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alyssa F. Jan 02 52 views

Is getting straight A's a good way to get a good scholarship ? And what if you were to have one B ? Would that effect your chance to recieve a scholarship . Also what kind of scholarships could you get that would be very beneficial ?

I want to be an orthopedic surgeon which will require 4 years of undergraduate, 4 years of medical school, and up to 5 years of residency. So I know it will be very important to get a scholarship and I would appreciate your advice and opinions. #scholarship #college #financial-aid #university...

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Aimee M. Nov 22, 2019 90 views

Is it possible to balance a full time job, full school course load, being a single mom, and maintaining a socail life?

I am naturally a very ambitious person and plan on taking a full course load, continue working my full-time job, and parenting my daughter as a single parent. Is this massively ambitious, or do-able to some degree? I currently work with the IDD community and am looking to become a behavior...

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olivia B. Nov 15, 2019 41 views
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Leah K. Oct 25, 2019 39 views

Which scholarship should I try?

I am 12 years old of age. I am an only child. I go to Jefferson Middle school, home of the bulldogs. Some people say I don't do anything for a living. But I do art and music. I am an excellent student at school and I have many friends. #scholarship and...


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Wesley P. Oct 25, 2019 28 views

What opportunities would i be able to obtain in these industry?

#scholarship ?I really want to enlist the military but would it be the same paying range or would i get more if i am a...

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Wesley P. Oct 25, 2019 42 views

If i am a good welder would i be able to get a scholarship for under water welding?

#scholarship ?I really want to enlist the #military but would it be the same paying range or would i get more if i am a...

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Avonleigh Y. Sep 30, 2019 152 views

how do I get all A's?

my mom said if i got as for the whole year i could get a cat #college #accounting #college-admissions #career #scholarship #accountant...


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Martha M. Sep 09, 2019 83 views

if you decline your federal loans will you get more grant money?

lets say you were offered the subsidized federal loan can you decline it and recieve more grant aid? #financial-aid #college...


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Vincent L. Sep 05, 2019 78 views

How can i get a scholarship to UCI Irvine?

#ignitingpossibilities i will get scholarship from UC Irvine because they support professional gamers #scholarship #financial-aid #college #money #help...

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Kyle T. Jul 31, 2018 154 views

Where can I find scholarships for Criminal Justice?

I've tried looking for scholarships for Criminal Justice, I've found about three, but all of them have either passed or I do not fit the requirements that the scholarship asks for. #criminaljustice #lawschool #scholarships #financial-aid #scholarship...


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Thulisile A. May 26, 2019 107 views

How do I get someone to sponsor me with flight tickets and Visa

I got a scholarship at monroe college in new York. I was asking how can I get funding #scholarship #money...


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Jenna R. May 06, 2019 71 views

In order to become a nurse, would you recommend a two or four year college?

I am currently a senior in high school and I am trying to decide between a two year or four-year program. I asked a recent graduate and she told me that it depends on what you want to do. I want to be very hands-on and work in an emergency room. I like the idea of being more educated, but would...

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Christian S. May 04, 2019 491 views

Should I Quit Band?

So, there's a lot of problems. My band only has about 20 people. 1 out of our four middle schools are sending up new freshmen to our band. I've also started losing interest in band. Most kids in band are either new/inexperienced, or they just don't practice, and don’t care. Most kids are just...

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Christian S. May 04, 2019 105 views

Do colleges take rigor into account when giving Merit/Academic Scholarships?

For Merit/Academic Scholarships, is it better to get an A in a normal class, or a B in an Honors/AP/College class? #college #scholarship #college-advice #financial-aid #money #student #ap #academic #merit #honors #act #sat #career...


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Seamus B. Apr 18, 2019 116 views

What other strategies can I use to pay for college?

I want to study environmental science, Japanese, and music in college. I want to go to a small liberal arts college so I will have the flexibility to study all three, but I'm struggling to come up with the funds. I've been applying for lots of scholarships, but so far not striking gold. What...

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Emmanuel C. Mar 27, 2019 106 views

advice for starting college in other country?

When I graduate I wanna study animation in SCAD atlanta but I don't know where or how to start this transition or how can i get scholarships. So... any advice out there? #scholarship #design #art #college #money #animation...