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Cutieee R. Nov 27, 2020 67 views

Paints harmful effects...

I study in class 7 so plz give the answer like that class of answer #classes...


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Ashley H. Dec 02, 2017 405 views

How do Independent Research Positions or Projects Work at University?

I recently completed and presented a project for a class in which my professor was over the moon about. After class, he suggested that next semester I could turn this project (it was a GIS campus project, in which I worked with Services and various other departments to complete) into an...

#courses #university #gis #project #research

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aesha P. Jul 26, 2017 451 views

How should i get idea for my new ui/ux project!?

I am keen to work and solve UI/UX problems but I am running out of new unique ideas, its research phase for me. any ideas on how and what should I work on!? #uiux #ideas #design #project #inspiration #user-interface-design #user problems...


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Leion E. Sep 24, 2016 1485 views

Project Manager

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Mamadou B. May 24, 2016 489 views

Which is the most difficult CS subject/theory that you studied but important to the field? And the reason please?

I'm currently a high school and will be starting college in June and I want to know about the difficulties I would come across while persuing my major. #studying-tips #sport #project...


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Jules Benjamin G. May 15, 2016 559 views

Which field of engineering gives me the greatest opportunities for advancement and flexibility to evolve/grow?

I wish to major in engineering but am unsure about what subspecialty, for example, chemical, mechanical, etc. #professor #manager #or...


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Denis H. Apr 13, 2016 749 views

What are some recommended colleges with strong Construction/ Project Management majors?

I am a 10th grader in Boston, and I work construction over the summers and on the weekends. I have interest in becoming a project manager, I just do not know what colleges are known for this specific major. #management #construction #project #labor...


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Annalee C. Feb 17, 2016 4791 views

When becoming a social worker whats the major impact on society?

Im doing a project over careers, and im doing some research. none of the websites I have used haven't given me the correct information needed. Asking professionals is probably the best. #jobs #social-work #work #social...