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Career Questions tagged Engineeringstudent

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Melvin S. Jan 12, 2019 524 views

Undergrad engineering vs Grad engineering?

Hi all, I plan to enter Graduate study for Mechanical Engineering next fall and I just want to know, what are the differences (and even similarities) between the undergraduate and graduate levels in engineering? How should I prepare myself to know what to expect? Thanks. engineering...

engineer graduateschool mechanical gradschool electricalengineering technology undergrad mechanical-engineering computerengineering civil-engineering engineeringstudent masters

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Melvin S. Aug 18, 2018 641 views

New Methods and innovation in Manufacturing?

Hey guys, As a mechanical engineering student, I'm interested in the manufacturing industry and want to know about any new innovations or methods in manufacturing? I know 3D printing is on the rise but I'm not sure of what other things to look out for. Thanks! manufacturing...

industrialengineering cnc manufacturingengineering 3dprinting engineering robotics mechanicalengineering engineeringstudent

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Melvin S. Aug 18, 2018 377 views

Good Manufacturing Engineering Schools

Hey guys, I just wanted to know what graduate schools out there are good for manufacturing engineering? I'm a mechanical engineering student and right now I'm looking at Rutgers, NJIT, and Rowan University but I'm not sure what's good for manufacturing. Thanks! manufacturing...

engineer industrialengineering additivemanufacturing cnc manufacturingengineering engineering 3dprinting mechanicalengineering industrialengineer engineeringstudent