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Career Questions tagged Chemical Engineering

Scott’s Avatar
Scott Oct 10 136 views

I was told chemical engineering is relatively niche among engineering disciplines, is this true?

I am a senior in high school but don't know which engineering discipline to go into. Chemical engineering used to be my top choice but I was told it is too niche. What options exist for employment and job prospects?

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Oct 02 275 views

What are the best ways to find someone to interview?

Hello! I’m a high school junior looking for someone to interview for my engineering class. The only requirements are that they are from an engineering or tech heavy background although personally i’m very interested in science or programming related fields so that would be preferable. I would...

Karla’s Avatar
Karla Sep 08 196 views

What major for interests in sustainable/alternative/nuclear power engineering/generation, sustainable urban planning, architecture, research, material science, civil infrastructure...?

Hello! I am a high school senior trying to apply to colleges and figure out my major, but I feel very indecisive. I'd like to have opportunities to research and develop new technologies and alternative energies!! Maybe even in a nuclear plant!? And also solutions to dealing with nuclear waste...

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Aug 15 95 views

how can I apply for a pell-grant in industry I want to go in?

how can I apply for a pell-grant to work at a company within my specific field I want to go in to nuclear or chemical engineering for a company like dow chemical or dupont chemicals

Diya’s Avatar
Diya Jul 13 578 views

Can a chemical engineer work in the pharmaceutical industry?

Can a chemical engineer work in the pharmaceutical industry, where they might create new medicines, synthetic versions of existing medicines, or use cells to help understand diseases, disease pathways, and human responses to drugs? If so can you please advise on the degree and pathway needed...

Aiyanna’s Avatar
Aiyanna Jun 23 338 views

Can you get a career as a forensic scientist with a chemistry and/or chemical engineering degree?

I am currently in college studying chemistry as an incoming freshman and I know that I love chemistry, I have a passion for STEM, and I want to make a future career from this. However, I don't know if graduating with a chemistry degree or chemical engineering degree is more valuable in the...

Symbat’s Avatar
Symbat Jun 13 385 views

What are the challenges and problems facing modern chemical engineers in solving global problems?

I want to become a chemical engineer and I also want to contribute to solving global problems such as climate change, alternative forms of energy and etc. In this case it is important to know what challenges I need to be prepared for as a 16 year old teenager.

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Andrew May 07 186 views

How can I get a research internship this summer?

I'm currently in a high school junior in Brooklyn, NY. I would like to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for mechanical or chemical engineering. Are there any good websites I can learn some of this stuff on my own, potentially creating something in my high school career?

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Evan Mar 02 282 views

What is the biggest challenge of becoming a chemical engineer?

Alternatively, what are the biggest challenges of being a chemical engineer?

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Evan Mar 02 265 views

What type of degree should I look for if I plan on becoming a chemical engineer?

Or any other chemistry-based career.

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Evan Mar 02 205 views

What are the common tasks of a chemical engineer?

For example, what do you do on a daily basis? What are some goals set by chemical engineers? What are the challenges faced by chemical engineers?

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Jun 06, 2022 876 views

Is it better to get a degree in chemistry or chemical engineering?

I'm a rising high school senior at a school that has allowed me to graduate high school with a associates degree in liberal arts, and I was thinking of applying to a college where I could get at least a bachelor's in Chemical engineering, thinking of going into a pharmaceutical job. I really...

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Dec 03, 2021 481 views

How can I further improve myself?

I am a Chemical Engineering student interested in renewable energy, biotechnology, and process engineering. I am pursuing minors in Energy Studies and Engineering Corporate Practice to further expand my skillset to include an understanding of economics and policy, project management, and...

Keara’s Avatar
Keara Nov 03, 2021 344 views

As a young woman in her 20's, how can I start my own jam/kombucha business?

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Demetrius’s Avatar
Demetrius Nov 02, 2021 706 views

what are the worst and best parts of being a biochemical engineer

I'm looking to start a career in biochemical engineering and I'd like to be mentally prepared for any unexpected hardships.

