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How would you recommend doing better in class if you can’t understand the teacher

From personal experience, sometimes teachers don't always teach in the most coherent way. I recommend taking notes on the subject the previous day so that when you do have to listen to it in class, you have more of a understanding to what the teacher is saying. Potentially just asking the teacher to clarify, also can lead to the teacher to improve their discussion and allow the students to learn more. Last tip, would be to create a study group in the class that can go over the material possibly before and after class. These small tips can help you in your class, wish you the best! James M.

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2 answers

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Stephanie’s Answer

Hi Jalen,

This is a question many students have. I wonder more about the reason - is it the content - are you struggling with learning the material and need help? Is it a language barrier? My first suggestion is to talk with your teacher. And, importantly, what do you mean by "can't understand the teacher"? Meet with your teacher, ask your parents to join you if you don't feel comfortable, and be very specific on what you mean by not understanding. Maybe you need a tutor to help you. Maybe you can stay after school for extra help. Maybe you can join or form a study group for the class to review materials you've studied. I always recommend a study group - you can complete homework together and study for tests together. It's always helpful to speak to other people in your class - you each have a different perspective on the material.

Most importantly, narrow down what you mean ..... be specific and then your parents and/or the teacher can help! Please try these suggestions and I hope that your understanding of the teacher and the course improves!


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Melody’s Answer

What you should really try first is approaching your teacher and telling them that you don't understand. If they're a good teacher, they should attempt to explain it in a different way.

But if that doesn't work, when I was in high school I actually approached a different teacher that taught the same subject and told them my problem. They will normally help! If that isn't working either I would recommend trying to find another student who can translate what the teacher is saying that you don't understand or just finding a better explanation on YouTube.