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Career Questions tagged Civil Engineering

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Nathaniel Mar 03 88 views

What was the thing that drove you to be and engineer and how did you know ?

I am in 9th grade

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caden Feb 08 109 views

What is required for Civil Engineering?

How hard is it to get into civil engineering? What parts of it should I try? How many years in college will it take to get there?

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jayden Feb 02 150 views

computer engineers /builders

what were some of your main struggles what was one time you wanted to quit but did and what made you stay

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Kyle Dec 09, 2022 204 views

construction managers and engineers

What skills and attitudes do you value most at the workplace and advice when chasing a junior role in the Civil and construction industry?

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Meghan Nov 07, 2022 334 views

What are you doing with your bio-engineering degree?

What does a work day look like?

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Lisa Oct 17, 2022 218 views

Is it beneficial to minor in Architecture when majoring in Civil Engineering? Will it be of use when I join the workforce?

I am interested in the building structure aspect of civil engineering.

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Hayes Sep 29, 2022 335 views

Civil Engineering?

I like building stuff and wondered if civil engineering is the right place to be and if so what field of civil engineering should I choose?

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Leilani Jun 14, 2022 527 views

Since I was a child, I've wanted to be an architect, interior designer, and engineer because I've always been fascinated by the numerous things I could build, such as airplanes and buildings. But, in order to attain this goal, I'd like to know what courses in college I need take to get there. Such as the programs and requirements I'll need to achieve that goal. Could someone with experience in this field please assist me?

I'd also like to play D1 or D2 softball in college. I've also heard that having a degree in engineering isn't worth it, but I'd really like to do it.

andi’s Avatar
andi Jun 04, 2022 288 views

What does it take to be a electrical engineer? Does it relate to more math/

Im a junior in high school and I recently notice I've been so focused on my mathematics classes and I thought electrical engineering would fit with me or civil engineering, still debating.

Tahmid’s Avatar
Tahmid May 25, 2022 323 views

How can I plan to become a civil engineer in NYC as a 11th grader?

My favorite subject has been math and the new topics look interesting to me. I like to use my knowledge to see how quickly and efficiently I can solve these problems.

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Brittain Feb 07, 2022 722 views

What is the job of a Civil Engineer?

I am interested in designing cities. The way their roads flow, the way the buildings are arranged, etc... and when conducting research in the field found Civil Engineering. However, not much information was provided about the field, and Id like to get to know more from those who do the job!...

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kutlwano Feb 06, 2022 273 views

what percentage should their pass rate be

Civil enegneering #civil-engineering #career

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Que Feb 02, 2022 204 views

What kind of machines would a machine worker work on?

I'm interested of being a machine worker #civil-engineering

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Marquis Dec 01, 2021 581 views

How is the daily routine of a civil engineer?

#civil-engineering #career #engineering #engineer

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Vivek Nov 10, 2021 305 views

How to become a robotic engineer by taking cse with AIML in ?

I want to know that how could I become a robotic engineer and I have choosen cse with AIML in what is the process and percentage of becoming a robotic engineer
#engineer #engineering #roboticengineer #scientist #technology #science #civil-engineering #technology

Demetrius’s Avatar
Demetrius Nov 02, 2021 460 views

what are the worst and best parts of being a biochemical engineer

I'm looking to start a career in biochemical engineering and I'd like to be mentally prepared for any unexpected hardships.

#biology #biomedical-engineering #biochemical #chemical #engineering #engineer #chemical-engineering #chemical-engineer #civil-engineering

Nazareth’s Avatar
Nazareth Oct 05, 2021 291 views

What classes you should take in high school if you want to become a civil engineer?

I am a senior in high school. I want know what classes would help me to become a civil engineer. #civil-engineering #engineer

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Nazareth Oct 05, 2021 321 views

How do I know which college is the best option for me?

I am asenior in high school and I am really interested in discoring more about the engineering field. I want to become a civil engineer, but the colleges that have good programs for that are expensive and difficult to get in, so how do I know which is a good collage I can go? #engineering...

Destin’s Avatar
Destin Jul 28, 2021 567 views

How can i become a Civil Engineer?

I am an autistic boy who loves to be very creative with his own imagination. I am also very mathematically gifted. Someday, I wish to be a Civil Engineer. #civil-engineering #math

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Jul 25, 2021 882 views

What skills are MUST for a career in engineering?

What are the most important skills a student interested in going into engineering should have since now? And what about the ones we might have to develop during college?

#career #student #civil-engineering #engineering #engineer #math #senior #college

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Yamilca Jun 30, 2021 582 views

How can I become a civil engineer?

I am in high school just passed to 10th grade. I love science and math. #engineer #civil-engineering

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Kendra Jun 20, 2021 509 views

What exam prep would you use if you want to take Fundamentals of Engineering Exam for civil engineering?

I just recently graduated. Just need some advice. #engineering #civil-engineering # construction management# FE#

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Brayden Apr 05, 2021 961 views

What type of math is required for a civil engineer?


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Brayden Apr 05, 2021 337 views

How many years of college do I need for civil engineering?


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Brayden Apr 05, 2021 300 views

What colleges are a good fit for Engineering Majors?


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Michael Feb 25, 2021 718 views

What are some things you do as a civil engineer?

I am Junior in Kipp Academy and Im really interested in civil engineering because I want to be able to help improve our environment.

#civil-engineering #career-path # #engineering

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jeremy Jan 22, 2021 1360 views

What is a Civil Engineer

#civil #civil-engineering #civil-engineer

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Thea Nov 05, 2020 375 views

I'm stuck in choosing between Industrial Engineering or Civil Engineering.

I'm currently a Senior High School student taking STEM strand. My first choice is Civil Engineering but I am really weak on the subject Mathematics and I feel like I will not pass it on College. Then I stumbled on Industrial Engineering and I kinda liked what it is about. #Civil-Engineering...

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Sep 16, 2020 529 views

What can you do with a computer science degree?

I am a civil engineering student. I choose civil engineering because I really like math and liked the thought of building big stuff. The classes are getting harder and I'm stressed more often. The science classes are so difficult for me. I do so much better in my math courses and the...

Daliya’s Avatar
Daliya Jun 05, 2020 661 views

I wonder if civil engineering would appeal to me

I'm starting my last year of high school and my class is specialized in maths, phusics and informatics.
#engineer #civil #civil-engineering