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Career Questions tagged Electrical

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Gilberto Sep 29 54 views

How well do co-workers coordinate with each other while doing work as an electrician.

I want to know what type of relationships are needed in this field of work.

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Gilberto Sep 29 53 views

What are some difficult problems you have solved as an electrician.

I just want to know if i have the capabilities/skills for this career.

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john Sep 21 43 views

Informational Interview For an Electrician?

1. What made you want to become an Electrician? 2. What are the tools and skills you need to learn to become an Electrician? 3. How would you feel about reporting to a person younger than you in the Electrician field? 4. How much do you expect to earn starting in an entry-level position as...

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Jeremiah Sep 13 238 views


Do you think I will get electrocuted on the Job?

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Trenton Sep 02 72 views

Informational interview for Electrician

1. What is the most an electrician can make in the central part of the state of MS?

2.What area of training did you have the most trouble with while obtaining your electrical certification?

3. What state can you make the most money with an Electrical certification?

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dustyn Aug 26 73 views

how often does an electrician get shocked?

I would like to know how often an electrician gets shocked due to my fear of getting shocked.

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Abe Aug 23 194 views

What is the biggest electrical company on U.S?

What current electrical company do you get your power from?

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James Aug 19 135 views


Good Morning. I am in the process of completing my electrical trade to obtain certifications, I would like to ask some questions to induct a informational interview. 1. What are some tips to become a successful electrician? 2. What are some typical job duties on a day to day basis? 3....

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Dennis Aug 10 91 views

Overhead power line construction

Whats the most challenging part of the job on a daily basis?
Mental chalenges or physical?

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Marqueece Aug 09 83 views

Electrical trade and electrical engineering

I'm in the process of obtaining my electrical trade certification and I would like to become an electrical engineer in the future. I would like to ask you guys some questions for my informational interview.

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Dennis Aug 04 230 views

Any advice for Starting an electrical apprenticeship right out of trade school?

Im currently attending trade school working on building my foundation and i would really appriciate any feedback or information on getting into the electrical field. Thanks in advance!

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Dennis Jul 29 224 views

What are some things to expect when starting my path to become a lineman.?

Is there any tips or advice, and whats the job like on a daily basis. High voltage overhead powerline construction

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Brandon Jul 13 210 views

what is a good way to get into electrician.

my favorite hobby is learning about electrical stuff can you help me get into electrical and learn more than I know. I have almost completed my pace I want to know what steps to take in order to a career. I want to become a good electrician so could you help me with that.

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Polaris Jun 28 151 views

whats the best way to get into phase 3 or low voltage in the electrical industry

I'm interested in electrical work

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antonio May 01 226 views

what are some thing i would have to be concerned about when working electrical jobs?

what are some thing i would have to be concern about while working electrical?

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Jayden Mar 22 90 views

what are some things in facilities maintenance that take time getting used too.

I would also like to know some things that will help me in a job after trade

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Demetrius Mar 16 130 views

to all the electricians out there, when do you typically start your workday and when do you end it?

How much do you work per week, and do you feel satisfied with how many days off and vacations you get? I'm going to start pursuing the Electrician trade soon, and I'd really like to get a grasp of what my work-life balance will be, during and after my apprenticeship. I have a couple of hobbies...

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Charles Dec 15, 2021 196 views

whats does a typical day look like at your job ?

Hi my name Is Charles I was wonder what a typical day look like as a electrician. #electrical #manufacturing #electrical engineering

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Charles Dec 15, 2021 181 views

What is the career ladder for this position?

Hi my name Is Charles I would like to see what the career ladder for a electrician looks like. #electrical-engineering #electrical #manufacturing

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Logan Nov 16, 2021 169 views

What is the day-to-day experience of an Electrical Power-line Installer like? What is still the biggest challenge to you in your job today? Any drawbacks to your work?

I'm a student studying Building Construction Technology in order to specialize into electrical. Looking at a few careers within that specialty. #electrical

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Niyaaz Aug 06, 2021 347 views

What are the careers which are in demand and has a good remuneration now and in the future

#electrical engineering #engineering

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Reighan Jun 24, 2021 237 views

Looking into the fields of electricians, electrical engineers, and/or teachers (wanting to teach mathematics, so any math teachers of any kind are more then welcome)...feel free to message me.

My first name is said like president Reagan but spelled differently. I'm a graduate from during the 2020 pandemic. I'm a black female who also has mild autism, and I'm also Muslim in the Islamic faith (I honestly hope there is very little discrimination but just in case I'm putting honest facts...

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Lindsay Apr 09, 2021 306 views

I'm currently studying ND: Electrical Engineering (Power Systems), where can I get a job preparing me for my Practice 1&2?

I'm currently studying ND: Electrical Engineering (Power Systems).
If all goes well I will be doing my P1&P2 (in-serve/intern) next year. #engineer #electrical #electricalengineer #electricalengineering #intern #in-serve #internship #practice1 #noexperience #technology #power #powersystems

Taner’s Avatar
Taner Nov 18, 2020 597 views

Any electrical engineers working in tech, such as software engr, big data, cybersecurity?

Hello, I am a junior studying electrical engineering. I am interested to learn from engineers who went into tech. what was your main reason? was it difficult to get into, and the prep you had to do? Finally, how do you cope with staring at code for a long period of time? #GivingisCaring #tech...

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Oliverio Nov 05, 2020 830 views

What do electrical engineers do?

I'm 15 years old. I'm not so creative and I'm not to good being social. I like the outdoors. I don't see myself as smart, but a lot of people think I am.
#Engineer #Electrical Engineer

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Andrei Oct 30, 2020 313 views

What Is electrical engineering right for me?

#electrical #engineering

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Borna Oct 19, 2020 357 views

I have chose Electrical engineering for B.S now what?

Dear everyone, I'm very thankful for all your support and time that you have dedicated for me. Well for those who don't know what I have been through, Im going to write you a fast story. I was struggling choosing a good subject to study at University in Iran. Well I was able to go to top...

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Jane Oct 08, 2020 1129 views

Is electrical engineering right for me?

Hello! I'm a high school senior applying for college, and I know I want to do engineering but I'm still a bit unsure about what type to apply for. I was considering Electrical Engineering because the classes sound interesting and I've read up on a couple topics independently because of that,...

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Borna Sep 25, 2020 380 views

Industrial engineering or Electrical engineering?

Dear my friends, thank you for giving me your time. I really need help in the place I am right now. I really love being a CEO and having the control of a company or a factory, I love to build my own startups and company and I know that, that's what I really like and all the university courses...

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Taner Aug 06, 2020 451 views

Am I prepared to apply for Electrical Engineering internships?

Hello I'm going into my third year of my EE degree, so far I have take intro circuits and logic design, this semester I will be taking circuits 2 and electronics. My question is am I prepared to apply for internships or should I wait until I'm more into my EE degree? Thank you! #electrical...