithologist/zoologist?

I want to be a zoologist, specifically an ornithologist focused on research and conservation. However, I'm not particularly interested in what is going on inside the bird. I understand how that would be important to know, but I don't want my major (i.e. biology) to simply be focused on this....

#ecology #zoology #biology #science #environmental-services #career #career-counseling

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Evan S. May 24, 2016 563 views

Knowledge about loans?

Hello, I am currently a high school senior and will be graduating very soon. Student loans have been a cause of great stress for me. While financial aid appears to cover the majority of my college costs on paper, It is clear to me that I will have to take out loans at some point. Through my...

#loans #student-loans #college

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Luke C. May 19, 2016 672 views

Is a business major necessary or recommended for someone who wants to go into business?

I'm interested in eventually going into Business (as in running my own business). I currently have an online numismatics business, but hope to go through college and ramp up my business all the while. Some people have told me that while studying business as an undergraduate, one will learn just...

#business #professor #economics #finance #college

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karly U. May 05, 2016 558 views

who are good people to network with? why?

applying for a new job just would like to get some in site on networking...


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Dustin B. May 24, 2016 418 views
karly U.’s Avatar
karly U. May 05, 2016 1058 views

what are good Key Strengths/Skills to posess in a professional enviroment?

im karly and i just wanted to know for when im updating my resume what to look out for....


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Xavier L. Oct 23, 2016 496 views
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Naphtali B. Aug 11, 2016 618 views

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