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Sharar S.’s Avatar
Sharar S. Jul 13 263 views

I don't know what to pursue in, and I can't find motivation to find it either.

I don't feel motivated by anything to try and find out what I want to do. I thought I might've have wanted to go into the computer science field, but now I realized that it's not the direction I think I should go. So I don't know what I want to do now. #career #computer-science #career-choice...


Tess W.’s Avatar
Tess W. Apr 18, 2019 234 views

How can I complete medical school while working?

I want to be a doctor, but worry about the financial burden of undergraduate and medical school. I am an independent student financially supporting myself. I am looking for tips on how to find a job with flexible hours and navigating school requirements. #doctor #medicine #premed...


Marvin P.’s Avatar
Marvin P. Jun 21, 2016 443 views

What careers are there that involve sports?

I like to be active, go outside, hang out with friends and im gettting a referring job #sports...


Jazmine K.’s Avatar
Jazmine K. Jan 10, 2018 248 views

Should I go to an Art School or take up a creative profession if I know that there is a very low chance of me succeeding and making a living?

I'm asking this because I want to try to get into an Art school because most of the things that I do and am interested in are mainly based on creativity and also a lot of my hobbies but I'm not sure if I am able to gain the skills that I need nor will I have the ingenuity that people look for...

#career-path #college #art-school

Jared Chung’s Avatar
Jared C. Nov 02, 2016 431 views

What does a community manager do on a day-to-day basis?

[This is part of a question series for CMX Summit to highlight exciting careers in community management. If you are interested in a career in community management, now would be a good time to ask a question of your own!] For a lot of young people it’s hard to imagine what the real day-to-day...


Belinda H.’s Avatar
Belinda H. Jul 30 107 views

How can you build leadership experience when you don't hold official leadership roles?

I'm a rising college senior looking to maximize her last year of college - would appreciate any help / advice you might have! #july20...


Johnathan L.’s Avatar
Johnathan L. Jan 22, 2018 373 views

I'm trying to figure out what I career I should chase based on my talents, but I'm not too sure. What would you recommend?

I'm a 17 year old junior in high school, since I was young I've acceled at arguments and helping other through hard times. I enjoy being like a big brother to younger kids, helping others when they don't understand, and being a person people can talk to about anything. I've been told to either...


Andres V.’s Avatar
Andres V. Jan 11, 2019 168 views
Jessica M.’s Avatar
Jessica M. May 18, 2016 296 views

Would it be recommended for someone not to graduate early because of their degree?

If I were to graduate early (studying education), I would be teaching as a 19 year old. Would anyone respect me in the work place or hire me? #teaching #education #graduating #age...


Jasmin N.’s Avatar
Jasmin N. Jan 10, 2018 228 views

In Volcanology, why does the salary vary depending on where you are?

I live in California and I was wondering was it because of cost of living or demand? And I was also wondering why in places where there is no volcanoes they have a high salary? #volcanology #volcanologist #salary #location #demand...


Jose P.’s Avatar
Jose P. Jan 18, 2018 222 views

Is there a fair advantage of people that go to lower income schools than others that go to better schools? and also does going to a private high school give you a greater chance to bing better at school than others that go to a public school?

I live in San Leandro in the bay area and my school campus is so old compared to others schools. Other schools have such great campus and a better environment. Also I have great goals I want to achieve and I want to know what is best for me. #fairness #private-school...


Oscar V.’s Avatar
Oscar V. May 28, 2019 129 views
Saul D.’s Avatar
Saul D. Jan 22, 2018 332 views

What are some skills i need for sports journalism?

I am a junior in high school. i like to watch sports so i thought put one of the things i like to do. i am thinking of taking sports journalism seriously and writing reports about games and sports news. i am also thinking of being a sports anchor or a commentator. my major goal is reporting for...

#sports-journalism #sports

Jaqueline S.’s Avatar
Jaqueline S. Jun 21, 2016 352 views
Jared Chung’s Avatar
Jared C. Nov 02, 2016 456 views

Is it stressful to be a community manager? How do you manage the stress in your life and do you regret the career decision?

_This is part of a question series for CMX Summit to highlight exciting careers in community management. If you are interested in a career in community management, now would be a good time to ask a question of your own!_...


Jared Chung’s Avatar
Jared C. Nov 02, 2016 380 views

How much do entry-level community management jobs pay?

Any research you could point to that would demonstrate what the entry-level salaries typically look like would be helpful. Please cite your sources on this one: even if it is annecdotal, it's better to acknowledge that. Bonus points for highlighting the differences by industry or sector or...

#community-management #financial-planning

Jared Chung’s Avatar
Jared C. Nov 02, 2016 395 views

What did you do to stand out when you were interviewing for your community manager job? (looking for bold stories!)

For our students who have never done an interview before, they can be really intimidating! What did you do to stand out in your interviews for the job you have now as a community manager? Inspire us with your stories of how you got the job! _This is part of a question series for CMX Summit to...

#job-application #community-management

Jared Chung’s Avatar
Jared C. Nov 02, 2016 515 views

How could I stand out for entry-level community management jobs as a recent college graduate?

I'm interested in what student could do both at the "resume stack" stage when they're first applying as well as at the "interview" stage. What have you seen that helps (especially young people) stand out? What did you do to stand out? _This is part of a question series for CMX Summit to...

#job-application #community-management

jessica P.’s Avatar
jessica P. Sep 15 111 views

Interned at Google as a Product Manager and wonder switching my career role

Interned at Google and a couple of startups and realized that product management framework isn't something tangible where it's not an essential skillset needed in a startup. I'd like to be a person who's absolutely needed with tangible skill sets. Talked with a few product managers who've...

#product #design #career

Lauren L.’s Avatar
Lauren L. Jan 17, 2018 415 views
Gabriel M.’s Avatar
Gabriel M. Dec 13, 2017 377 views

What steps are necessary to become an anesthesiologist?

I don’t come from a family of money or a family in the medical career. Honestly I don’t want to become an anesthesiologist for the interest but I have learned that anything I focus towards I grow to love that subject and a job like anesthesiology is something not many people will do, but I will...

#anesthesiology #medical-practice #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #family-dentistry

Dahlia B.’s Avatar
Dahlia B. May 28, 2019 148 views
Kenry J.’s Avatar
Kenry J. Aug 22, 2016 490 views
Brycen S.’s Avatar
Brycen S. Oct 10, 2014 1065 views
Reva J.’s Avatar
Reva J. Jul 25, 2018 178 views

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