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Career Questions tagged Mechanical Engineer

Cameron S.’s Avatar
Cameron S. Oct 08 45 views

Is a diesel mechanic have a good work enviorment?

I want to be a diesel mechanic diesel mechanical-engineer mechanical mechanics engineering engineer. I've always wanted to do this and was wondering if it was something I should try, this would tell me a...

Aaron B.’s Avatar
Aaron B. Oct 08 87 views

How can i get a job as a mechanical engineer?

what are some things that can make me more competitive for a position in mechanical engineering or things that can prepare me for that field? mechanical-engineer mechanical-engineer...


Bryse G.’s Avatar
Bryse G. Jul 31 153 views

What career paths so Mechanical Engineers have?

What are the various careers someone with a degree in Mechanical Engineering join and what do they entail. mechanical-engineering engineering mechanical-engineer career...


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Student L. Jul 09 203 views
Chase M.’s Avatar
Chase M. Sep 14, 2020 284 views

What is a simple way to stay focused and continue working towards your goals

I want to become a mechanical engineer, however I'm unsure whether I will be able to meet the requirements because I didn't try to get into my level of classes in middle school and high school until Junior year, I easily passed my math classes in Junior year, I am now a senior taking a class I...

focus career-choice mechanical-engineer

McKenzie C.’s Avatar
McKenzie C. Sep 04, 2020 238 views

What's a day in the Life for a mechanical engineer like.

I like math and I'm pretty good at using my hands for work, so I feel like looking towards the career of a mechanical engineer would be something I'd want to do. engineer...


Victwhon N.’s Avatar
Victwhon N. Jul 08, 2020 425 views

What is the benefits of being an Mechanical Engineer?

I'm still in high school. I'm going to the 11th grade but I want to be a mechanical engineer. So I just want to know some things about being an engineer. engineer engineering mechanical-engineering aerospace-engineering...


Abedel-Hameed H.’s Avatar
Abedel-Hameed H. May 01, 2020 408 views

What are the best steps forward to follow for a mechanical engineer in their senior college year.

I am a Mechanical Engineering student at AUB, and I am currently at the beginning of my senior year. I would like to set a few midterm and long term plans for my graduation, and I would appreciate some advice on where I should look for opportunities in the industry and how to reach out for...

middleeast mechanical-engineering mechanical-engineer career

Rainer R.’s Avatar
Rainer R. Apr 25, 2020 327 views

How much should a mechanical engineer know about electronics and communication system?

I would like to know what is the necessary background to understand it and apply it in the field. Is it good if I am well versed with electronics, electrical and communications system? Will I get a chance to apply it in projects?engineering electrical-engineering electrical...

electronics mechanical-engineer mechanical-engineering

Rainer R.’s Avatar
Rainer R. Apr 23, 2020 334 views

What are essential skills for a mechanical engineer?

If I were to gain these skills( both soft and technical ) , and I could apply anywhere with these skills within the mechanical industries, what would they be? mechanical-engineering engineering mechanical-engineer engineer...


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Gil C. Mar 31, 2020 292 views
genevieve F.’s Avatar
genevieve F. Mar 06, 2020 159 views

Whats being a mechanic like?

Interested in mechanics....


Armando O.’s Avatar
Armando O. Oct 04, 2019 1011 views

How beneficial would a minor in Mathematics be as a Mechanical Engineering major?

I'm a junior currently attending Astate CQ and I wanted to get some advice about minoring in math or maybe even in business. I would like to know in what direction would I be heading towards having these types of minors. Also, how should I chose between those minors or should I also open up to...

engineering mechanical-engineer major college-major minor mathematics math