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What skills should an Architect have?

I want to get into Architecture, though I'm not sure what skills I'll need in order to thrive in the industry.

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3 answers

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Vamshee’s Answer

To become an architect, one must complete a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering or Civil Engineering.
Having a master's degree is a plus to become a manager quicker or start the job with better salary and responsivities.

Some skills needed for an Architect are

Creative Skills
Design Skills
Artistic Skills
Engineering Skills
Problem Solving skills
Visualizing Skills
Building and Construction Knowledge
Project Management
Computer Skills
Communication Skills

Hope this helps..
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Below given skills are needed:

Design skills and knowledge.
knowledge of building and construction.
Pay attention to detail.
Thinking and reasoning skills.
Customer service skills.
Excellent verbal communication skills.
Analytical thinking skills.
Ability to use your initiative.
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Dennis’s Answer

Lucion great question. Hopefully I can help to provide some answers.
The biggest skill you need to have is to be adaptable. As in being open to change and looking at things from another point of view.

The biggest secret to going to school for Architecture is that it isn't about designing buildings.
I know "GASP!".... studying architecture is actually just about solving problems. Sometimes the answer is a building and sometimes the answer is totally different, like a concept or an idea.
So with that in mind here are MY list of skills needed to Thrive as an Architect:

1. Like working with people (no architect designs alone well)
2. Be open to change (because designs will...and constantly)
3. Be okay with NOT being a perfectionist (projects might be complete....but the work of design is never done)
4. Be okay with mistakes, people make them, you'll make them. Best thing is to learn from them and get better.
5. Be open to other opinions and options. Sometimes your voice might be the loudest but not the best.
6. Be open to asking for help. The world is too big to go it alone.
7. Teamwork does make the dream work.
8. Have passion even for the mundane.
9. Be direct with clients....and people. Even if the news isn't the news they want to hear.
10. Don't worry about not being the best artist. Architecture is about conveying an idea through diagrams. So find YOUR best way to sell your vision to your client.

And that's it. After 23 years I still wake up and love what I do. Because every project is something different. Every client is different. You learn through experience and develop a "tool kit" to help you solve problems.
It's a certain type of adventure and you meet so many amazing people along the way.

Wishing you all the best!

Dennis recommends the following next steps:

Find a local architecture firm or 2 and see about getting a tour.
Check out websites like or
Explore....find buildings or projects you find cool and figure out who built them.
Join a club that works together as a team, either on a project or towards a goal.