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Career Questions tagged Information Technology And Services

Raymond’s Avatar
Raymond Jan 10 280 views

What requirements are needed to work as an I.T.?

What are some things that I would need to learn and improve to work as an I.T.? Are there programs that would help me or certain classes that would help? If you can tell me what is needed it would really help me.

Raymond’s Avatar
Raymond Jan 10 601 views

What are the different kinds of careers you can get from Information Technology?

I'm not fully sure if there are different kinds of positions or careers that you can work in information Technology. If there are different kinds of positions could you name them for me and give me a description of what else there are?

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Dec 13, 2022 195 views

What steps would you recommend I take to prepare for the Computer Tech field.

What are the most effective strategies for seeking a position in this field?

Dale’s Avatar
Dale Sep 08, 2022 300 views

1. What will be my primary responsibilities as an employee of a cybersecurity company / business #cybersecurity

I love to work alone.

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Souad Aug 24, 2022 234 views

How do I find a job as a school librarian?

I'm a resident of Syria and have already completed my bachelor's in library and information. I also have 6 years of experience working in libraries. Finding a job has been incredibly difficult because of the constant conflict/war in my country.

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jul 28, 2022 397 views

How common are promotional opportunities in the field of Cyber Security (e.g: promotion wise)

Hello my name is Daniel I am a current Cyber Security prospect and would appreciate information on how consistent or common promotional opportunities are.

Any information helps, Thank you for your time.

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jul 28, 2022 223 views

Does working in Cyber Security give you more or less time for your life

Hello my name is Daniel I am a current Cyber Security prospect and would like to know if and how working in Cyber Security has affected your time work-wise and socially. (e.g: work hours/free time)

Any information helps, Thank you for your time.

armando’s Avatar
armando Oct 26, 2020 245 views

How do you gain experience in this field without having the job. I want to be a computer and information systems manager

Im a senior in high school #highschool

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Augusta May 09, 2019 604 views

How does STEM tie into any of the hobbies/volunteering you participate in outside of work?

#computer-science #stem #technology #tech #programming #software #software-engineering #women-in-stem #software-engineer #information-technology-and-services #engineering

Augusta’s Avatar
Augusta May 09, 2019 608 views

What steps can I take to be a database administrator?

Graduate programs?
Side projects?
Online/Text resources?
#computer-science #stem #technology #tech #programming #software #women-in-stem #software-engineer #information-technology-and-services

Zoya’s Avatar
Zoya Apr 25, 2018 1154 views

How long does it take for one to complete their Bachelor's?

I was counted the amount of time I will spend in school after High school. I was considering going into Information Technology Management. How long is the schoolimg in terms of getting your bachelors and masters degree? #information-technology-and-services #project-management #help #BS #mba

Augusta’s Avatar
Augusta Jan 19, 2018 783 views

What are some steps that I can take to become a White Hacker?

I am almost done with my undergraduate degree in Applied Computing Technology (Computer Science and Business) and I wanted to know if there are steps I should take to right now to make it into this profession. Thank you.#technology #tech #information-technology...

Harry’s Avatar
Harry Jan 17, 2018 994 views

How much money will I need to complete my Bachelor Degree in Cyber-Security

I am almost out of .money and I need to know how much more money is it going to take for me to reach my goal

#information-security #information-technology-and-services #computer #cybersecurity #computer-and-network-security #computer-networking #cyber-security

Jacqueline’s Avatar
Jacqueline Jan 16, 2018 1253 views

Do you expect the number of women in cyber security to increase ?

Cyber security has a gender problem. There’s only 11% of women in the cyber security workforce #technology #information-technology-and-services #information-technology

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Jan 16, 2018 832 views

Do you have to know things about websites if you want to be a graphic designer?

I don't really understand and like learning things about websites if it doesn't have to do anything with graphic design. Learning about websites should be learned if you want to be a web designer and not a graphic designer. #websites #graphic-design #design #information-technology-and-services

Shelly’s Avatar
Shelly Jan 16, 2018 655 views

I have over 25 years in the military, working on my masters in cyber, and maintain several IT certifications. Is there anything else I need to be working on to get a similar job with similar pay?

I am trying to align my skills with the current IT civilian job market. #information-technology-and-services

Kathryn’s Avatar
Kathryn Jan 16, 2018 919 views

Can I get a good job in the IT field without taking some of the CompTIA Certs?

#information-technology-and-services #information-technology #certifications

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Jan 16, 2018 902 views

What is the typical starting salary for a computer science major?

I've Googled information about my major. I found out how much a software developer makes but I have been told by older students that companies will pay you less than what is listed online? I'm not sure if this is true or not. #computer-programming #educational-technology #computer...

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Dec 09, 2017 1061 views

Any online platforms I can use to acquire IT skill?

I know there are some online courses offered by Microsoft. #information-technology #e-learning #information-technology-and-services #online-learning

Dhruv’s Avatar
Dhruv Dec 02, 2017 1180 views

How would you handle a situation where you felt overwhelmed in the specific work you were doing? especially while being in the IT department

I'm asking because PwC is one place I want to work and was very curious in regards to IT. #pwc #information-technology #information-technology-and-services #career #career-choice

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Jul 10, 2017 3921 views

How much time do you have to make a first impression?

I know that first impressions matter, that they are extremely important. Does anyone know exactly how long you have to make a first impression?
Thank you!
#marketing-and-advertising #information-technology-and-services #financial-services #customer-service