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Career Questions tagged Computer Networking

Aidan’s Avatar
Aidan Dec 13, 2022 145 views

How would I get into the cybersecurity field?

I don't really know what I want to do and I think CyberSecurity seems cool.

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Travis Nov 01, 2022 413 views

I'm debating whether or not to go into the programming / software engineering or network engineering. What are some things to know about each?

I'm debating whether or not to go into the programming / software engineering or network engineering. What are some things to know about each?

Hunter’s Avatar
Hunter Jun 17, 2022 223 views

1. What education or training did you need to acquire to reach the level that you are out and how is it relevant to your profession? 2.What are some of the toughest challenges you have faced in your profession and how did you work through them? 3.If there was one thing you could say to someone interested in your profession what would it be and why? Thank you in advance for your time. Sincerely, Hunter R

I am interested in becoming a Network system Administrator and my end goal is to work at Microsoft in the future.

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jun 15, 2021 384 views

Where do you go for computer networking news?

I'm a student working on my CCNA certification, and something that I've learned in my research about the field is that keeping up with the latest technology and practices is important to be competitive, something I'm particularly concerned about since a bachelor's is likely not in the cards for...

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Dariehl May 07, 2021 810 views

What are the three data structures?

#Three data structures in computer engineering #computer-networking #technology #business

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Aun Jun 30, 2020 620 views

Is there Anyway to Turn a Passion for Networking and IT into an Extracurricular for University Applications

In my sophomore year, I took a networking class, which got me really interested in IT. Although I'm going for software engineering, I would like to showcase my passion for IT one way or another in the form of a material achievement that can be used on my University applications. Any...

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Dec 13, 2019 3340 views

How difficult is computer networking

I am a student who is a computer nerd somewhat and was wondering what are some difficult concepts within computer networking that maybe confusing at first or take time and patience to learn? #computer #information-technology #computer-networking

Harry’s Avatar
Harry Jan 17, 2018 994 views

How much money will I need to complete my Bachelor Degree in Cyber-Security

I am almost out of .money and I need to know how much more money is it going to take for me to reach my goal

#information-security #information-technology-and-services #computer #cybersecurity #computer-and-network-security #computer-networking #cyber-security

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Maya Jan 08, 2018 1934 views

How to improve my CV as a computer Engineering student?

I'm a third year engineering student, and I studied different courses like (java, data structure, networking, mobile apps, AI, micro, electronics, and other topics ), but the issue is that when I want to apply for an internship or a research program especially internationally I have nothing...

Nickolas’s Avatar
Nickolas Oct 30, 2017 7483 views

Does Cyber Security require alot of math?

Lets just say I am no math buff, It has to be my worst subject.
I have always had a hard time with mathematics,and I am curious is Cyber Security require alot of math or not.
#cybersecurity #computer-security #computer-networking #computer-and-network-security #cyber-security

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Feb 28, 2017 1313 views

How to prepare for Cyber Security as a high school student?

I'm interested in doing Cyber Security in the future but I don't know how to prepare for it. I'm still in high school and I am taking computer programming related courses like CSAP. #computer-science #computer-programming #cyber-security #computer-networking #computer-security

shaun’s Avatar
shaun Dec 12, 2016 941 views

my school does not have a computer science class or any other computer class

im 13 a know im young to be on a career website but i want to work in cyber security. knowing my school does not have computer science i am self teaching my self Linux and python so i can know basic knowledge of cyber security. but can i get in two a college or university by being self taught...

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Diepreye Dec 04, 2016 1070 views

what is an ivy league college

How is it any different and how helpfull is it I want to know everything about it #networking #neuroscience #neurology #computer-networking #neuropathology

Jorge Sandoval’s Avatar
Jorge Nov 29, 2016 1188 views

What's the best way to apply for a visa sponsorship?

I'm a fresh a graduate in the telecommunications field, I have experiense in mayor mexican telecommuncations companies, I'm moving to california due that my girlfriend is currrently living there, I have been applying but so far no luck, so here I am asking for an advise. I would be so thankful...

Elisabeth’s Avatar
Elisabeth Oct 31, 2016 942 views

How much computer science experience do I need before I decide to major in that in college?

I want to major in computer science because I think it's a really cool subject and I want to learn more, but I feel like I don't have as much experience as everyone else who majors in that. I'm in AP computer science right now and I'm getting it as I go along, but everyone else in the class is...

Will’s Avatar
Will Oct 25, 2016 2267 views

Will there not be a demand for a degree in Computer Science in the future?

I was originally planning on going into Computer Science, but I heard from a few teachers and students that there won't be a high demand for it because so many students are going into that field now. Last year at my school, there was one AP computer science class. This year, there are seven AP...

Namito’s Avatar
Namito Oct 22, 2016 721 views

What would you consider as a major with potential to become the most essential for businesses?

I am planning to major in Computer Science for my first year of college next fall but looking for any other majors that could affect businesses in the near future. #computer-science #computer-software #business #college-major #computer-programming #computer-hardware #computer-networking...

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Aug 19, 2016 2662 views

Computers play an important role in today's society. How do computers play a part in the sports entertainment industry?

I am looking into getting a degree in computer science and I want to see what types of jobs are available in that field. #computer-science #computer-software #computer #sports #computer-hardware #sports-marketing #sports-media #computer-networking

Diana’s Avatar
Diana Aug 08, 2016 1087 views

Coding a Log In/Sign Up

Is there an easier way to code a log in without using PHP? I don't want a set log in. #computer-science #computer-software #coding #computer-networking

Kira’s Avatar
Kira Jul 12, 2016 1414 views

How do you network?

I have a pretty vague conception of what networking is and how you do it and why it is beneficial. #networking #social-networking #computer-networking #network

Nick’s Avatar
Nick May 05, 2016 1378 views

As a System Adminstrator, what kind of tasks do you complete on a regular basis?

I have been thinking about pursuing a bachelor degree in Computer Science. For the last few years I have been working on programming in C++ and Java, but recently I moved to working with computer systems themselves. During the summer I installed a few Linux systems onto a Raspberry Pi and...

Wylan’s Avatar
Wylan Jun 05, 2015 1556 views

what do you do as a Photographic Process Workers & a Processing Machine Operators also what do you need for these jobs?

Hey my names is Wylan and I am in 9th grade and I really want to check this out with a professional because so far there is no other question at all about Photographic process Workers & Processing Machine Operators, the reason why i search for this its because i didn't find anything on it...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Oct 02, 2014 2767 views

How I can become a Computer Scientist ?

I'm a student of IT. I ask this question to know the key steps to become a Computer Scientist. #science #computer #engineering #programmer #computer-networking #computer-proficient

David’s Avatar
David Oct 02, 2014 1297 views

What are some of the most lucrative and/or rewarding entry level positions in the Information Technology field?

I am currently taking IT courses in Boston. I just started the program about a month ago and am starting to get curious as to what are some of my options after this course is over. I definitely want to continue my education, however I am not sure what field I want to go into specifically IE...

Dhayananda ’s Avatar
Dhayananda Sep 15, 2014 1593 views

IT networking

Have 5 years exp in BPO but now want to get into IT networking, completed CCNA certificate let me know from where i need to start so I can learn everything in networking? #it #computer-networking

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Apr 08, 2014 1932 views

what are some jobs that computer programmers get offered? how much do they get payed? Is it true that they get a lot of money?

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I was wondering much do computer programmers get make a year. Is this a carrier that as soon as i get out of college i can gets job opportunity that help play off college quickly. #computer #computer-programming #computer-engineer #computer-networking