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Sean M. Feb 06 75 views

What is the most dangerous part of being an electrician?

I am a student in the 11th grade and from other studies about me I have the potential of going into the Electrician range and so I wanted to know what the job is like and how does it work. #job #career #electrician...


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Justin S. Dec 02, 2019 37 views

What is needed for getting into being a elevator installer

I am starting in job corps and looking to take either the electrical trade or the automotive trade, which trade should I take for it #installation #electrical...


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Jacob W. Aug 07, 2019 73 views

What is a typical day like in the electrical wiring field?

My name is Jacob. I am a student at Job Corps in Roswell, NM and am interested in joining the electrical wiring trade. I have some questions regarding the jobs I'm heading for....


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Bishop D. Jul 11, 2019 71 views

Do you need to know electrical if you want to work in the carpentry?

do you get to make buildings and places to live for people#career-development #carpentry #electrical...

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Dante S. Jun 05, 2019 110 views
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Alonzo M. Mar 15, 2019 68 views

what are the requirements

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Ourania A. Jan 22, 2019 138 views

Why did you choose to become a electrician for your occupation?

What variables made you decide this is what you want to do with your life? What steps were taking for you to achieve your career and goal(s) ? #career #electrical #...

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Colden G. Nov 15, 2018 202 views

Advancing as a Electrition

I am currently working on my certificate in electrical, what are some careers I can go in to if choose to further my education such as AA Degree or Bachelors and what do you recommend? #electrical-engineering #electrical...


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Colden G. Nov 15, 2018 211 views

What steps did you take to become a Nanosystem Engineer?

I am currently enrolled at Fred G. Acosta Job Corps and will be going into Electrical Wiring as the trade to be trained in. Do you think this would be a good place to start? #electrical-engineering #engineer #engineering #electrical #electrician #nano...


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Daniel B. Jan 16, 2018 1074 views

what is the hardest thing about learning electrical engineering?

Hi, I was wondering what is the biggest hurdle in learning history? #engineering #electrical-engineering...


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Zach F. Apr 11, 2018 246 views

What are the requirements for a relay and substation tech job?

I’m interested in asking this because I’m going to college to earn a AA degree in this field. #requirements #engineering...


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Nadine-Marie B. Mar 19, 2018 318 views

Is getting an Electrician’s License after earning a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) wise?

I am a College Senior majoring in Electrical Engineering. My long-term goals include: 1) using what I learned in school to create, build, and repair things; and 2) owning an Engineering firm. I, therefore, think learning a technical skill similar to my present major might be very...

#electrical-engineer #engineering #electrical-engineering #electrical #electrician

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Deva nagaraj S. Apr 21, 2016 598 views

which is best field to work better?.

I'm interested in electronics and electrical #science #engineer #aerospace #aeronautics #electronics...


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Quinn C. Oct 28, 2016 423 views

Which choice of engineering would be harder: eletrical or civil?

Im considering going into one of these. Is there any insight or help you could give. #engineering #electrical...


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Andy V. May 22, 2016 607 views

What degree is better to have?

I am having a hard time deciding what to major in right now. I am being recommended to major in Electrical Engineer, Computer Engineer, or Computer Science. Though I am being recommended these, I am not entirely sure what they do and what is most useful right now in today's world. So what do...

#science #computer #computer-science #electrical-engineer #computer-engineering #engineer #electrical