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Career Questions tagged Directing

Ana G.’s Avatar
Ana G. Aug 28, 2018 294 views

How can I stand out in the competitive world of filmmaking and its environment?

It is a very competitive field in which there are many people but not everyone succeeds, As an international female student how can a stand out from the rest? film directing NYU...


Emma R.’s Avatar
Emma R. Jan 10, 2018 408 views

What can I do now to get involved with screenplay and directing?

I am a ninth grader in Oakland, California. Right now I am attending an art school where my focus is writing. We have many great opportunities to publish and start building a portfolio. I would love to be a director and screen-writer. I was wondering if there were any programs/internships I...

directing screenwriting

Jaslene  S.’s Avatar
Jaslene S. May 18, 2016 615 views

What is a specific major for acting, directing, and writing for theater & television

I want to major in all of the things above when I go to college 🤓 writing english actor television theater...


Latianna M.’s Avatar
Latianna M. Jun 10, 2015 921 views

How easy is it to find a job in being a director ?

I am Latianna Miller I am a student at hudson high school and i was wondering if its hard or easy to find a job in being a director film artist director cinematography directing...


Sofia T.’s Avatar
Sofia T. Jun 03, 2015 992 views

Would making short films help boost a career in film making?

Hello I'm a sophomore who has interest in filmmaking. I have written scripts for shorts films and webseries, but I was wondering that if I produced them now, would they help further my career when I'm applying for colleges? Thank you! films...


Jeremy B.’s Avatar
Jeremy B. Apr 01, 2015 915 views

How long do you have to be in school to be a film maker?

Hi my name is Jeremy. I would be interested in becoming a movie director. I think that directing movies would be very interesting and I like movies. theater film-acting actors films directing...