#biology #biomedical-engineering #biochemical #chemical #engineering #engineer #chemical-engineering #chemical-engineer #civil-engineering

Joyce’s Avatar
Joyce Oct 02, 2021 956 views

How can I become a Cosmetic Chemist with a BS in Chemical Engineering?

Hello, my planned approach to this is to take a masters degree after my bachelor's and I'm thinking of either doing a MS in Cosmetic Science or a MS in Pharmaceutics with a specialization in Cosmetic Science. Any other recommended master degrees or methods in achieving this role in the cosmetic...

Areum’s Avatar
Areum Sep 17, 2021 311 views

Is it possible to start a business/company as a chemical engineer?

Hi there, I want to be a chemical engineer when I grow up, but I also want to start a business/company. Is that possible, and if so, how does it work? #chemical-engineering

Violeta’s Avatar
Violeta Jul 03, 2021 1030 views

What type of work do chemical engineers do at different companies?

After identifying my goals and narrowing down some choices chemical engineering seems like a career of a great fit. I will be attending Georgia Tech this fall and am now thinking of creating career goals. This made me think about what is the day like for chemical engineers that work at...

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Apr 05, 2021 2566 views

What inspired you to become and engineer or another STEM related career?

#engineering #stem #material-engineering #stemcareers #electrical-engineering #chemical-engineering

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Apr 05, 2021 467 views

Whats one thing you wish you knew going into college regarding engineering?

#engineering #technology #ISU #electrical-engineering #materials-engineering #chemical-engineering

Declan’s Avatar
Declan Mar 11, 2021 316 views

How much paperwork is involved with being a chemist?

I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, or rather I don't know what I don't want to be. I'm interested in science, so my top careers are physicist, chemist, astronomer, and engineer. I've found chemistry really interesting lately but it seems like there would be a bit too much paperwork...

Jane’s Avatar
Jane Sep 09, 2020 1165 views

What is it like to be a woman in engineering?

#engineers #biomedical-engineering #mechanical-engineering #career-counseling #women #stem #technology #college #engineering #chemical-engineering #women-in-stem #stemcareers #women-in-tech

Kyrstin’s Avatar
Kyrstin May 05, 2020 839 views

What types of programs should I learn if I want to be a chemical engineer?

Aloha, My name is Kyrstin D. , I'm a college student working on a Chemistry BS major, and I want to be a chemical engineer. I'm currently working as an administrative assistant at an electrical engineering company, and I was wondering if any of the programs used at my company would be good...

Harnoor’s Avatar
Harnoor Apr 03, 2020 703 views

What kinds of things should be on my resume to be a Chemical Laboratory technician ?

#chemical-engineering #resume #job-application #resume-writing

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erik Feb 07, 2020 512 views

how long does it take to get a degree in material engineers ?

#engineering #engineer #chemical-engineering #computer #math

Trinity’s Avatar
Trinity Jan 30, 2020 541 views

Biomedical engineering or chemical engineering

I am a junior and im not sure if I want to do biomedical engineering or chemical engineering. What different jobs can I get straight go of college with each of these degrees? My goal is to work out of college then pursue my law degree and become a patent lawyer in the field I was previously an...

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ilya Nov 20, 2019 460 views

what is done in the botany labs

I like handling plants and experimenting with chemicals
#college #chemical-engineering

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ethan Sep 06, 2019 384 views

what do you do on a day to day basis at work

I’m a senior at brennan high I want to be a chemical engineer and be young and successful and working by 25 in the field. #chemical #engineer #chemical-engineering

ethan’s Avatar
ethan Sep 06, 2019 450 views

what do you do on a day to day basis at work

I’m a senior at brennan high I want to be a chemical engineer and be young and successful and working by 25 in the field. #chemical #engineer #chemical-engineering

Tazmyn’s Avatar
Tazmyn Jun 02, 2019 1248 views

I recently graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering and I'm trying to figure out what my options are and where I would fit in well.

Hi all. I recently graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering and I'm trying to figure out what my options are and where I would fit in well. My main reason for completing a chem eng degree was its versatility. At 18 I didn't know what I wanted to do but I knew this degree would give me...