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Career Questions tagged Architectural

Starlynne’s Avatar
Starlynne Jan 04 130 views

What interest should you have if you want to be an architectural engineer?

Hobbies, personality, behavior, preferred work environment, education, and salary depending where you live.

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Dec 13, 2022 122 views

Some problems while being an architect?

What are some problems you've had while being an architect?

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Nov 10, 2022 145 views

What are some good architectural programs for seniors in high school?

What are some good, affordable architectural programs?

I've been researching good areas and schools where the programs are affordable for high school students, and some schools are far and expensive. If there are any good recommendations, preferably online, that would be amazing!

Tasnim’s Avatar
Tasnim Oct 30, 2022 218 views

How can I work online and gain experience and money from home, especially in fields like visual art, design, social media, and business?

How can I work online and gain experience and money from home, especially in fields like visual art, design, social media, and business?

Aspen’s Avatar
Aspen Oct 27, 2022 319 views

How to start Architecture?

I am highly interested in Architectural design and wish to know how to start on the path to a civic architect.

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Aug 31, 2022 146 views

How do I go about becoming a marine architect?

Is there a possibility to become a marine biologist while being a marine architecture?

kavon’s Avatar
kavon Jun 02, 2022 171 views

What is the pay for a data base architect?

My intention was to find out how much a data bass architect makes in total.

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary Feb 25, 2021 346 views

what do you like to do

i like to build stuff fix stuff and hands-on #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer #mechanical-engineering #mechanical #architectural stuff and mental thinking stuff

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Feb 23, 2021 306 views

How do you get an engineering job or opportunity before leaving college

I'm a Jr who's fascinated by any type of engineering especially civil engineering. I plan on going to college for 4 years at most but i don't want those 4 years to go to waste if I never pursue a career in this area. #career-choice #information-technology #engineering #architect...

Devyn’s Avatar
Devyn Oct 27, 2020 397 views

What is a typical day while being an architect?

#architect #architecture #architectural

Dyanne’s Avatar
Dyanne May 17, 2018 593 views

Which university has a better Architecture program? TTU or UTA?

I am very indecisive about which university to attend. Both the University of Texas at Arlington and Texas Tech University have caught my attention, yet I do not know which is a better option for me. I wish to know more about their architecture programs even though I have done some research....

Kostin’s Avatar
Kostin Oct 28, 2016 631 views

Is there a career in the engineering field that specifically does green energy work?

I am very interested in the environment and would like the work that I do to have something to do with keeping it "green". Ways to get water to drought ridden areas, cleaning plastic out of the oceans, making buildings more efficient, etc. #engineer #civil-engineering #architectural

Amrutheshwari.s’s Avatar
Amrutheshwari.s Jun 12, 2016 994 views

Is architecture a good carrier?

I finished my second pu this year and I want to pursue Architecture,
I even wrote entrance exam i.e.,NATA . I got 437 rank . #college #studying-tips #architectural

Michael’s Avatar
Michael May 25, 2016 728 views

when it comes to architectural studies at a major university, I know that a great deal of time is spent in the "studio". Is it advantageous to live on campus/ in the dorms to be as close to the studio as possible for working on projects?

I am looking into living expenses on and off campus. #architect #architectural

Michael’s Avatar
Michael May 25, 2016 595 views

In my state one major university offers a 5 year degree in architecture, and the other major university offers a 4 year degree in architectural engineering. What are the major differences, and what type of salary range would I be facing after college?

I am discerning careers in the architectural and engineering field.
#architect #architectural #financial-planning #career-details

Shi Ying Quince’s Avatar
Shi Ying Quince May 19, 2016 1158 views

If I don't graduate with a degree in Interior Design, is it very hard to find a job?

I am asking this question because I am studying interior design right now, but due to some academic issues I can't continue with the major. I still want a job associate with interior design will that be something difficult to do? The major I will be changing to was my minor - Japanese....

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Jun 04, 2015 3316 views

Is it worth becoming an astronomer with the debt that comes after it?

I am a Freshman in high school and have always enjoyed looking at planets and stars. The thought of space has always fascinated me, but I am not very rich so its kind of difficult to pay 20,000 dollars a year when I could go for Architecture (which I am a little less interested in) for so much...

James’s Avatar
James Feb 26, 2015 1617 views

How do I choose which type of engineering is right for me?

I am a sophomore in highschool and I really do have a lot of decisions to make. Civil engineering seems like something I want to do, because it seems similar to architecture, which is another major I am considering taking. Electric Engineering seems like something I would want to do, but I...

Dustin’s Avatar
Dustin Feb 26, 2015 948 views

After going to college is it hard to find a great engineering job that pays well? and are they stable jobs?

I was wondering were the jobs for engineering anything like construction jobs. I ask this because I heard construction jobs are not stable jobs and you could get fired if the sight was closed down. I also wanted to know were engineers well needed jobs in the world because I don't want to study...

Edgar’s Avatar
Edgar Feb 25, 2015 886 views

What do you do as an Architect? What are the requirements for it and how do you get a job for it?

I'm thinking about being an Architect, but I'm scared that I won't be able to find a stable job. #architecture #architect #architectural

Sahira’s Avatar
Sahira Feb 16, 2015 2658 views

I'm unsure about my future career path

I'm about to enter college or pre uni. All this while, I have been interested in architecture and science-related fields. But lately, many people (even my parents) started telling me to open my options for other careers and courses, because not many universities offer Architecture, and I heard...

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Oct 09, 2014 934 views

Can I hold a job in Architecture with an bachelor's degree in graphic communication systems?

What others jobs are out there for graphic communication systems? #jobs #architect #architectural

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Oct 09, 2014 1148 views

Can I major in Graphic Communication Systems and then complete my Master's in Architecture?

Also since I'll be a Graphic Communication Systems major should I intern at a Architect Firm or what is the best option for me? What jobs are available for me after completing my bachelor's and master's. I want to become a license architect. #job #architecture #architect #architectural...

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Jul 16, 2014 1509 views

What jobs can an architectural engineer degree get you?

I'm a upcoming senior in high school, and I'm about to start college soon. My big concern now is my future and my career. Just wondering if this is a right field to go into. #engineer #civil-engineering #architect #architectural #construction-management

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Jun 28, 2014 1228 views

Is urban studies and architecture the same? If not, how is it different?

I'm a rising senior in high school and I'm trying to figure out what major to study while in college.
#architecture #architect #architectural #urban-studies #urban-design

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 31, 2014 1560 views

What is the average day in the life of a Architects?

I'm thinking about going in this field of study? #architecture #architect #architectural

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 30, 2014 1067 views

What is Architectural Engineering and is it a career to go in?

Is architectural engineering also known as building engineering? If I pick this field of study what kind of courses I will take?. #career #engineer #architectural