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Career Questions tagged Computer Engineer

Raymond’s Avatar
Raymond Jan 10 280 views

What requirements are needed to work as an I.T.?

What are some things that I would need to learn and improve to work as an I.T.? Are there programs that would help me or certain classes that would help? If you can tell me what is needed it would really help me.

Aidan’s Avatar
Aidan Dec 13, 2022 235 views

what would a normal day in cyber security look like?

I am thinking about going into the field and would like to know about the average day.

Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew Nov 08, 2022 340 views

What high school classes should I take for computer engineering?

In the future I am planning on having a career in the category of engineering and/or computers. What high school classes should I take so that I am able to pursue a the career that I want?


Michael’s Avatar
Michael Oct 26, 2022 176 views

What about Computer Engineering and Computer Science makes the median pay so high?

I've never completely understood why people get paid so much for those jobs.

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Oct 26, 2022 274 views

Are the jobs in Computer Science and Computer Engineering abundant?

How available are these jobs specifically?

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jul 28, 2022 397 views

How common are promotional opportunities in the field of Cyber Security (e.g: promotion wise)

Hello my name is Daniel I am a current Cyber Security prospect and would appreciate information on how consistent or common promotional opportunities are.

Any information helps, Thank you for your time.

kavon’s Avatar
kavon Jun 02, 2022 338 views

What skills would I need to become a Computer Networking Architect?

When I asked this question, I was trying to determine what kind of skills I would need.

Colton’s Avatar
Colton May 05, 2022 329 views

What is the schedule of a computer programmer?

What is the schedule of a computer programmer on a day to day basis? Do they make their own hours or does it depend on where they work? How long is an average work day?

kyle’s Avatar
kyle Apr 27, 2022 297 views

what is the day to day job about Computer and Information Systems Managers

i am trying to get more info about this job

Kiley’s Avatar
Kiley Feb 07, 2022 363 views

What kind of classes should I take to become an Technology Engineer? How many hours do technology engineers work a week? What can be a good goal to go into the technology industry?

I love tech and like building things. I have many interests that involve technology and engineering. But I don't know that much about what technology engineers do and how much they have to be in school. #engineer #engineering #technology #tech #computer-engineer

Howard’s Avatar
Howard Oct 05, 2021 300 views

Is it much more competitive to become a software engineer or software developer?

Currently in senior year of high school and debating whether to major in computer engineering or computer science.

#computer-software #computer-engineer

Koki’s Avatar
Koki Sep 28, 2021 290 views

How long do I need to learn coding to become engineer?

#technology #designer #computer-engineer #computer-engineer

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Jul 15, 2021 459 views

What are the job options for a computer researcher and information scientist?

#computer-science #information-technology #computer-engineer

Kenneth’s Avatar
Kenneth Jun 24, 2021 424 views

How can become Biomedical engineer

Im in high school and I love science I think that computer science and biology would a perfect fit because I always love the concept of it #computer-science #science #computer #technology #biology #computer-engineer

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Apr 26, 2021 489 views

What opportunities does a master's degree in marine biology present?

I am a student in high school approaching college where I will be studying marine biology. I am passionate about the field and looking for what kinds of careers it can open up. I am additionally very inclined to areas involving mathematics, technology and engineering. #computer-engineer #career...

Donny’s Avatar
Donny Jan 13, 2021 527 views

What type of degree should I get for going into mechanical engineering?

I am very interested in science and engineering and would like to go to college for mechanical engineering. #information-technology #computer-engineer

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Dec 04, 2020 659 views

What are good universities to go to, for someone wanting to major in Computer Engineering?

#majors #major #college-major #computer-science #computer-engineer #computer-engineering

Andrei’s Avatar
Andrei Oct 28, 2020 456 views

What are the skill do you need to become a computer technologist?

#skills #information-technology #computer-engineer #computer

Nana’s Avatar
Nana May 28, 2020 1161 views

If i take AP computer science as a senior would it be a good first step into becoming a software engineer?

I love working with Technologies and fixing them #technology #computer #computer-engineer #computer-engineering #information-technology

Reinaldo’s Avatar
Reinaldo May 11, 2020 801 views

What is the salary of a computer engineer?


Eeshaan’s Avatar
Eeshaan Mar 25, 2020 1136 views

What is the difference in job description between a Computer Engineer and Computer Scientist and Software Engineer?

#computer-science #computer #computer-engineer #science #software

Chase’s Avatar
Chase Nov 20, 2019 546 views

What preparation do you suggest before and in college to better yourself for the job?

#computer-engineer #programmer

hector’s Avatar
hector Nov 08, 2019 592 views

what skill do you need to become a computer system analyst

#computer-engineer #computer #information-technology #computer-engineering #computer-software

hector’s Avatar
hector Nov 08, 2019 801 views

what does computer system analyst do?

#computer #computer-engineer #information-technology #computer-software

Nikolas’s Avatar
Nikolas Oct 28, 2019 634 views

What were the steps you took to get in your position? (Please state occupation)

#information-technology #computer #computer-engineer #computer-engineering #computer-software #computer-science #computer-science

Nikolas’s Avatar
Nikolas Oct 28, 2019 527 views

On a daily basis how many peopleask to fix the simplest task on the computer?

#computer #technology #computer-science #information-technology #computer-engineer #computer-engineering

Risko’s Avatar
Risko Oct 23, 2019 851 views

what is the hardest part of being an auto mechanic


Rory’s Avatar
Rory Sep 11, 2019 758 views

What advice can you give a technology student on finding a job after graduation and being successful long-term in the field?

I am new to the Information technology Field and I'm currently studying to be certified in CCNA and CompTIA A+. I just really want to be one of the best in this field despite being a new comer. Thank you! #technology #engineering #information-technology #computer #job-search #ccna #comptia...

Nolan’s Avatar
Nolan Sep 09, 2019 374 views

What is the typical starting salary of a Hardware Engineer in an entry level job?

#salary #computer #engineering #computer-engineer

Nolan’s Avatar
Nolan Sep 09, 2019 345 views

What are the most essential skills you would need in the Hardware Engineering field?

What are some important soft skills you would need to succeed as a hardware engineer?
Why are these skills important to the career?

#computer #engineer #computer-engineer