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Career Questions tagged Food

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ISAIAH Mar 06 50 views

Pros and cons for working fast food?

I am in high school looking for a job

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Tvisha Mar 06 70 views

Diadvantages of working in food industry?

I personally do not know a lot of peole in this industry and would really like to know from some experienced people that what are the challenges that they face, because every job has it's own pros and cons and i would like to know more about the disadvantages

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tommy Feb 14 126 views

what does a regular day look like in a fancier culinary setting?

i want to know what a day in the shoes of one of these people looks like

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tommy Feb 14 142 views

what are some abilities ill need as an Italian food chef?

i want this job to be my end goal but I wouldn't mind going beyond that

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tommy Feb 14 136 views

what are some abilities ill need to be a chef?

id like to work on my trade and work on the abilities id need as a chef

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tommy Feb 14 181 views

what does a regular day look like for culinary?

im looking to know what a day as a chef looks like.

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Elle Feb 07 99 views

What is it like working as a baker or in a cafe who makes everything from scratch?

I'm very interested in the field and would love to do such. I'm curious about the work and time it takes, to run my own culinary business as a bakery and cafe.

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Anthony Feb 02 101 views

How can I start becoming a chef?

I love food and seeing people cook so I really want to know to start out my career by becoming a chef

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Regina Jan 31 243 views

Questions about the Culinary field ?

How do I improve my culinary skills?

What companies would you recommend for specializing in Italian cuisine?

What does a typical workday look like in a five-star restaurant?

Jonah’s Avatar
Jonah Jan 31 94 views

What's the kitchen like during rush hour?

what do u recommend as a company to work at?

what should I do to improve my skills?

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Nate Jan 24 74 views

What are the benefits as a head chef?

With experience, will this help me achieve better benefits? if not, how do I get there?

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Nate Jan 24 116 views

How much will I be getting paid as a head chef?

Currently in Job Corps, going through the culinary arts program.

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Juliette Jan 13 114 views

Culinary. Chef.

What are some pros and cons of working in the culinary field? Specifically as a chef.

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DJ Jan 11 139 views

What does a typical day look like for an chef ?

hi my name is DJ i will like to be and chef
i want to get payed 50,000 and year.
i want to work as an private house hold

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Isaiah Jan 10 129 views

What does a typical day look like working in a kitchen?

how long does it take to prep everything in a kitchen? what are some dishes that you make? do you get normal breaks?

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Tvisha Jan 02 183 views

How do i know?

How do i know if i want to pursue culinary arts as a profession or i just like it as a hobby to research, learn, cook food

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Gaines Dec 14, 2022 113 views

How much effort does it take to be a chef?

i want to eat good food thats why i want to be a chef

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camila Dec 09, 2022 144 views

What made you do this this Career?

What made you do this this Career? i love baking and cooking because i believe it's a way to express my art as well as my creativity! It's also a way to show my love for food. i love cooking to enjoy making new meals from where i am from, Mexico. I enjoy seeing meals from all over the world. I...

james’s Avatar
james Dec 08, 2022 151 views

what dose it take to open you own restaurant after becoming a head ?

what would it take for a head chef to get their own restaurant and to transition into their own company

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Juan Oct 06, 2022 235 views

How much money does a chef usually make?

Do chef's make good money or little money?

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Juan Oct 06, 2022 164 views

What does a typical day as a chef look like?

I wonder how the daily work life of a chef looks like.

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Juan Oct 06, 2022 183 views

What are some high paying careers I can take, if I am good at culinary?

I want to know careers related to culinary that pay big money.

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Gracie Oct 05, 2022 250 views

What are some important things i should know about being a chef?

essential tools of the trade? advice for how to handle the job? anything important to keep in mind

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Christian Oct 04, 2022 209 views

What dose a typical day look like as a chef or a waiter?

What dose a typical day like as a chef or a waiter like how long are work days what are some of the benefits of working with food is it fun and is it stressful .

Kiondria’s Avatar
Kiondria Sep 27, 2022 387 views

What is the salary of a chef?

How much would a chef salary be working in there own restaurant.

Courvoisier’s Avatar
Courvoisier Sep 23, 2022 237 views

What are some benefits of being a personal chef?

I asked this question because I want to know if there are any benefits of being a chef and if there are what they are so I can decide if I want to become a personal chef or not.

Elliott’s Avatar
Elliott Sep 23, 2022 217 views

Why did you decide to become a head chef?

What made you want to become a chef working in a restaurant. Did you decide to do it for the love of food or for a deeper meaning.

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markell Aug 26, 2022 298 views

how much a baker make a year

baker work salary

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dekqature Aug 08, 2022 280 views

What is a good start for a young chef?

I've been cooking all my life and I like think I have a passion for it.

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Jul 19, 2022 271 views

What do i need to know about becoming a vet or chef.

What are great tips i need to know about becoming a vet or chef.