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Career Questions tagged Civil Engineering

Destin W.’s Avatar
Destin W. Jul 28 125 views

How can i become a Civil Engineer?

I am an autistic boy who loves to be very creative with his own imagination. I am also very mathematically gifted. Someday, I wish to be a Civil Engineer. #civil-engineering...


Gloria S.’s Avatar
Gloria S. Jul 25 233 views

What skills are MUST for a career in engineering?

What are the most important skills a student interested in going into engineering should have since now? And what about the ones we might have to develop during college? #career #student #civil-engineering #engineering #engineer #math #senior...


Yamilca R.’s Avatar
Yamilca R. Jun 30 127 views

How can I become a civil engineer?

I am in high school just passed to 10th grade. I love science and math. #engineer...


Michael F.’s Avatar
Michael F. Feb 25 305 views

What are some things you do as a civil engineer?

I am Junior in Kipp Academy and Im really interested in civil engineering because I want to be able to help improve our environment. #civil-engineering #career-path #...


Thea A.’s Avatar
Thea A. Nov 05, 2020 147 views

I'm stuck in choosing between Industrial Engineering or Civil Engineering.

I'm currently a Senior High School student taking STEM strand. My first choice is Civil Engineering but I am really weak on the subject Mathematics and I feel like I will not pass it on College. Then I stumbled on Industrial Engineering and I kinda liked what it is about. #civil-engineering...

#stem-strand #industrial-engineering

Megan B.’s Avatar
Megan B. Sep 16, 2020 270 views

What can you do with a computer science degree?

I am a civil engineering student. I choose civil engineering because I really like math and liked the thought of building big stuff. The classes are getting harder and I'm stressed more often. The science classes are so difficult for me. I do so much better in my math courses and the...

#civil-engineering #computerscience #college-majors #mathematics

Daliya A.’s Avatar
Daliya A. Jun 05, 2020 345 views

I wonder if civil engineering would appeal to me

I'm starting my last year of high school and my class is specialized in maths, phusics and informatics. #engineer #civil...


Jared H.’s Avatar
Jared H. Apr 22, 2020 214 views

Which type of engineering would benefit me the most: civil or mechanical engineering?

I am a junior in high school and I am looking into becoming either a mechanical or civil engineer. However, I don’t know which one would fit me the best as a person and which one would benefit me the most. #mechanical-engineering #engineering...


Jared H.’s Avatar
Jared H. Apr 22, 2020 472 views

When did you realize that you wanted to become an engineer, and how did you strive to become one?

I am a junior in high school and I am passionate about engineering. I want to know what professionals did in order to become one! #engineering #civil-engineering #mechanical-engineering...


Niño A.’s Avatar
Niño A. Nov 17, 2019 176 views

Which major is better civil engineering or computer engineering?

I am student that needs an answer about my questions. #civil-engineering or #computer-engineering...

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Maddie Y. Oct 21, 2019 216 views
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David F. Sep 06, 2019 356 views
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David F. Sep 06, 2019 246 views
David F.’s Avatar
David F. Sep 06, 2019 149 views

What are the positions as a civil engineer?

I am a student at Brennan High School looking for more information on #engineering...


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David F. Sep 06, 2019 155 views
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David F. Sep 06, 2019 199 views
Christian S.’s Avatar
Christian S. Apr 15, 2019 371 views

Police Explorer Program or Civil Air Patrol?

I'm trying to decide on which after school program I should. I don't want to take both since I already have a job, and I plan on taking a lot of AP classes, and joining athletics teams. After high school, first, I'm going to get a mechanical engineering degree, with an emphasis on either...

#aerospace-engineering #engineering #social-work #civil-air-patrol #mechanical-engineering #law-enforcement #first-responder #mechanical-engineer #military #mechanical #civil-engineering #police #air-force #marketing #lawyer #marines

Shamma A.’s Avatar
Shamma A. Aug 05, 2019 201 views