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Career Questions tagged Law Practice

Elaina’s Avatar
Elaina yesterday 17 views

What is the typical life of a lawyer Where does most of the work take place? Also, What is schooling like??

I am interested in becoming a lawyer.

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Samira Sep 03 163 views

What books do you recommend to read about law or medicine?

Are there any books that are very insightful and interesting about law and medicine?

Ro’s Avatar
Ro Aug 08 186 views

i'm going into eleventh grade and am considering becoming a criminal trial lawyer. what should i expect from the career?

last year in my english class, we read a book about a jury trying to come to a unanimous vote followed by a class trial based on a real case and i found it fascinating, it was my favorite unit of the class. thinking about it further made me think that maybe being a criminal trial lawyer could...

Laksh’s Avatar
Laksh Jul 16 201 views

I want to work with private clients - should I go into private client law or private banking

I'm looking to work with private clients and I'm unsure if I should pursue a career in law or banking - what are the advantages and disadvantages of both and how to become each one, also what is the pay like.

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jennel Mar 07 190 views

To go to law school in England do I need an undergraduate law degree (LLB)?

#lawyer #law-practice #eNGLAND

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feara Sep 21, 2021 246 views

advice for a career in law

what courses should I take in high school to prepare for a career in law? #law #lawyer #law-school #law-practice

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Amanda Aug 22, 2021 415 views

Law Internships For High School Students

I'm a high school student interested in going into the law field, and I was wondering about how I could find law internships. I live in New Jersey, and even though I've looked, it's been very hard to find any places near me offering internships for teens/high school students. What places or...

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Jun 04, 2021 262 views

How hard is it for a beginning attorney to get a job at a private law firm

#law-school #lawyer #attorney #law-practice #law

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Amyah Jun 02, 2021 190 views

When being a judge, I want to be tough and very observational.

#law #law-practice

Erica’s Avatar
Erica May 20, 2021 253 views

I want to be an defense attorney, Do I have to become a prosecutor first?

I have been in the law program since 6th grade I've always known what I wanted to do. I was hoping I didn't have to be a prosecutor first because I want to help innocent people stay out of jail. #law-practice #law-school #enforcement #lawyers #law

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Lisha Oct 26, 2020 257 views

What is the deciding factor for someone deciding which type of law to study?

#law #choices #law-practice

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willa Oct 23, 2020 271 views

What is the educational needs required to become a police officer or a criminal investigator/detective?

#police #law #crime #women-in-law #law-practice

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Jessica Jul 10, 2020 527 views

How long have you practiced law?

Do you enjoy it? What do you wish you knew when you first started out? #law-practice #lawyer

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Emily Jun 07, 2020 420 views

What are some good law schools in NYC?

#attorney #law-practice #law-school #lawyer #law

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Jun 01, 2020 437 views

What should I do during my high school years to help me get into law school?

As soon as I graduate my dream has always been to go into law. More specifically, to become an immigration lawyer. To go more in depth of what I'm asking is what activities or certain things will look in my resume when applying to a university? #law #lawyer #graduate-school #law-school #law-practice

Harshpreet’s Avatar
Harshpreet May 14, 2020 835 views

What are some techniques and methods i should follow to get into law school?

#law #law-school #law-practice #lawyer

Brenda’s Avatar
Brenda Mar 18, 2020 350 views

Tips for applying to law school

Undergrad in social work with a minor in political science. The goal is to obtain my msw and attending law school later down the road. #lawyer #law-school #law-practice

bryant’s Avatar
bryant Mar 16, 2020 279 views

in the field of police detective you must understand that you are on your toes how likely is it for my career choice to involve me relocating

i am student of job corps #law #criminal-justice #law-practice #lawyer #police

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Kabba Feb 29, 2020 309 views

How do you know if becoming a civil rights lawyer for you?

#civilrightslawyer #law #law-practice #lawyer #civil rights

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Galicia Feb 02, 2020 455 views

What should students take away from law school?

Interested in legal affairs, and wanted additional information! #law #lawyer #law-school #attorney #law-practice #law-school

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Joseph Feb 14, 2019 631 views

What is the expectations of going to Law school

#lawyer #law-school #law-practice #law

Katrina’s Avatar
Katrina Aug 04, 2018 513 views

What are the best tips to know to become an assistant district attorney?

As embarrassing as this is for me to admit, I have no idea what to do past go to a good law school to get a job like this. Is it impossible to become one after graduating from law school recently (like within three years after having graduated from law school)? I assume experience is needed...

Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby Jul 16, 2018 627 views

Do you need a law degree to become a lawyer?

#lawyer #law #law-practice #degree #major

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emma Jul 13, 2018 545 views

what is law school like an how does it work?

do you go to regular college an then law school or just law school ? #law-practice

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca Jun 19, 2018 642 views

Should I go to law school?

I am interested in pursuing a career in public policy. A lot of people are telling me I should go to law school, but I don't really have that much interest in actually practicing law; rather, a lot of jobs I am interested in are dominated by former/current lawyers (ex: state legislator). Would...

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny May 29, 2018 947 views

How does a lawyer separate personal values from the law when prosecuting or defending?

#law #lawyers #lawyer #law-school #law-practice

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis May 07, 2018 805 views

What is it like getting out of law school and trying to get a job?

I am interested in becoming a lawyer, and have heard from some that getting a job out of law school is hard. I also am wondering if being a lawyer is actually what I want to do. #lawschool #lawyer #law #law-practice

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Davante Apr 19, 2018 492 views

What courses are needed to gain a law degree

I am gain information on the also use information on fields used for law degrees
#law-practice #corporate-law

Lilli’s Avatar
Lilli Apr 06, 2018 460 views

What is the average yearly salary for a district attorney/lawyer?

I have been considering going into the law field for quiet some time now, I was curious how much some makes. Is it enough to financially support a family and also have enough for bills? #law-practice

Leo’s Avatar
Leo Apr 03, 2018 515 views

Is it hard for a foreigner that went to American Law School to find work?

I'm an undergraduate at UT Austin currently on a student visa and I think I want to go to Law School but I don't know if it'll be easy to find work since I would need the workplace to sponsor an H1-B visa or a Greencard for me to stay in America. Does anybody relate to this situation or know...