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Career Questions tagged Food

Courvoisier’s Avatar
Courvoisier yesterday 8 views

What are some benefits of being a personal chef?

I asked this question because I want to know if there are any benefits of being a chef and if there are what they are so I can decide if I want to become a personal chef or not.

Elliott’s Avatar
Elliott yesterday 12 views

Why did you decide to become a head chef?

What made you want to become a chef working in a restaurant. Did you decide to do it for the love of food or for a deeper meaning.

markell’s Avatar
markell Aug 26 107 views

how much a baker make a year

baker work salary

dekqature’s Avatar
dekqature Aug 08 120 views

What is a good start for a young chef?

I've been cooking all my life and I like think I have a passion for it.

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jul 19 139 views

What do i need to know about becoming a vet or chef.

What are great tips i need to know about becoming a vet or chef.

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Jul 06 116 views

I'm looking to go into a career for culinary arts, and have some questions about the field of work.

What are three important things I should know about working in a kitchen?

What are some tools of the trade I should be familiar with?

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter this field?

karla’s Avatar
karla Jun 29 94 views

Is it necessary to take a specific class in order to take Culinary Arts?.

Hello, I am a student who is just starting job corps in culinary arts. I am interested in culinary art in the cooking skill and becoming a chef, but I have some doubts about it.

kaysean’s Avatar
kaysean Jun 29 204 views

What are some important things I should know working in the culinary area?

need some help

seanice’s Avatar
seanice Jun 28 205 views

Will taking culinary help me get a job in the work place?

Hi i'm a student at job corps taking culinary-arts since i enjoy cooking and wanted to learn more about it i know it be able to help me with cooking skills and what to do in the kitchen but will it help me get a job in a restaurant or just a fast-food place

Emoni’s Avatar
Emoni May 18 174 views

How can I break into the nutritional field?

I would like to be a nutritionist but I don't know where to start? any suggestion on schools? certifications I should earn? or even type of things I should research for?

naala’s Avatar
naala Apr 19 206 views

What are some good positions in culinary that allow you to travel?

I would like to find an occupation that allows to comfortably travel and do my job, preferably at the same time.

Yakov’s Avatar
Yakov Apr 14 194 views

How difficult is it to work in the food industry?

I am in job corps and am planning to join the culinary program, normally how difficult is it working in the food industry?

Voc’s Avatar
Voc Feb 16 129 views

What Is It Like Being A Cashier?

I Am Interested In Being A Cashier #food

Zariah’s Avatar
Zariah Dec 14, 2021 262 views

Can culinary arts be a fast pace or take your time environment?

#culinary-arts #food #kitchen #cooking
I asked this because I am a very take my time medium pace person and I will still get it done in divine timing. I will love to hear you'll feedback or advice.

Zaylin’s Avatar
Zaylin Nov 22, 2021 184 views

How much does it cost to open up a restaurant?

If I do go for a career in culinary arts, I would like to know how much money opening up and also maintaining a restaurant would be. I know that the price would be a lot because of rent, bills, employees, furniture, food, and more. But what is an estimate for a small establishment? #Food...

Josiah’s Avatar
Josiah Aug 04, 2021 317 views

How might your life change once you pursue a career in culinary industry? Is it a good change? Are there things you might have done differently? Is Life more enjoyable for you since choosing this profession?

#Food #career-path #career-choice #Chefs #Specialty-Chefs

R’s Avatar
R Jul 21, 2021 296 views

Hi I want to become a dietician. Would you let me know which all colleges in Trivandrum offers me a suitable course connected with food.

I plan to take a bsc course related to food/nutrition/dietetics in Trivandrum #food and #nutrition #dietician #bsc #under-graduate #science

Deepabali’s Avatar
Deepabali Jun 15, 2021 248 views

What are the food which good for brain?

#food #communication

Deandre’s Avatar
Deandre Jun 02, 2021 155 views

Will my hood love me when I donate back or will they think I’m just doing it just to get a good image of me giving food away?

#food #donate

maxwell’s Avatar
maxwell Apr 22, 2021 267 views

do I have to get really good grades to get in

my name is max, I don't know what I want to do, but I like to cook #food

Taryn’s Avatar
Taryn Apr 01, 2021 310 views

What is the salary for a Subway worker?

I am curious to what the Salary for a Subway worker is? Is it a normal $15 per hour thing or do they pay more than that? #food #salary

Taryn’s Avatar
Taryn Apr 01, 2021 299 views

What is the daily life of a Subway worker?

I was curious as to what it is the daily life of a Subway worker as it’s a job that works with food so maybe one day I would like to see if it would be nice to work there.

#work #food #worker

kaiden’s Avatar
kaiden Mar 18, 2021 443 views

what is the salary for a fast food worker

i like to talk to people and I like to make new friends #food #ceo #company

emanuel’s Avatar
emanuel Feb 24, 2021 223 views

Whats the next step to getting a job? and getting your career started?

#first-job #jobs #food #career

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Feb 09, 2021 303 views

Is it essential for you to go to culinary school of you want to become a baker?

Obviously it would help if I was to go, but I want to know how much experience you would get in culinary school for this type of field. #food #baking

Samariyah’s Avatar
Samariyah Feb 01, 2021 427 views

What college will best benefit my culinary skills ?

I am in my third semester in 11th grade, and i love cooking , i just don't know how to decide which college i should attend for my cooking needs. #Culinary #Cooking
#Food #professionals

malebo’s Avatar
malebo Jan 27, 2021 345 views

i just finished high school and i have no idea what do??

I love books that talk about motivation
I love music
I love writing
I like reality tv
I'm very interested in coding, high tech, and also very interested in machine learning, #food data structures, and software engineering #food

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Jan 13, 2021 227 views

What types of careers am I interested in food service?

A chef, food service manager, a cashier, and sometimes a catering career.

#chef #food

Annette’s Avatar
Annette Dec 11, 2020 467 views

How should I customize my basic resume on applying to a fast food restaurant or a clothing store?

I want to know what a basic resume needs in order for me to apply for a job I want. Such as working at a mall, fast food, clothing stores, and so on. I have never worked in my life and i am also a senior in high school so I came here to find out how I can customize my resume and give a good...

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Nov 09, 2020 219 views

How much do I get paid to become a foods service manager?

I would get paid to $18-$26 an hour because I had been working at Harper as a student worker and I am hoping that I will work in the kitchen and help clean tables again.