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Career Questions tagged Restaurant

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DJ Jan 11 76 views

what is it like to be a chef an own a restaurant

Hi, my name is DJ I want to be a celebrity chef who gets paid 50,000 100,000 a year and own my own restaurant.

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DJ Jan 11 87 views

What does a typical day look like for an chef ?

hi my name is DJ i will like to be and chef
i want to get payed 50,000 and year.
i want to work as an private house hold

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Jun 02, 2022 181 views

How much does it cost to open a restaurant?

I want to start a business when I'm older

Saliah’s Avatar
Saliah Mar 28, 2022 175 views

What helped you make your decision to become a personal chef instead of working in a restaurant?

What helped you make your decision to become a personal chef instead of working in a restaurant?

Zaylin’s Avatar
Zaylin Nov 22, 2021 234 views

How much does it cost to open up a restaurant?

If I do go for a career in culinary arts, I would like to know how much money opening up and also maintaining a restaurant would be. I know that the price would be a lot because of rent, bills, employees, furniture, food, and more. But what is an estimate for a small establishment? #Food...

Josiah’s Avatar
Josiah Aug 04, 2021 271 views

Please give me a summarisation of what your day as a head chef or specialty chef might be like. Besides the actual restaurant presence and cooking. For instance, what do you do to get prepared for the day? Is there anything you have to to organize for the set up of the restaurant or day. Any money/expenses you have to keep track of, etc...

#Restaurant #chef #cooking #culinary-arts #culinary #culinary

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Taryn Jan 28, 2021 796 views

What is the daily routine for a pastry chef?

I don’t know much about pastry chefs and I am wondering what pastry chefs do in their daily routine

#pastry-chef #chef #culinary-arts #restaurant

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Oct 26, 2020 479 views

What steps do you need to take for cooking

Had tons of expense #cooking-and-baking #cooking #chef #restaurant #pastry-chef #culinary

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Bobbie-Lin Aug 29, 2018 402 views

What is the typical timeline to becoming a head chef after graduation?

#restaurant #cooking#chef

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Beatriz Aug 23, 2018 465 views

In order to own a restaurant do I need to earn a degree in hospitality management?

#own-business #restaurant #managment

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Rebecca Jul 06, 2018 593 views

What is the best way to prepare for starting your own restaurant?


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carlo Jan 22, 2018 1055 views

how do you start a restaurant even though your still young?

i'm 11th grade student in high school. i'm interested in making food especially fine dining food. I've been developing my techniques at home but lately i haven't been working. since high school is about to end but i'm still not sure what to do after that to connect to the career i'm trying to...

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Alec Jan 11, 2017 862 views

What type of food does the United States prefer

If I were to open a restaurant, what type of restaurant should it be. #culinary #chefs #restaurant #ow

Kareem’s Avatar
Kareem May 24, 2016 1198 views

What are the pros and cons of the restaurant business?

Want to know from those deeply involved in the business. #chef #restaurants #restaurant #owners

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Oscar Dec 10, 2015 1221 views

Is it hard owning a restaurant?

I am thinking of opening and owning a restaurant in San Francisco. I was wondering if it was really hard to open it and run it and be successful. #career #restaurant

Archie’s Avatar
Archie Oct 27, 2015 2109 views

In cooking can you focus on one certain type of food?

hi I'm in the 6th grade and like to cook and I would like to know if you can focus on one traditional foods because I know more about one food then others #chef #experts #restaurant #cook

Archie’s Avatar
Archie Oct 22, 2015 960 views

are there any culinary schools

hi I'm in the 6th grade and I would like to know if there are any colleges that have culinary cooking I really like to cook and would like to do it for college #restaurant #cook

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Micah Oct 20, 2015 1006 views

How can you become a good cook and get a good degree for cooking?

I'm in the 6th grade and I love to cook and I want to get a good scholar ship so I can have a good future in cooking. How can I get a good scholar ship and have a great future in cooking. #restaurant #owner

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Oct 25, 2013 6844 views

How much money can I make if I work at a restaurant?

I think that I want to work during college to make more money. I never worked at a restaurant before but I know that you make most of your money from the tips. So if you work at a restaurant part time while you are doing your college work can you please tell me how much money you think you...

Ctsavage ’s Avatar
Ctsavage May 28, 2013 1977 views

Is being a restaurant owner and an interior designer possible to do at the same time

Does anyone think it is possible to be a **Restaurant Owner** and **Interior Designer** at the same time? I want to do this but my navy life and my girlfriends mother thinks it is impossible. I need insight on this topic #design #interior #restaurant

Neftalique’s Avatar
Neftalique Feb 15, 2012 2113 views

Should I be a chef of my own establishment or work my way up?

Would it be better to open my own restaurant and be an executive chef of start as a line chef and work my way up? #chef #cooking #culinary #restaurant

KaceyNFTEFoodFin’s Avatar
KaceyNFTEFoodFin Jan 13, 2012 6089 views

How do you deal with the pressure in the kitchen with the head chef, without getting angry?

I saw a few culinary tv shows and it was hard to see how the head chef was getting angry and and yelling at the others chefs because a dish was not prepared properly. #chef #cooking #restaurant