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Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Jun 20 167 views

How does one become a teacher that teaches about law and law enforcement?

I have been wondering how to teach people on what and how laws are to help them understand what they are.

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Jun 20 138 views

What do you teach as a law enforcement teacher?

I am curious as to what laws and practices they would teach their students concerning laws and law enforcement.

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Jun 20 125 views

How does law-enforcement interact with the public on a regular basis?

I am wondering what, how, and why they have certain interactions and how they would proceed in said actions with the public

Solomon’s Avatar
Solomon Jun 17 282 views

Why do I lack confident since my child hood, and how can I come out for it,it killing me?

I'm fearful someone

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Jun 13 453 views

to become a First-line supervisor of police & detectives is it true that you don't need a higher education than your high school diploma ?

I am very interested but don't wanna waste time on something I can pursue.

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Jun 08 295 views

Does being a animal cop pay the bills and what kind of schooling do you need?

By animal cop I mean someone who has a long truck with cages built in and responds to people calling then saying things like “ my neighbor has left their dog outside for three days without food” or “ theirs some stay dog that need rescuing here “

connor’s Avatar
connor Jun 05 484 views

what would i have to do to prepare for basic training when i get enlisted?

i want to know what im going to do so i can be better prepared for that

Deshanae’s Avatar
Deshanae Jun 06 557 views

How to would one deal with a conscience when advocating for an individual who have clear signs for guilt Does that warrant dropping the case? Or is one’s conscience worth the risk??

How to would one deal with a conscience when advocating for an individual who has clear signs for guilt? Does that warrant dropping the case? Or is one’s conscience worth the risk?

connor’s Avatar
connor Jun 03 311 views

im trying to find out how to do the ASVAB i have an uncle who was in the army himself as a commander and he mainly inspired me to join any pointers for that and is there anything i should know before doing it

I want to join the army and I want to know what I have to do to do the ASVAB and if there's anything else I should know

Omar’s Avatar
Omar Jun 01 699 views

What do write to make a resume?

Grade level 10

eleanor’s Avatar
eleanor Jun 01 486 views

How does one become active in politics at the national level as a politician?

I am moderate and would like to get my ideas out there. I feel a job as a political representative would be best for me. I don't know how to get there.

anistatia’s Avatar
anistatia May 30 306 views

what is the daily schedule of a lawyer

what is the schedule of a lawyer from day to day

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 30 617 views

How do I build up and keep a good credit score ?

I’ve been watching and reading about credit scores but I never really understood how to get good credit and keep the credit score up.

Myles’s Avatar
Myles May 29 244 views

How do I become involved in law enforcement?

I am 21 years old and I'm interested in law enforcement because I have many family members in it, I just don't know where to start with my career.

Myles’s Avatar
Myles May 29 296 views

How does one manage juggle two jobs as a nurse and someone involved in law enforcement?

I'm interested in Nursing and law enforcement, but I don't know how to come buy it because I'm interested in both occupations. If there's any way to manage both occupations any information woul be helpful.