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Career Questions tagged Scholarship

Kurt Andrey G.’s Avatar
Kurt Andrey G. Feb 07 117 views
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Shaina T. Feb 06 183 views

Where could I find scholarships for 2022 in abroad?

I am from the Philippines and I wanna pursue MIS or IS degree this upcoming year preferably English as their medium. #scholarship #study-abroad #college #help

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Tyler D. Feb 01 187 views

Parent won’t put financial info on Fafsa application. Can I put other parent on it?

I’m trying to go back to school and turn my life around, but I can’t do it without financial aid. I’m 22, and had to move back in with my father 7 months ago (I was desperate). My father has a gambling and drug addiction, as a result, I’m constantly staying with friends and family members. I...

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Iakov T. Jan 25 90 views

How do you look for scholarships in tech?

How does one go out and look for scholarships, especially for computer science? #scholarship

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Amanda C. Jan 21 212 views

How do I explore local scholarships?

I'm a senior in high school and I finished my applications for college, I was told that my next steps should be to look for local scholarships, but I'm having trouble finding scholarships that I qualify for. I've used a lot of scholarship-finding websites, but most of them can't find a match...

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Alex H. Nov 05, 2021 228 views

How exactly is financial aid different from scholarship?

What are the perks of financial aid and how is it distributed #financial-aid #scholarship #college #money #finance ?

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Laury-Layne Amanda M. Oct 09, 2021 209 views

Can someone who are not citizen get a scholarship ?

#university #college-admissions #university #college-admissions #university Hi , I'm Haitian, but now I'm in USA and I'm taking the GED Class. I have to pass my exams while the n'est months. I would like to apply have a scholarship if possible to go go college or university. Because of the...

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Kevin W. Oct 05, 2021 172 views

how do you find a good career that you like?

I'm trying to look for a career #internship #scholarship that is very interesting and helpful for the future.

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Bongani T. Aug 16, 2021 255 views

I am looking to find a career, for financial freedom?

I like money, I like spending money, I am looking to be a millionaire, I like making people smile and I am looking for a passion other than music. #music #money #business #career-counselling #scholarship

when winter falls
when winter falls ". Aug 10, 2021 173 views

What should I choose? A good environment, top university but in the countryside and doesn't have the course I wanna pursue or college school in the city and having a scholarship?

What keeps holding my thoughts back is if I choose to study in the countryside but I'm afraid that my city scholarship will remove because in the meantime there's still a covid-19 in my country so the classes are held online. If I choose the university in the countryside, I'm still in the city...

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Amonte B. Jul 27, 2021 168 views

Is it ok to choose 2 career goals and take college classes for both at the same time and start whichever goal you complete first

I am 17yrs old about to start 12th grade when school begins i am a honor student who has made honor roll every report card since 1st grade and i want to graduate with honors and accept my full scholarship with University of Michigan but I’m not quite sure which career goal i really want to...

Humayun S.’s Avatar
Humayun S. Jul 27, 2021 225 views

How I can get American Master Scholarship 2022 as an international student from Pakistan?

I need master scholarship in America as I am in final year of my BS geophysics degree. I can’t afford american best educational institution but I wanna to get this opportunity for high standard education. #scholarship #student #scholarship
#scholarship #financial-aid #money

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eyms T. Jul 18, 2021 215 views

Health Related Studies

Hello, this year I will be a senior, and I am thinking of studying medicine, or nursing. I'm an international student, i really want to study in the US and get a full ride scholarship. For which one would it be easier for me to get a full ride scholarship #nursing #scholarship #nurse...

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Yairy C. Jun 25, 2021 197 views
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Kenya S. Jun 22, 2021 284 views

Will I receive help with my career once I graduate?

I plan on becoming a psychiatrist and I want to know what I will be offered once I finish Job Corps? I am currently doing rehabilitation technician trade classes. #job #psychology #career-counseling #graduate-school #career #scholarship

Ashley B.’s Avatar
Ashley B. Jun 17, 2021 195 views

What are some good resources for scholarship searches?

I'm a rising senior and will be working on my college applications this summer. I would like to keep scholarships in mind as well as apply to as many as I can. #college #scholarship #college-admissions #scholarship

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Anonymous A. Jun 11, 2021 373 views

Does anyone have a list of Scholarship that you have applied for?

Here's some things you should know about me that may be helpful: - I'm first generation -I am a rising senior - I'm in AZ -I've taken Honors classes -Play Varsity Sports - I volunteer - I'm in HOSA and serve as a state officer ( - NHS -Advocate for my city's youth (Buckeye Youth...

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Avya T. May 17, 2021 426 views

How much does it cost to become a cadet pilot?

In India , cadet pilot training .
How much does it cost ?
Which airlines have scholarship ? #airplane #pilot #scholarship #cadet- #military training #flying

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Ian Mark Y. Mar 05, 2021 262 views

how to apply for a scholarship?

I am a beneficiary of 4P's.
I'm from public school.


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Stefania E. Dec 23, 2020 399 views

What organisations sponsor international students to study in the US?

I have been admitted to study management to more than one US university and they require financial proof from me to create a I-20 form for me.. #scholarship #sponsorship #womenscholarship #organizations #management

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RACH A. Aug 30, 2020 257 views

How do i search for scholarships?

i was born in NY, but have been living in Nepal for the past 16 years ( im 17 now)
I want to ED to NYU
my parents are both nepali
what scholarships do u reccomend for me because ive been browsing these scholarship websites for a day now and nothing substantial has come up

#scholarship #help