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Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
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Lucion Feb 21, 2023 1007 views

What skills should an Architect have?

I want to get into Architecture, though I'm not sure what skills I'll need in order to thrive in the industry.

Henry’s Avatar
Henry Feb 28, 2023 301 views

What is the best way for me to start a business?

I was wanting to get into dropshipping and start a business and I was wondering what the best strategy was for me to get started and be successful.

Sky’s Avatar
Sky Mar 01, 2023 550 views

Looking for advice as a student pursuing business

#CV23 What is an advice you would give to a high school student that wants to pursue a business administration major? What range of careers is available from this major?

Yili’s Avatar
Yili Mar 06, 2023 308 views

Is it hard to start your own business?

What does it take to work for your own? Will it be difficult to maintain?

Elliot’s Avatar
Elliot Mar 06, 2023 732 views

What are the main responsibilities of a web developer?

What are some day-to-day tasks a web developer might perform?

David’s Avatar
David Mar 07, 2023 277 views

Is it hard to start your own business ?

What do I need to do

David’s Avatar
David Mar 07, 2023 403 views

What is it like to own a business ?

Is it hard

Solanch’s Avatar
Solanch Mar 09, 2023 290 views

what you need to start a small business?

How long can it take you to grow a small business that you have just started?

alex’s Avatar
alex Mar 09, 2023 366 views

how are can you start a small business?

how are you going to make a small business by knowing your stuff like items, and how much is your income.

nataly’s Avatar
nataly Mar 09, 2023 417 views

What do I need to start a small business?

How much will I be paid?

David’s Avatar
David Mar 07, 2023 365 views

What skills do I need to have to create my own business ?

What's good to learn

Kashish’s Avatar
Kashish Mar 06, 2023 379 views

What skills do businessmen require ?

I’m a junior in high school and I want to go into business. What skills do I need to build or have in order to succeed in a field like business management?

Alma’s Avatar
Alma Mar 09, 2023 301 views

what is business?

what are some mainly facts about it

Iranhy’s Avatar
Iranhy Mar 09, 2023 501 views

how can i start my own business?

i want to start a business but i dont know how to. what can i do to start my own business?

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Mar 09, 2023 296 views

Small Businesses?

How hard is it to start a small building company?