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Brenda G. Apr 26, 2019 185 views

How can I get the help that I need in order to work for my goals to get the job/career that I want to do?

-How much school I need -Info that I should know -details in what will be included #career #ideas...


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Henry K. Oct 31, 2018 704 views

What should I do if my school doesn't offer aerospace engineering?

The closest bachelor's degree to aerospace engineering my school offers is mechanical engineering. Should I stay on the mechanical engineering track and conduct internships related to aerospace or transfer to a different school with an aerospace major? What are some thoughts? #mechanical...

#aerospace #engineering #ideas

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christian R. Apr 16, 2018 384 views

How do I prepare for an interview?

in the interview, i think i'm not ready.They ask me things that i do not know. I need help help to organize ideas #ideas #interview-preparation...


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Olivia G. Jan 13, 2018 479 views

How will I know I'm picking the right major?

I've been going back and forth with many different ideas in my head about different manjors. Nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, dermatology, interior design, media, nutritional work, child protections, international studies. I have so many ideas, how will I know I'm picking the...

#physicaltherapy #majors #university #scholarahip #media #ideas

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aesha P. Jul 26, 2017 456 views

How should i get idea for my new ui/ux project!?

I am keen to work and solve UI/UX problems but I am running out of new unique ideas, its research phase for me. any ideas on how and what should I work on!? #uiux #ideas #design #project #inspiration #user-interface-design #user problems...


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Tomi L. May 14, 2016 585 views

How could I manage my time more efficiently?

I'm only in high school and I'm already having trouble keeping up with homework and studying. I can't imagine trying to do that in college with a job. That's when it really counts. What are some techniques you used (or are using) to keep up with work? #general...


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Taryn C. Jan 05, 2015 774 views

How do you have embellishment ideas for fashion?

I have seen a lot of beautiful embellishment on dresses, shirts, pants, jackets and I would like to be able to do that without thinking to hard. Please help. #fashion #design #fashion-design #designers #ideas...


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Sean G. Mar 21, 2014 3965 views

What are some fast-paced jobs?

I don't want to go into a boring career, I want to go into a career that is fun and fast-paced. Could you tell me a few to get my mind spinning? #jobs...