Career Questions tagged Hardwork

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Nicholas F. Nov 15, 2019 60 views

Could i learn how to solve brain puzzels like interesting types of rubik's cubes?

I like hands on thinking jobs that require brain work....


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Sumaiya Z. Sep 11, 2019 116 views

How do you manage and practice your emotional intelligence on a daily basis at work? How do you maintain a balanced work-life that leads to success at work and in personal life?

An young pioneer woman who is working hard everyday in order to succeed and accomplish all her goals. Also, learning the skills and certifications in order to prosper in Information Technology. #success #technology #ambitious #cybersecurity...


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Braden W. Mar 04, 2018 233 views

What is the best way to achieve a civil engineering degree? #workhard #calculators #earth

I am perusing a civil engineering degree and would not like to be stressed out for college. I want to keep my mind clear and focused on my one task. A civil engineering degree. #hardwork #engineering #civil...


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shanell P. Jan 19, 2018 229 views

I want to go to NYU but it cost too much and I'm trying to choose a college in New York, I don't know what to do because I don't have a full plan?

My mine have been set on NYU but since it cost so much and I want to live on campus I don't know what to do. I wanted to get a Track scholarship to a good college, because I'm in track and I don't know how people get recruited. #track #college #nyu...