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Career Questions tagged Mechanic

Andres M.’s Avatar
Andres M. Dec 15, 2021 53 views

what are future trends for this field ?

i would like to know about this because it could be different depending on the position of the job auto-mechanic auto-engneering...


Jacob R.’s Avatar
Jacob R. Jul 28, 2021 92 views

How do i start my small engine shop

I want to start my own little small engine repair shop smallengine engine repair mechanic...


katie M.’s Avatar
katie M. Oct 27, 2021 116 views

what do you like most about working as a mechanic?

mechanical-engineering mechanic I would love to have a women answer these so i know what it is like for a...

Jake F.’s Avatar
Jake F. Sep 29, 2021 196 views

What kind of stuff can I learn from an automotive class?

I'd love to have my own auto shop one day and I love sports sports engineer automotive mechanic...


Zayde C.’s Avatar
Zayde C. Nov 01, 2021 106 views

How do I figure out what I should do

I’m a hard worker, andI could do many things. sports athletic mechanic construction...


Joseph S.’s Avatar
Joseph S. Nov 01, 2021 80 views

What's the toughest part of being a mechanic?

mechanic mechanics What would you say is the most difficult part of the...

Andy A.’s Avatar
Andy A. Oct 05, 2021 90 views

What do i need to become a auto mechanic?

I don't know what i need to become a auto mechanic....


Carlos R.’s Avatar
Carlos R. Jun 28, 2021 74 views
Carlos R.’s Avatar
Carlos R. Jun 22, 2021 108 views
caden H.’s Avatar
caden H. May 20, 2021 144 views

how much money would u averagely earn??

If you where to work as a mechanic how much would you averagely make? money income...


Jayden L.’s Avatar
Jayden L. Apr 22, 2021 139 views

What kind of classes should I take if I want to be a mechanical engineer

I love coding, figuring out how things work, and knowing what they do....


Carter M.’s Avatar
Carter M. Apr 05, 2021 170 views
Carter M.’s Avatar
Carter M. Apr 05, 2021 161 views

Do you regret becoming some type of mechanic in anyway?

I don't know 100% if this is what I want...


Carter M.’s Avatar
Carter M. Apr 05, 2021 134 views

What is the average salary for a mechanic in a small town?

I want to be a mechanic and I love working on cars in every way....


Alex M.’s Avatar
Alex M. Dec 21, 2020 537 views

what can I do to become a diesel mechanic

I'm 16 years old and want to become a diesel mechanic , I love the idea of fixing or even upgrading and tuning a vehicle for someone and lots others, I want to learn and grow but i'm not sure were to start or who to look for but I am willing to go and learn skills I will need to learn to be...


Hunter W.’s Avatar
Hunter W. Dec 01, 2020 174 views

Do you ever regret becoming a mechanic, for whatever reason.

I'm a Junior in high school and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. I'm thinking about becoming a mechanic....


Elias L.’s Avatar
Elias L. Nov 06, 2020 183 views

What would I need to do and get to become an Auto Body Mechanic?

Like I want to join the Marines after High School, and I want to take a class to become an Auto Body Mechanic in College. I want to get into being an Mechanic and also being the Body Painter of the Auto Body Mechanic. I would want to know what I would need and do to get to that Career....


Tanner H.’s Avatar
Tanner H. Oct 29, 2020 145 views

What degree would be the best for an agricultural mechanic?

I like the agricultural field of engineering like tractors and similar machines. agriculture engineer mechanic agmechanic...


omar M.’s Avatar
omar M. Oct 29, 2020 183 views

How much does a top of the line mechanic make?

I have always been interested in mechanical engineering and wanted to know what are the basic tools and knowledge I need to get into this field work when am older. What can I do now to prepare to be a mechanic? engineer...


Dominick R.’s Avatar
Dominick R. Oct 22, 2020 244 views

What career best fits my strengths and hobbies?

I'm a senior in high school and would like a future career as an auto-mechanic. My two strongest strengths are: I never give up and I am a problem solver. My hobbies are working and playing problem solving games. Given my strengths and hobbies what kind of career best fits me? What other...

cars trucks mechanic hobbies automotive strengths

Dominick R.’s Avatar
Dominick R. Oct 09, 2020 372 views

What's it like a day in the life of an Auto Mechanic?

I am looking forward to a career as an auto mechanic and would like to know the daily obstacles a mechanic goes through. The pros and cons of being a mechanic. automotive mechanic day-in-the-life day...


Dominick R.’s Avatar
Dominick R. Oct 06, 2020 270 views

What should be my first step once I graduate high school if I want to get into the automotive industry?

I'm a senior in high school and really want to be a mechanic. I want to be able to diagnose a vehicles problem and be able to fix it. automotive mechanic cars steps high-school...


Connor K.’s Avatar
Connor K. Aug 28, 2020 246 views

What are the best classes for becoming a welding technician?

I'm looking to know what classes I should take to be a welding technician. Welding...


Connor K.’s Avatar
Connor K. Aug 27, 2020 203 views

What are the best classes for becoming a diesel mechanic?

I am a junior in high school I have been looking into what it would take to become a certified diesel mechanic. mechanic automotive...


bryan P.’s Avatar
bryan P. Mar 16, 2020 384 views