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How do I prepare for an interview?

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in the interview, i think i'm not ready.They ask me things that i do not know. I need help help to organize ideas #ideas #interview-preparation #interviews

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Kim’s Answer

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We all run into interviews occasionally where they ask questions we can't answer. If they are asking about your past work experience, and it's something you never did, you can try to think of something similar. For example, I did not have experience doing public speaking, such as teaching a class, but, I had presented a press conference (crazy, huh?). If they ask how you will handle a particular situation, and you honestly don't know, try to address the common steps you would take in reaching your decision. For example "I would do it in the way I had been trained, following the company's policies and procedures. I would make sure that whatever I did was carried out in a safe manner. If I was not sure of what to do, I would discuss it with senior co-workers."

If they ask you, "tell me about a time when. . . " types of questions (tell me about a time when you had a difficult customer), set up your response using the STAR format:

Situation: what was the situation?

Task: what was it you needed to accomplish?

Action: what did you do?

Results: what was the outcome?

The employer is not always looking for answers, believe it or not! Sometimes they want to see your problem-solving skills. An employee should not always run to the supervisor for everything, as the supervisor is trying to get stuff done! Co-workers, reference resources, etc, all come first, but, at the same time, if there is a customer waiting for your response, you don't want to spend too much time doing research! So common sense comes into play.

Now, if you find you are truly way in over your head at the interviews, there is a possibility that you are applying for the wrong types of jobs. If that is the case, spend more time reading job postings before you apply. Be more selective in the types of jobs you apply for!

Let me know if you have additional questions - always happy to help!


Poonam’s Answer

Updated Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Here are the best interview preparation for fresher:


A resume is the primary tool to land a job. Create your resume as per the job profile the organization is putting forth and underlining your strength desired for the job. Keep in mind a certain something, that the points you are specifying in it ought to be the ones, you are actually intended to. This ought not be ranting and not be false just to impress the hiring manger.


Before going to any interview for any organization, ensure you know enough about the organization and you are ready to work in this organization. To achieve this, go through the company profile and the current position of the organization. It will help you to comprehend them and give you more confidence. So, invest efforts in this during your interview preparation.

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