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Gahm A. Jan 27 83 views

Is there any Internship/Co-op opportunties available?

I'm a sophomore at Wayne State University and pursuing a bachelor in Electrical Engineering and seeking for an internship to gain experience. #engineering #internship...


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Saifullah K. Jan 26 52 views

What would be my job specifically?

I am a final year student of electrical engineering at NUST islamabad. Seeking career in electrical field....


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Devan E. Dec 12, 2019 68 views
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jordan G. Dec 02, 2019 43 views

what do i have to do to become in eletrical

what do I need to become an electrical...


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Shajuan W. Nov 26, 2019 78 views

What is a typical day (week) like for you?

I am seeking a career in the electrical field...


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Austin C. Oct 02, 2019 50 views


Best way to get into Electrical work? #electrical-engineering...


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Antonio S. Sep 06, 2019 43 views

What education preparation would you recommend for this field?

I’m senior in San Antonio and I’m looking for answers for some questions and mechanical and electrical engineering #mechanical-engineering...


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Antonio S. Sep 06, 2019 85 views

What type of experience I need to be mechanical and electrical engineer

So after high school I want to get a masters in mechanical and electrical engineering and go to the navy after #mechanical-engineer...


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Jonathan C. Aug 06, 2019 85 views

How can you use your abilities in your new job

I can draw I'm a good gamer I read and watch anime I learn fast I like to work hard too #engineering #job #electrical-engineering #career...


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Rachel P. Aug 05, 2019 94 views

Are lineman taught how to climb poles or are lifts recomended for the majority of jobs?

I'm a woman whos very interested in the electrical field, lineman work to be exact...


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Anthony T. Jul 24, 2019 72 views
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Melvin S. Jul 11, 2019 117 views

Do engineers in the military do actual engineering work (design, construction, testing, etc.)?

I've been looking into different branches of the military, specifically in the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard, for engineering careers (I've been leaning more towards the Coast Guard).What kind of engineering work is done in these branches? Is a degree required for these positions? Thank you...

#engineer #engineering #navy #mechanical-engineering #coastguard #military #electrical-engineering #aerospace-engineering #airforce

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Daniel H. Jan 22, 2019 148 views

What is the day to day basis for someone working as a BIOFUELS PROCESSING TECHNICIAN

This is something i need to know so i can have a better picture of what responsibility's i would have doing this kind of work, the more detailed the better. #electrical-engineering #engineering #engineer #biofuels #biofuels-technician #biology...


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Daniel H. Jan 22, 2019 152 views

What should i know before i look more into BIOFUELS PROCESSING TECHNICIANS?

I am in Job Corps and i am looking for a path that will lead me to a career that i can be proud of and in a way give back to the community. #electrical-engineering #biofuels #energy #biofuels-technician #biology...


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