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Career Questions tagged Cisco

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wyatt S. Jun 24 88 views

how do i do cisco?

what is involved with cisco?...


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Michael S. Jun 15 143 views

Where do you go for computer networking news?

I'm a student working on my CCNA certification, and something that I've learned in my research about the field is that keeping up with the latest technology and practices is important to be competitive, something I'm particularly concerned about since a bachelor's is likely not in the cards for...

ccna computer-networking cisco

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Job J. Jun 15 136 views

What are the optimal ways to move up in the company?

What do you normally got to do to move up in the CCNA/CISCO type jobs to move up in the field? CCNA...


Job J.’s Avatar
Job J. Jun 15 88 views

What are some things you have to look out for while working?

I'm trying to get into CCNA/CISCO and I was wondering what are the main things you got to look out for while working in these fields? CCNA...


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Kota U. Jun 04, 2020 712 views
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Evelyn H. May 14, 2016 2023 views

Would having a CompTIA A+ Certificaton help me get into Colleges or would help me for anything College realated?

Having a CompTIA A+ Certification would show that I understand the fundamentals of technology. For example Operating Systems & PC configuration, components, and installation processes. I am a Freshmen in a Vocational Technical High School and take a program called Integrated Technology...

information-technology college tech cisco technology computer-engineering career