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Career Questions tagged Nyu

Teriyana’s Avatar
Teriyana Nov 29, 2021 262 views

If I get accepted into NYU, what are some housing resources that I can utilize?

Does anyone have any advice about East Coast housing resources? I would like to apply for NYU, and if accepted, they have a long dorm wait list. Is there any resources, nonprofits, or anything that you can recommend for semi-affordable ways for student to live off campus? Also, I would...

RACH’s Avatar
RACH Aug 30, 2020 347 views

I'm looking to ED to NYU, will there be a greater financial aid package in ED or RD?

I was born in New york but currently live in Nepal. Since NYU is so expensive, and my household income is around $40,000 a year, how much do you think their aid will be if I ED this year? I live in Nepal so i really have no idea about scholarship programes that i could apply to to afford NYU,...

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Aug 28, 2018 409 views

How can I stand out in the competitive world of filmmaking and its environment?

It is a very competitive field in which there are many people but not everyone succeeds, As an international female student how can a stand out from the rest?


Tinni’s Avatar
Tinni May 15, 2018 705 views

How is NYU Undergraduate Stern?

This is a program that I’ve really been looking into and was wondering if those who have graduated from this program would be able to give any insight on. #nyu #stern #business-school #college #undergraduate

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Apr 04, 2018 529 views

Do i need to go to a preforming arts school to be more successful as an actor?

For as long as i can remember i wanted to be an actor, I've done auditions before, been in plays and felt really good about myself. Now that I'm close to becoming a senior i'm not sure what to do with my future in college. So what i'm asking is, is it a step that i need to take to be a Film...

shanell’s Avatar
shanell Jan 19, 2018 629 views

I want to go to NYU but it cost too much and I'm trying to choose a college in New York, I don't know what to do because I don't have a full plan?

My mine have been set on NYU but since it cost so much and I want to live on campus I don't know what to do. I wanted to get a Track scholarship to a good college, because I'm in track and I don't know how people get recruited. #Track #College #nyu #hardwork