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How to ask professor for recommendation letter?

Asked Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Which professor should I ask for recommendation letter?
What's the polite way to ask them to be my references when it's been a while since I've taken their courses?

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2 answers

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Visit their office or make a phone call to set up an appointment. When you make your visit or phone call, explain when you were in their class, what you have been doing since you were in the class, and why you are requesting the recommendation. It is not polite, especially since you have not been in the class for a while, to use any impersonal electronic means of communication.

Melissa’s Answer

Increasingly, the most engaged faculty are very busy. It is no longer impolite to ask for a reference via email. The requester should be very polite and remind the faculty member of the class and situation in which they [previously interacted, describe the opportunity for which they are seeking a recommendation and indicate the ways in which the faculty member might be poised to comment.

They should also indicate that they realize that their time is precious and ask what they might do to make writing the recommendation easier.