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Palatine, Illinois
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I wanna learn how to job shadow someone so I can see if being a baker is good for me Gain confidence to feel like I am good at what I do so I can feel better at what I want as a career

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Taryn Apr 08, 2021 1121 views

What is a good starting position for someone interested in cooking?

I have been in cooking club and cooking class so I have some knowledge of cooking and it sparked a interest in maybe having a cooking job. But as someone whom is uncomfortable with the idea of college. I don’t know a job that is a good starting point for a cooking career #career #cooking...

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Taryn Apr 01, 2021 618 views

What is the salary for a Subway worker?

I am curious to what the Salary for a Subway worker is? Is it a normal $15 per hour thing or do they pay more than that? #food #salary

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Taryn Apr 01, 2021 959 views

What is the daily life of a Subway worker?

I was curious as to what it is the daily life of a Subway worker as it’s a job that works with food so maybe one day I would like to see if it would be nice to work there.

#work #food #worker

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Taryn Mar 16, 2021 871 views

How do I know if a baking career is for me?

I like to bake and I do believe what I make taste good yet I feel like I am not good enough to enter this career especially cause I hear if the product doesn’t look good they make employees throw them out.

#career #success #business

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Taryn Mar 09, 2021 773 views

What is the salary for a baker?

I am a bit curious what the salary for a baker is. Either yearly or what the general check is.

#baker #salary #general

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Taryn Mar 04, 2021 576 views

Why do you need a Master's degree to be a Librarian?

In my research, I saw you need to have a Master’s degree to a Librarian but I don’t know. I also read you don't need one to be a School librarian yet to have at least the requirement of state teaching and it makes me very confused.

#librarian #research

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Taryn Feb 25, 2021 532 views

What is in a daily life of a librarian?

I am very interested in knowing what librarians do day to day especially cause I heard it is somewhat low stress (but I am not 100% sure)

#librarian #career #on-location

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Taryn Feb 04, 2021 1398 views

How do you job shadow someone?

I wanna know how to job shadow someone especially in the baking career, I can research all I want about the job but getting experience from a pro is better for me to know if the job is what I want.

I don’t really know how to job shadow anyone in the fields tho. #jobs #job-market #baker

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Taryn Jan 28, 2021 1618 views

What is the daily routine for a pastry chef?

I don’t know much about pastry chefs and I am wondering what pastry chefs do in their daily routine

#pastry-chef #chef #culinary-arts #restaurant

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Taryn Jan 28, 2021 1050 views

How do you become a pastry chef?

Along with my interest in baking I am curious about being a pastry chef and wondered how does someone become a pastry chef #chef #pastry-chef #culinary-arts

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Taryn Nov 19, 2020 2491 views

A day in the life of a baker

I'm very interested in what a day in the life of a baker normally is, I do know bakers wake up early and can make similar foods everyday but I am wondering stuff like how they do they get their equipment cleaned or how they use the big ovens for bread. Any more info on a bay in the life of a...

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Taryn Nov 09, 2020 913 views

How did you go about becoming a baker?

When did you realize baking was for you and do you enjoy the work? I am interested in the baking field but I would like some more info on it

#baking #career-choice