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sandra’s Avatar
sandra 2 days ago 29 views

What does a typical day look like on this job ?(medical assistant)

Hi my name is sandra.

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sandra 2 days ago 38 views

What are three important things I should know about this job? (medical assistant)

Hi my name is Sandra. I'm at job corps.

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sandra 2 days ago 20 views

what steps would you recommend i take to prepare to enter this field? (medical assistant)

Hi my name is Sandra and I'm at job corps.

Colin’s Avatar
Colin Mar 25 165 views

In what ways can I use art to impact the world?

I have the skills and techniques for it, but I don't really have a purpose for them.

Nikki’s Avatar
Nikki Feb 10, 2017 826 views

Is teaching a good choice for me

I love teaching and leadership #teaching #music #leadership

Ramiro’s Avatar
Ramiro Nov 02, 2021 246 views

How much free time do you have in a full time work schedule and is it enough?

do you think that you have enough free time after your work is done? what are some ways that you can improve work/life balance. #time-management #work-life-balance #work

Linh’s Avatar
Linh Nov 03, 2021 175 views

What are some effective tips to have a efficient schedule?

As a senior in High School, I have many things on my plate and have a hard time managing everything together. #time-management #school #high-school #schedule #work-life-balance

Sharrian’s Avatar
Sharrian Mar 01, 2012 2880 views

Baby-sitting service.

how can i get parent to let me look at they kids. and what should be price if i am helping the with they home work #education #service #baby-sitting

Joy’s Avatar
Joy Jan 25, 2018 868 views

How to build up your confidence? How to be good at communicating with people?

Everyone would sort of encounters this kind of problem. For an introvert, how should we act to overcome the fear to communicate with people. Even though we did not mean something, but our timidity always prevent us from getting our message across. How to make introverts become confident?...

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Oct 06, 2021 278 views

Advice on not comparing yourself to talented smart people.

Something I've always struggled with as a student and person in general, is comparing myself to others. Whether if it's looks or intelligence, I always seem to find a way to compare said person and myself. The colleges I want to get into are extremely competitive, so when I can't do something,...

bryce’s Avatar
bryce Nov 15, 2021 232 views

What's a good career for a editor

16 yr old editor #editing #editor #social-work

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Sep 14, 2021 253 views

What is the best job for someone who is thinking about going to college for a business and communications major?

I've already had quite a bit of programs that I've been a part of that helps me with my public speaking and getting what I want to say out to the people I want to. I always thought about majoring in this subject because I thought it was nice to have people hear what I have to say. So what is...

zarianna’s Avatar
zarianna Sep 28, 2021 159 views

what is the most challenging thing about being a cosmetologist?

I am 14 (a 9th grader) and i’ve wanted to be a cosmetologist since the 6th grade but it seems very challenging. #cosmetology

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Apr 17 243 views

To people who work in IT, did you love coding when you first started but now feel like you lost interest in it?

Lately I've been coding very often and I realized it was something I really enjoyed doing. It's fun creating projects and seeing how I can make them work. I'm afraid if I make it as my job, it will become something I dread doing.

milo’s Avatar
milo Oct 12, 2017 631 views

What are some good monologues for college auditions?

I am in the process of preparing to audition for school. #theatre #musical-theatre #college #auditions #theater #school

Grecia’s Avatar
Grecia Jan 10, 2019 304 views

What do pathologist do on their daily bases in work periods?

I am a junior in highschool and I have been interested in studying pathology. i have been curious of what pathologists do during work hours. #pathology

Andrea ’s Avatar
Andrea May 30, 2017 545 views

I am interested in becoming an audio and visual technician but don't know which college would best for me to pursue such a career. What colleges would be recommended and what courses should I take?

I am asking this question because after having experience in constructing a stage for a musical production, I was able to see the jobs that some people perform with stage lights and audio machines. I took an interest in such jobs, that I wanted to have a career in that field as well....

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Feb 17 209 views

For people who work in front end development, what types of creativity works (i.e. design, art, drawing) do you put into your job?

#career #computer-science #computer-science #design

Phuong’s Avatar
Phuong Apr 14, 2021 449 views

How to explore multiple careers before committing?

Similar to college majors, are there ways to explore your options before committing to one? What's the best way to do that? #communications

Rachael’s Avatar
Rachael Mar 26, 2020 448 views

What direction should I take, I'm great at comms and work with refugees and LGTBQ seniors

my BA is in International Relations. I have volunteered in 8 refugee camps in Greece with Syrian and Iraqi refugees. This work was perfect because I was in charge of comms state-side and worked on the ground in Greece, accessing needs, mitigating issues, and being surrounded by people and a...

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn Oct 05, 2021 308 views

What are some skills needed to pursue a Business and Communications major (on the more specific spectrum)?

I've been thinking about majoring in this field for quite a while and I think I'm pretty qualified to excel in this field. I've had experience speaking to big crowds formally, I have quite a few connections not only with my peers but some adults who will also be helpful along the way, I think I...

Harold’s Avatar
Harold Aug 06 179 views

What's the best major for marketing?

What's the best undergrad major for someone who wants to be in a marketing managerial position eventually, whilst simultaneously having a plan B? Marketing, finance, or other? I've heard that marketing is not the major that it used to be, and most people advice me to align with the marketing...

Kelsey’s Avatar
Kelsey Apr 25, 2019 364 views

What requirements do you need to have completed to be a paralegal?

#law #criminal-justice #paralegal #requirements

isys’s Avatar
isys Apr 04 174 views

WHat types of jobs can i get with a economics major?

I want to major in psychology and minor in economics but im not sure what i can do with it

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Oct 05, 2021 209 views

What types of entering jobs would be best for someone who's interested in business/fashion to have more experience?

I'm currently a senior in high school and I want to start looking for jobs at entering level. #business #fashion #career

Serena’s Avatar
Serena Sep 28, 2021 181 views

What do people usually misunderstand about criminal investigators?

#criminology #criminal-justice

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan May 07, 2019 328 views

What are the requirements to become a Supervisory Special Agent?


Jason’s Avatar
Jason Feb 04 232 views

How can I prepare myself to become a fashion major?

#college-major #professional #fashion #fashion-design

isys’s Avatar
isys Apr 04 238 views

What should I consider when choosing between psychology and economics??

Im unsure what major to choose or jobs to take

farheen’s Avatar
farheen May 19, 2016 772 views

What are good jobs that involve hard work?

i want a great job that involves hard work in the future.

[P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] #college #career #career-counseling #career-choice

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