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maddie L. yesterday 29 views

What is the career-path to become a veterinarian?

I've always wanted to be a vet, since kindergarten. I really love animals and I think being a veterinarian could be the perfect job for me. I know that it's very competitive and hard to get into. Do you have any tips? When it comes to education, I know that it takes years to become but how many...

maddie L.’s Avatar
maddie L. yesterday 30 views

How could I even be an actress or a singer?

I know I either wanna be a fashion designer/singer/or actor, but I have stage freight. Is there any way I can get over it. I practice in front of my brother but I still get a bit nervous. I HAVE to get past it if I wanna be an actress or singer, right?

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maddie L. yesterday 67 views

What career path should I follow?

I don't have a career goal yet, I'm looking for advice. I know that I'm creative and I like being independent. But when it comes to choosing a career, there are so many that it's overwhelming. What if I choose the wrong one for me? I think I might like to be a fashion designer or a singer and...

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Deandra T. Aug 04 48 views

is going into zoology/marine biology a good way to transfer into pathology

also is there any advice for a book or anything of the sort for a beginner researcher

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Tatiana W. Aug 03 35 views

How do you become an animator and illustrator at the same time?

So, I read a Q&A from a professional Background (BG) Artist a few days ago. The BG said "a illustration skills don’t always translate to animation." So, it made me wonder more about the differences between the two fields. They're both art-based careers, yet there's some differences I...

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Sam S. Jul 10 177 views

Is it ok to reach out again about application?

I reached out to someone who worked at a company I applied to and they were kind enough to have a video meeting with me through LinkedIn and forward my name to the hiring manager. It was brief but I was thankful they took the time out and we talked a bit about the position and the company. The...

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Paul G. Jun 27 147 views

Big Three Consulting Firms

How do I connect with professionals in the big three consulting firms?

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Kadiatou M. Jun 14 106 views

Do we always need to show our body with modeling? And wear wigs and extension?

I'm muslim and my religion asks me to not show my body parts such as the legs and my belly. But i have no problem with the rest of my body. I also can't put extension on my hair or wigs. And I'm scared this would be a huge problem and won't make me able to have access to some things other...

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Sam S. Jun 07 151 views

How to reach out to recruiter after you missed a call

I recently had an interview through message chatting with a company's interview manager. It went great and she said she would put in a good word with HR for me. HR called me after and because this company only has one location I was expecting a call from that area. (it slipped my mind that the...

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Rashaan H. May 31 107 views

What are employers looking for as a gaming supervisor?

Do I need to further my education in order for me to get into this career?

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Shakira D. May 18 207 views

What can I do to become a Model ?

Ever since COVID 19 hit, I had low confidence + motivation to achieve my dreams & when I wanted to start planning on what i wanted to do. I'm lost on when to start , like wanting to be a Graphic Illustrator Artist, Freelance Artist and Makeup Artist and I had so much on my mind it couldn't...

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Marcus W. May 03 139 views

What other careers can you get into with skills from cybersecurity?

I want to get into cyber security, and I've gotten good advice so far. But if for some reason, the career ends up not working for me, what other careers can I pursue with those same skills?

Shaina T.’s Avatar
Shaina T. Apr 12 160 views

Do you think exploring all industries is a good choice?

Hello! I am still not sure if being a "project manager" is a good fit for me. Currently, I am open to trying out internships in different industries. I want a job that is flexible to work with. Should I pick one industry to explore or should I pick what's available for me? I would love to...

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Eden M. Mar 31 119 views

What's some advice for an aspiring aerospace engineer?

Just got into UCSD for an aerospace engineering degree, any pointers would be great!

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Elisa C. Mar 21 175 views

Clinical Medical Assistant to Registered Nurse

does anyone have any experience going from CMA to RN? that is the path I am interested in taking but I want to know that it is possible (oppose to doing the CNA to RN route) Any tips or advice on this process? anything helps

Stephanie L.’s Avatar
Stephanie L. Jan 25 220 views

Imposter syndrome isn't fun, how do you deal with it?

I'm more than positive that imposter syndrome will follow me for the rest of my life in school, work, etc... and I'm sure it's followed (or following) others also. It sucks, but I believe it can be dealt with in healthy ways, what are some ways you deal with it when it increases or appears...

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Alanis R. Jan 09 286 views

Can I have an internship in a tech company being an International relations student?

#internship #business #technology #international-relations #IR #graduate-student #career-advice #techcareer

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Rayyan S. Sep 18, 2021 232 views

How do you find your talent?

I'm having a struggle finding what I have, what skills or talents to find my career choice. #career-advice

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Joel F. Jul 08, 2021 221 views

What are some of the misleading information that is told when going into welding.

I'm currently a student trying to get more insight about welding, and i'm basically wondering if there is maybe any false/deceiving information that was told to you going into the welding career, or any false information you hear going around, that i could be aware of. #welding #career-advice

Chris Q.’s Avatar
Chris Q. May 20, 2021 247 views

What other ways should I prepare to reach my career goals this summer?

I've already asked good questions, but what should be my other options for reaching towards my career goals this summer? #careers #career-advice

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Tyrese M. May 17, 2021 305 views

Do you think that a firefighter is a good career?

#career-options #career #career-advice

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Aniah W. May 14, 2021 257 views

What college courses should I take to ensure I am ready for my career?

#career #career-paths #career-advice

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Noid T. May 11, 2021 327 views

Whats the best way to start hiring people

#career-advice #interviewing-skills

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Marshalee T. Apr 26, 2021 339 views

What career can i pursue with these subjects Principles of business Cosmetology, technical drawing and Principles of accounts

#career-choice #career-development #choosing-a-major #career-advice #career

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Mia D. Apr 13, 2021 384 views

Where can I freelance as a 15 year old high school student?

I've been freelancing and writing articles for clients for 6 months now. I'm at Fiverr and someone has been contacting me for jobs. But, I want to do more. Where else can I freelance? You have to be at least 18 to join Upwork. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can freelance and find...

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Shaine D. Mar 17, 2021 269 views

What's the best way to get started with your career?

#career #career-counseling #career-advice

Tasneem A.’s Avatar
Tasneem A. Feb 28, 2021 441 views

Any tips for becoming an ambassador?

What are the main subjects/majors I should focus on to become an ambassador? What should I study? Any tips?
#career-advice #studies #ambassador

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Connor M. Feb 26, 2021 260 views

What can I be doing at 16 to better myself for college or a career?

I am only 16 years old, but I am 2 years off of college and want to start bettering myself so I am not lost when the time comes. #career-advice

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Dashary G. Feb 26, 2021 205 views

How long does it take to finish a criminology career?


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unique B. Feb 22, 2021 217 views

What is the best way to stay focus while acting?

I am hardworking, Funny, nice, brave, and very outspoken. #career-advice