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What is the daily routine for a pastry chef?

I don’t know much about pastry chefs and I am wondering what pastry chefs do in their daily routine

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3 answers

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Laura Rose’s Answer

Early mornings!

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Jim’s Answer

The Chicago area will have a lot of great resources for you. You can research the colleges in the area and find out which ones offer culinary programs. From there, contacting instructors in those programs will likely get answers for your questions.

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Thomas’s Answer

"It is hard to imagine a sweeter gig, literally, than working as a pastry chef. If you love making desserts, and you gravitate toward the creative side of the baking field, then perhaps becoming a pastry chef is the right move for your future.

There are several paths that you can take toward a successful pastry career, some of which include formal training, a degree or attendance at a culinary school.

Before you enroll into a pastry arts program, take a closer look at what a typical day for a pastry chef might look like. This can ensure that you are working towards the right lifestyle and career path for you.

An Early Start
While not necessary the case across the board, the majority of pastry chefs can expect an early start to their day. If you work in a bakery making pastries and desserts, then you will likely be there after the bread bakers, who might be expected to arrive hours before dawn.

However, since many people shop for desserts to take home during the day, you’ll need to be finished baking tarts, pies and cakes by the middle of the afternoon.

This, of course, means an early morning start most of the time. If you work as a pastry chef in a restaurant, then the only time the kitchen is free will likely be mornings before the lunch rush begins.

Baking Classic Pastries in Large Batches
When you imagine life as a pastry chef, you might picture the careful decoration of a single tart or piping ribbed lines of chocolate onto a donut. To start, however, you’ll likely be baking up big batches of classic pastries and desserts.

A bakery might go through 100 danishes before lunch or need 50 slices of cheesecake by the afternoon rush. Most desserts and baked goods will be made in big batches according to standard recipes, and there will be little room for experimentation on a daily basis.

Expressing Your Artistic Side
Working as a pastry chef is often described as the melding of science and art. While baking can be very scientific when it comes to exact temperatures and measurements, decorating your sweet treats can be a fantastic outlet for a creative person. Icing, piping, spreading frosting, creating fondant flowers and more can all be a part of your daily routine if you find a job as a pastry chef.

Admin, Prep, Cleaning and Recipe Creation
It is important to remember than in all but a few pastry chef positions, there is more to it than just baking and decorating. In a restaurant role, you might be responsible for planning desserts several weeks in advance and then ordering the ingredients needed to make each one.

You may need to price each dessert, or you might need to clean up your work station thoroughly after a day of baking. Of course, an ongoing part of the job will be tinkering with recipes and coming up with new flavor combinations and decoration ideas.'

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