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Career Questions tagged Electrical Engineering

Brandon R.’s Avatar
Brandon R. Sep 15 69 views

Is there room for upward mobility as an electrician?

My name is Brandon, I am a Hispanic male looking to get into becoming an Electrician. I am attending a trade program for electrical school and before I dive head first into this trade I just had a couple questions regarding the field. electrician...


Jesse H.’s Avatar
Jesse H. Jul 28 93 views

whats something i need to work with as a future journeyman?

im starting school and im confident in my ability to do a lot of electrical stuff. i just need to know what to constantly work so i may improve....


Michael S.’s Avatar
Michael S. Jun 04 242 views

Electrical engineering is my career goal?

I decided on this ever since, now I want to go forward with it. Where should I begin? electrical-engineering engineering...


Jane S.’s Avatar
Jane S. Oct 08, 2020 646 views

Is electrical engineering right for me?

Hello! I'm a high school senior applying for college, and I know I want to do engineering but I'm still a bit unsure about what type to apply for. I was considering Electrical Engineering because the classes sound interesting and I've read up on a couple topics independently because of that,...

electrical engineering ee college-majors technology tech college electrical-engineering major high-school

Aayush R.’s Avatar
Aayush R. Jul 15, 2020 244 views

What are growing occupations in electrical engineering? I’ve searched the internet for some but having trouble finding a definitive answer.

I want to explore electrical engineering more but am having trouble finding answers on the matter. If you could answer my question it would be really helpful. Thanks!...


Jishnav K.’s Avatar
Jishnav K. Jul 14, 2020 257 views

As someone interested in Neuroscience as a possible career, would electrical/electronic engineering be a good major?

Since the body's nervous system uses a series of electrical impulses to relay messages, I feel like this electronic/electrical engineering would be a good discipline to pursue. I could possibly minor in neuroscience, but also have available a wide array of career paths in both engineering...

engineering electrical-engineering medicine brain neuroscience body electronic

Jishnav K.’s Avatar
Jishnav K. Jul 09, 2020 362 views

What is the difference between electrical and electronic engineering? Which will be better for the future?

I am a 11th grade high school student who is interested in neuroscience as well as engineering. Since the body's nervous system uses a variety of electrical impulses to function, I thought what better way to combine the two principle than getting an engineering degree. Now, I am not sure...

engineering electrical-engineering engineer neuroscience electronic_engineering

Taner A.’s Avatar
Taner A. May 26, 2020 322 views

How much remote work is possible as an Electrical Engineer?

Hello, I am a sophomore Electrical Engineering student, I'm sure this varies depending on the branch of EE, but how much remote work is possible working as an EE? Furthermore which type of EE's usually have the most option for remote work? Thank you for your time and help! engineering...

engineer job electrical-engineering

Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. May 26, 2020 305 views

What is the difference between electrical and computer engineering?

I am a senior in high school and I have applied to college as an undecided engineering major. I have found some interest in electrical engineering but the more I research electrical engineering the more I start to realize that computer engineering is pretty similar. I know that there are...

computer-engineering college electrical-engineering engineering

Rachel D.’s Avatar
Rachel D. May 26, 2020 257 views

What does it mean to be an electrical engineer?

I am a senior in high school and I applied to college as an undecided engineering major. I have watched numerous videos provided by colleges on what each field of engineering entails and what really interested me was electrical engineering. I am curious about what an electrical engineer does...

engineer college stem electrical-engineering

Ahmad Fahim F.’s Avatar
Ahmad Fahim F. May 16, 2020 349 views

Is it nice to pursue a different passion even though you have studied Engineering?

I am an electrical engineering student, 2nd year from Kabul, Afghanistan. electrical-engineering...


Rainer R.’s Avatar
Rainer R. Apr 25, 2020 330 views

How much should a mechanical engineer know about electronics and communication system?

I would like to know what is the necessary background to understand it and apply it in the field. Is it good if I am well versed with electronics, electrical and communications system? Will I get a chance to apply it in projects?engineering electrical-engineering electrical...

electronics mechanical-engineer mechanical-engineering

Rainer R.’s Avatar
Rainer R. Apr 17, 2020 336 views

Is it possible to be a good mechatronics engineer?

I am thinking if it is possible to be well versed in Computer Science, Electrical and electronics engineering and mechanical engineering and are there job roles involving all of these? engineering engineer computer electrical-engineering mechanical...


Rana M.’s Avatar
Rana M. Apr 12, 2020 431 views

As recruiters, Do you make your decision according to GPA?

I am graduating in June from energy engineering. My accumulative GPA is 2.7 (B- in my country) and I don't know if this would be a problem in finding a job electrical-engineering engineer job-application job-search gpa entry-level interviews engineering...

Taner A.’s Avatar
Taner A. Apr 09, 2020 217 views

Going into my first MEP Internship, what should I expect?

Over the summer I will be working in my first internship as an electrical engineer, at an MEP company. My auto cad skills are very basic, What proficiency of AutoCAD would they expect me to come in with? And what can I do to really excel and do well in this internship to come out with the most...

electrical mep engineering electrical-engineering internship

Gahm A.’s Avatar
Gahm A. Jan 27, 2020 233 views

Is there any Internship/Co-op opportunties available?

I'm a sophomore at Wayne State University and pursuing a bachelor in Electrical Engineering and seeking for an internship to gain experience. engineering internship...


Saifullah K.’s Avatar
Saifullah K. Jan 26, 2020 217 views

What would be my job specifically?

I am a final year student of electrical engineering at NUST islamabad. Seeking career in electrical field....


Devan E.’s Avatar
Devan E. Dec 12, 2019 205 views
jordan G.’s Avatar
jordan G. Dec 02, 2019 180 views

what do i have to do to become in eletrical

what do I need to become an electrical...