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How can I stand out in the competitive world of filmmaking and its environment?

It is a very competitive field in which there are many people but not everyone succeeds, As an international female student how can a stand out from the rest?


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2 answers

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Gordon’s Answer

You can separate yourself from the crowd by learning as much about the issues you want to involve in your film. DO NOT cut corners...investigate thoroughly and once you do, you will develop a sense of confidence that you can succeed. Then find ways of presenting and shooting film in a way that is different from other projects you have seen but in a way that also does not take away from the integrity of the subject matter.

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Theodore (Ted)’s Answer

Make your own brand don’t do the entire gambit of editor, director,actor,writer. Find your passion and do it, be you and when you become a expert. Help someone learn and learn from them if they have a strength you don’t.

Be humble and remember it’s okay to pay your dues! But don’t forget you will be a professional and at some point doing free gigs has to stop.

Again one thing and master that then master another one.

What focus do you want?