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Career Questions tagged Judge

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Amyah Jun 02, 2021 268 views

After graduating law school, is it true that only some make it to the big firm ?

#judge #law-school #law

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Amyah May 29, 2021 397 views

How much is law school and is it worth going ? and are there any scholarships I can get for law school ?

#law-school #judge

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Amyah May 24, 2021 392 views

When going to law school, what is the workload and how can I get accepted after I graduate ?

#lawschool #judge

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Kenny Sep 09, 2020 337 views

What steps does one take to become a court justice?

I have looked all around online, but have not found a specific answer. What are some important and crucial steps when wanting to become a court justice is a dream job?

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Franklin May 17, 2020 378 views

what are some main difference between judges in tv and real judges?

#law #attorney #judge

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Deondre Feb 24, 2020 362 views

Who would you recommend judging too?

#judge #law #lawyer #criminal-justice

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Deondre Feb 24, 2020 378 views

How much do judges make a day?

How much do judges make a day? #money #judge

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Deondre Feb 24, 2020 585 views

How much do judges make a year?

How much do judges make a year? #money #judge #law #criminal-justice

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Deondre Feb 24, 2020 398 views

How much do you get paid if you wanna be a judge?

I am 17 years old
#judge #law #criminal-justice

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Luka Nov 09, 2016 793 views

Are there any classes that a high school student can take in high school that would benefit them if they are thinking of becoming a judge?

I'm a sophomore in high school. I heard that my school has a Criminal Justice class. Would it benefit an individual to take this class if they are thinking of studying law? What other classes can a high school student take to prepare for future? #college-major #law #criminal-justice #justice...

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Amy Jul 22, 2016 4452 views

What is the difference between a court judge and justice?

I was wondering about the difference between the two. #criminal-justice #justice #judge #social-justice

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Amy Jul 22, 2016 1283 views

What is the career path to take to become a court judge or justice?

I am interested in this career. #law #criminal-justice #justice #judge #social-justice

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Akia May 05, 2016 898 views

what is the differences in the courses a student wishing to be an attorney takes and a student wishing to become a lawyer takes?

I haven't decided if I want to be a lawyer or attorney even though I'm leaning towards a lawyer so I'm asking this question. #college #lawyer #attorney #judge

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Jaymes Jun 01, 2015 1255 views

How much education, training, and experience do I need to be a lawyer/judge?

I am in High School in the 9th grade and I have 2 career choices, a teacher and a lawyer or judge. #lawyer #judge #magistrate

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Law Questioner Apr 29, 2015 1453 views

What types of challeges do lawyers face in school and the job?

I am doing and project on a career (lawyer). I need to do an interview with a person that has studied or is studying this field. please contact me at at my career village account if you are interested in helping me! #law #lawyer #professors #attorney #judge #legal-profession

Jazmin’s Avatar
Jazmin Mar 24, 2015 1297 views

Is there anything that helped you in college prepare for becoming a lawyer?

I am a soon to be freshman in college and I want to pursue the career of a lawyer. However, I am scared because I am not sure exactally what I should study when I get to college. #lawyer #judge #women-in-law

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Rob Mar 05, 2014 1116 views

What steps should someone take to pursue their dreams of becoming a judge?

I am in high school and wish to become a judge, but I do not know what steps I should be taking. #law #lawyer #government #judge #court

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Matthew Mar 05, 2014 1497 views

How much money do judges make on average in California?

I am really interested in law and all forms of it. #law #judge

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Rob Mar 04, 2014 2422 views

For some one in law, what advice would you give to someone who wants to become a lawyer?

I am trying to figure out my future with law. I have always wanted to become a lawyer, but I have had some recent doubts. With that being said I am just looking for some advice about being a lawyer. #business #law #lawyer #government #judge