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I have an interest in the following careers. Medical Technician Architecture/Interior design IT



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Lucion May 04, 2023 262 views

What skills should a medical technician/technologist have?

I want to know what kind of skills I should accumulate while I study to become one

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Lucion May 01, 2023 401 views

Where should I start if I wanted to enter the IT field?

I'm curious about it for a career path but I really don't know where I'd start.

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Lucion Apr 25, 2023 902 views

What Career advancement paths are there for Medical Technicians?

I'm wondering what and how you would advance in such career, as I'm considering becoming one.

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Lucion Apr 24, 2023 1046 views

What are some challenges when working as a medical-tech?

I'm interested in becoming a med-tech, though I want to also know some of the challenges I might face in my possible career and how to deal with them.

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Lucion Apr 24, 2023 2131 views

What are the requirements for becoming a medical technician?

I'm looking at all of the options I could pursue and being a med-tech seems interesting. Though I want to know the requirements for being one!

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Lucion Apr 18, 2023 434 views

What are some hardships of being an Architect?

Every job has its downsides, tell me about some of them!

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Lucion Apr 11, 2023 1105 views

How much does it usually cost to become an Architect?

Including the cost for licenses, exams, and school how much would it cost total to try and become one?

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Lucion Mar 02, 2023 290 views

2 questions, 1: How much does an Architect earn on Average? 2: What are some challenges Architects face in their line of Work?

I want to get a general idea for their salary/pay while also knowing some hurdles I may have to face along the way.

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Lucion Feb 23, 2023 393 views

How long does it usually take to become an Architect?

I'm curious to see how long it might take to become one.

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Lucion Feb 23, 2023 571 views

What specialization fields of Architects are there?

I'm curious about specializations in the field of Architecture, trying to see if I can narrow my options down further.

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Lucion Feb 21, 2023 1624 views

What skills should an Architect have?

I want to get into Architecture, though I'm not sure what skills I'll need in order to thrive in the industry.