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Dylan B.’s Avatar
Dylan B. Dec 26, 2019 95 views

Can anyone give me and or guide me to advice on rental property real estate?

I am interested in learning about rental properties as a form of passive income. #rentalproperties #realestate #investing...


Anthony S.’s Avatar
Anthony S. Jul 03 41 views

Is it possible to find an internship in biology and research without any prior experience

I'm a 3rd year in college and a Psychology major, but lately I have been wondering if I should switch. Biology, research, and medicine seem to interest me. Is there any possible way where I could find an internship in this field and get acquainted with it with no prior experience? #internship...

#medicine #medical #research #biology

Sheila C.’s Avatar
Sheila C. Jan 09, 2019 168 views

Is astrology like learning a religion since it is not proven by science?

I am a Junior in high school and I am interested in astrology. First, I had a hard time telling the difference between astronomy and astrology until I saw that astrology was not proven by science. I wonder since it's not proven by science, what and how would people be learning in that field....

#astrology #astronomy #science

Cassandra P.’s Avatar
Cassandra P. Jan 10, 2018 416 views

What kind of techniques do you use in your writing while editing?

I have a hard time editing my work and I really want to get over a barrier I put up myself. I know when a part of my story needs help but I can't put my self to change it. I find it heartbreaking. How do you get over that, if you have that problem and how do you organize your thoughts while...

#creative-writing #writing-and-editing #writing

AJ C.’s Avatar
AJ C. Mar 06, 2019 216 views

As a woman of color going into the tech field, how can I flourish?

As a minority, I know that it'll be difficult to work in the tech field. With my different skin and different gender in an industry full of white males, how can I push back a potential toxic work environment, and shine through? #tech #technology #engineering #civil-engineering #engineer...

#minority #toxicworkenvironment #woman #self #selfimprovement #poc

Claudia L.’s Avatar
Claudia L. Jan 18, 2018 319 views

How do you know which job offer to accept?

I'm wondering about the factors that I should be considering about assessing the job offer that's best fit for myself. Even though it'll be a long time before I'll be applying for a full time job in the animation and film industry, I'd still like to know the general things to look for that are...

#best-fit #film #animation #jobs #job-offers

Lillian H.’s Avatar
Lillian H. Jun 23 68 views

What universities/colleges have good acoustic engineering programs?

I am thinking about working in the acoustical engineering field. #engineering...


Jose P.’s Avatar
Jose P. Jan 18, 2018 275 views

How is geology going to even help me in life if I want to follow a business/entrepreneurship career?

Im asking this question because I don't find this class helpful towards want I want a profession in towards my future and it is a requirement for me to take it....


Nicholas F.’s Avatar
Nicholas F. May 08 99 views

Should I get a premed degree to do psychiatry?

I am one year away from completing my bachelor's degree in psychology. I originally wanted to do child psychology for a place like Kaiser. However, lately I've been thinking about doing child psychiatry instead. I've been doing some research and see that instead of applying for a master's...

#psychology #college #premed #psychiatry #medschool #doctor #medicine

Deanicia D.’s Avatar
Deanicia D. Oct 28, 2016 3224 views

Should I talk about my failures when being interviewed for a job?

I read an article about how a recruiter who interviews students got an answer of "I expect failure" from one of the students. Then they went and wrote an article on how this answer was amazing. Should I do the same and state some failures like struggles in class or should I keep that to myself....

#interviews #failure #interview-questions #technology #mathematics #job-application #science

carlo P.’s Avatar
carlo P. Jan 22, 2018 463 views

how do you start a restaurant even though your still young?

i'm 11th grade student in high school. i'm interested in making food especially fine dining food. I've been developing my techniques at home but lately i haven't been working. since high school is about to end but i'm still not sure what to do after that to connect to the career i'm trying to...

#restaurant #culinary #chef #food

Aishwarya J.’s Avatar
Aishwarya J. Jan 16, 2018 1021 views

What's a day in the life of an aerospace engineer like?

Aeronautical or astronautical, it doesn't matter. I'm interested in pursuing a major in aerospace engineering, but I want to get a scope of what applying it to a career is like. #engineering...


Marc Brian M.’s Avatar
Marc Brian M. Jan 10, 2018 312 views

What characteristics/skills are needed in order to be a great nurse?

I want to know this question because I need to know what skills need to be possed in order to be a nurse that is great. #nurse #career...


Anthony S.’s Avatar
Anthony S. Jun 28 79 views

I'm a 3rd year in college and I dont know if I should I keep my major, switch it, or become Undeclared for now?

I am a 3rd year in college recently I have upgraded my major from pre-psychology to psychology. The thing is that I'm not sure if I want to stick with Psychology , because I really don't know what I want to do anymore and am not sure if this is the right major for me anymore. Some majors I'm...

#psychology #college #biology #research #college-major #major #business #university #undeclared

Carmen H.’s Avatar
Carmen H. Jun 23, 2016 613 views
Jaleel Mackey’s Avatar
Jaleel M. Oct 02, 2015 13358 views

What types of classes can I take while in high school to prepare for a computer science degree in college?

This question was asked by a sophomore in high school who is interested in establishing a basic knowledge base in computer science before they enter college. The youth of today will be entering a workforce more technologically charged than the one we are currently facing. I would like to share...

#computer #computer-engineer #high-school #computer-science #degrees #college-major

Emily C.’s Avatar
Emily C. Mar 16 187 views

Does this recession mean I might not be able to get a job when I graduate?

I am currently an architecture student with a planned graduation in 2022, what does the #covid19 recession mean for the job market in regards to architecture? I was intending to practice for a few years before going to grad school, but does this mean I should start considering/planning to go to...

#graduate-school #architecture #architect #job

Alexandra V.’s Avatar
Alexandra V. Jan 10, 2018 292 views

What kind of classes do you have to take on your way to becoming a OB GYN?

I'm asking this because I'm very interested in this career and I would like to know which classes I would have to take if I decide to go for it at the end. #medicine #obstetrics #gynecology #healthcare...


Amy S.’s Avatar
Amy S. May 13, 2019 78 views

Service learning opportunities?

Where can I find postings about local service learning opportunities? #internship...


Josue J.’s Avatar
Josue J. May 28, 2019 115 views
Fatima D.’s Avatar
Fatima D. Feb 23, 2017 534 views

Why are the steps to becoming a food critic?

I am asking because it sounds interesting and I want to learn more about it. #journalism...


Robert Q.’s Avatar
Robert Q. Mar 29, 2019 229 views

Interview Q&A for Customer Success Management Role

1. Tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a customer. 2. How do you manage your time? 3.How did you handle an angry customer and what was the outcome? 4. Tools you use to measure success, and process to generate your reports? 5. How do you fight churn? These are popular CSM...

#customersuccessmanagment #work #job #interview #career

Gisselle B.’s Avatar
Gisselle B. Apr 26, 2019 74 views
Nathaly  O.’s Avatar
Nathaly O. May 18, 2016 348 views

What could you get a certification in and work as while you are also going to college to get a higher degree?

I will not have a lot of money to go to college and I want to know if there was some sort of certification that i could get that wouldn't take that long and i could get a job in it while i am also going to school to finish my major. #doctor...


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