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Samyukta S.’s Avatar
Samyukta S. Oct 05, 2020 201 views

Can a clinical psychologist also be a psychology professor (at the same time)?

psychology professors professor phd Edit:- I thought it would be useful if I mentioned the country too (in which I would like to practice/teach). I think, most likely, the...

Samsuzzoha Z.’s Avatar
Samsuzzoha Z. Jul 31, 2020 287 views

What should I do to increase extra thinking power & enlarge my leadership skills?

I have came to know something about few top universities of canada, sometimes they requires Leadership skills, extra thinking power for giving scholarships to study in their universities. So that, I want to study abroad & also make a improvement on this skills. JULY20 Experts Professors...


K K.’s Avatar
K K. Jul 23, 2020 249 views

How do you become closer to your professor?

A lot of people advise getting closer to your professor better because they can help in many different ways in the future- whether it be recommendations or possible internship opportunities. What are some ways to become closer? I seem to have difficulty finding topics to talk about with them...

relations university professors july20

Kelly W.’s Avatar
Kelly W. Jul 17, 2020 239 views

How to build a good relationship with your professors?

I heading into university and due to Covid-19, my first semester is going to be online. Of course, there are going to be many obstacles but the most troubling is connecting with professors. I want to get to know them as well as making myself known and that I want to excel in their class. But I...

communication professors firstyear july20

C L.’s Avatar
C L. Aug 31, 2018 418 views

How to ask professor for recommendation letter?

Which professor should I ask for recommendation letter? What's the polite way to ask them to be my references when it's been a while since I've taken their courses? professors professional career references email scholarship...


Stephanie S.’s Avatar
Stephanie S. Aug 29, 2018 442 views

When becoming a college professor, is it more beneficial to start at a 4-year or transfer from a 2-year?

I want to know if it would be better for me to go to a 4-year college right off the bat when wanting to become a professor so I can familiarize myself when professors there who can help me. Or transfer from a community/2-year college to a 4-year. (based around finances) college-professor...

professor professors community-college higher-education

Evelynn O.’s Avatar
Evelynn O. Aug 29, 2018 3689 views

What's the difference between Biomedical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Biomechanical Engineering?

I am currently majoring in Biomedical Engineering, however I see these other terms thrown around all the time. I'd like to know if there is a difference or if these terms are simply synonyms. Thanks! general anyone professors health...


Elizabeth T.’s Avatar
Elizabeth T. Aug 13, 2018 268 views

What are good programs for healthcare providers?

Good programs in Portland State University and Oregon Health and Science University. I want to become a Pediatrician, so I would like to have more experience in a University or in a hospital. health professors pediatrician healthcare...


Ansley G.’s Avatar
Ansley G. Aug 12, 2018 320 views

Do Professors ever have a fear of public speaking?

I've considered being a professor, but I have a fear of public speaking. This is one of the most common fears so I wonder if this is something I could work through. Do Professors initially have a fear of public speaking? How do you work past it? professors public...

Sarina W.’s Avatar
Sarina W. Aug 07, 2018 484 views

What's a good major to pursue if you have an AA degree in Health Sciences General Studies and you enjoy subjects involving English/Writing?

By 18, if I work hard enough, I should have an AA degree in Health Sciences General Studies, though now I'm wondering if I still want to pursue a career focused entirely on health. I've always struggled with math, which as I've found is quite involved in this field, making me reconsider my...

opentoideas journalism writing general communications health liberalarts linguistics debating professionals healthcareer creativewriting career professors english

Paige A.’s Avatar
Paige A. May 22, 2018 473 views

What sort of questions should you ask professors to establish a relationship?

If I am attending office hours, what types of conversations and questions will allow us to establish a personalized connection that can be useful for recommendations and career advice in the future? career college professors networking...


Emily M.’s Avatar
Emily M. May 21, 2018 369 views

Are 18 credit hours in a semester a lot?

I'm going to be a college Freshman in the fall and I found out because of my major, I will have to take18 credit hours my first semester. Are there any tips on managing time or advice from anyone's personal experience out there? student job professors school...


Raabia C.’s Avatar
Raabia C. Apr 13, 2018 538 views

How important is it to build relationships with your professors?

I will be attending college in September of this year as a freshman undergraduate student. I have heard from many that some college professors may not be as hands- on as others but it is always good to connect with them in terms of networking. I wonder how beneficial this type of networking...

professors undergraduate college-advice

Shravani N.’s Avatar
Shravani N. May 02, 2016 719 views

What are some of the different branches of medical science?

I'm interested in medical science but I'm confused about choosing the branch. doctor professors...


Jordan M.’s Avatar
Jordan M. Sep 02, 2016 672 views

How do I know what major to select?

Throughout the early stages of my college career, I was unsure of what I wanted "to be when I grew up." With so many choices, I understand many other students are wondering the same thing. I wanted to expand the clarity from other individuals on what newly applied students should do in this...

students college graduates teaching teacher undecided professors

Alista E.’s Avatar
Alista E. May 18, 2016 670 views

What are some classes I should take in undergraduate college to be a pediatrician?

I would love to be a pediatrician. [P.S. This question was edited by a site admin for grammar and clarity.] medicine medicine-school students professors professionals doctors graduates...


Nadine E.’s Avatar
Nadine E. Jan 04, 2017 613 views

Job Application.

For one's cover letter, how do you really structure it so you can stand out? recruiting entrepreneur...


Hannah O.’s Avatar
Hannah O. Dec 06, 2016 1067 views

How much does college GPA matter when applying for a job?

As an honors college student with a 4.0 GPA, I want to know how much my resume would drop in value if my GPA went down to say a 3.5 or lower. I want to push myself to the hardest I can, but not be too disappointed if I get a B somewhere down the road. college professional career-path...

first-job evaluating-resumes resume-writing job-search professors

Rachel B.’s Avatar
Rachel B. Dec 02, 2016 639 views

How vital is it to get to know my professors who are outside my area of interest?

I am a freshman who wants to study biology, but I also take classes that are not in the field of science (history and english). Should I try to make connections with those professors that are not within my major? college professors...


Jessica S.’s Avatar
Jessica S. Oct 31, 2016 420 views

Which college is known best for their science major?

im not sure which college i want to go to professors...


Claire L.’s Avatar
Claire L. Oct 29, 2016 561 views

Does research at the collegiate level satisfy the search for beauty and excitement that science lovers are looking for?

I have heard that the road to becoming a professor is long and grueling and like any journey, you have to jump through a lot of hoops and do a lot of grunt-work to achieve your end goal. Does the research that graduate students and post-docs do satisfy their quest for knowledge? In other words,...

research college graduate-school professors

Claire L.’s Avatar
Claire L. Oct 29, 2016 572 views

How much freedom do college physics professors have when determining their topics of research?

I understand that most college professors seek funding from national organizations for their research by writing grants. If you receive the grant, how much freedom do you have in determining how you use the money in your research? Does the organization tell you what they want you to research...

researchers physics research grants professors

Alexandra C.’s Avatar
Alexandra C. Oct 05, 2016 647 views

What are some key tips for connecting with faculty within your major so that you can eventually do research with someone?

I am currently a freshman in psychology and neuroscience, but I'd like to start getting to know my professors now so that I have a solid network when it comes time to get some research experience. What are some key ways to connect with faculty, and how do you approach the process of finding...

psychology undergraduate neuroscience research professors

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HARISH S. May 27, 2016 566 views




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zarah Z. May 27, 2016 1148 views

is it better to work before going to obtain an MBA?

If so, what sort of jobs would help me get into a good graduate business school? college business economics professors...