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Will a CCENT certification increase job openings after earning a computer hardware engineering degree?

Asked Limestone, Maine

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Rich’s Answer

Updated Washington

So like much in life it's not black and white. Certs can't hurt you but they won't help you all by themselves. Think of any certification below CCIE level as being that little extra something that might just make you better than your competition but they are no substitute to actual knowledge and experience. It's just a fact of life that some interviews value certs and some don't really your focus should be on what you learned by studying for a certs not the cert itself. Know the material and you'll be a better engineer, better candidate, better employee.

So at entry level it's hard to get experience when just starting out though but it's the same for everyone else. At the entry level in any tech-job what is often more important is your attitude. Do you come across as a nice person, are you friendly, caring and mature. Would I trust you talking to customers and a dealing with co-workers. This skills are actually harder to find that a CCENT but someone with both is great.

Rich recommends the following next steps:

  • It's hard to get experience when just starting out but it's the same for everyone else. At the entry level in any tech-job what is often more important is your attitude. Do you come across as a nice person, are you friendly, caring and mature? Do you present a clean professional appearance that matches the work environment you'll be in? Would I trust you talking to customers and a dealing with co-workers. These life skills are actually harder to find that a CCENT but someone with both is great.
  • Don't wait for jobs to come to you. Contact recruitment agencies and let them try and find jobs for you proactively. Also list the top 5 companies you want to work for and realistically think they'll have a job you would be a good fit for. Go to their website and scroll down to the very bottom, somewhere you'll find a link to Careers where they'll list job openings. 90% of companies have this but not many know about it. It cost them less to get someone directly than via an agency.
Rich is absolutely correct. I would add that an internship is a valuable addition to your CV, and will help you learn more about the work, and the company you're interested in. Utilize resources at your school for interviewing, CV preparation, and like Rich said, don't wait for the jobs to come to you! Go find them!

Chris’s Answer

Updated Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

To give a short answer, it can't hurt your chances and will help when recruiters compare your resumes to others.

To expand upon this, when viewing a CV additional certifications will allow you to have more of a "foot in the door" to those who don't have certifications. The key thing to note though, is certifications can only take you so far, it will help you to get to the final stages of an interview process, once at an interview stage from my experience companies are often looking for an insight into your work ethic, attitude, and overall experience. In this sense an internship or prior relevant work experience can be as good if not better then a certification. (Certifications of a CCIE level will carry more weight of course than the entry level certifications).

The CCENT will provide some of the foundation skills required when looking into a Networking field, and will allow a structured approach to this learning. This will not guarantee you a job, nor will any single certification, or experience. To my belief it is a combination of these, as well as how you present yourself and communicate.

Deepak’s Answer

Updated St Leonards, New South Wales, Australia

Answer to your question is Yes, if while passing certification also an opportunity is taken to learn and understand technology/topics covered under CCENT to build fundamental knowledge which can be replicated at work place. Just getting any certification and putting on resume may get an interview call but passing would be another story.

Kislay’s Answer

Updated Pune, Maharashtra, India

Certifications are merely a recognition which you get after passing the exams. It has some value and having them can make you stand out. But what you really need is the right knowledge and experience in that field to deliver end to end service. And since CCENT is just a entry level certification exam. I would recommend you to go for the CCNA which is the next step after CCENT. But what matters at the end of day is the how well you understand the underlying concepts.

Kislay recommends the following next steps:

  • CCNA
  • Find an Internship
  • Go for a Job

Puneet’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

I totally agree with Rich. My thoughts are the same and I could not have said it better than how he has articulated

Heine’s Answer

Updated Mexico City, Mexico

The short answer is yes. You have to think this IT world is moving forward always, so we have to move also. The CCENT is the first step into Cisco certification world and you may plan to move forward after that. Talking regarding Cisco certifications, you have a lot of possible steps until the CCIEs.

There are some flavors of CCNAs, check this https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/certifications.html#~stickynav=3. The CCNA is the next setp, so you can plan from there.

I did all the path from CCNA R&S -> CCNP R&S, CCNA DC -> CCNP DC - CCIE DC and I can say to you it is hard but is a matter of plan and be tenacious.

Today I work as Software Architect at Cisco, that was one part of the plan, work for Cisco and also be an CCIE. I was the second CCIE DC in Brazil.

Vijay’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Yes for freshers, some how. But if your concepts are clear that would be the best thing.

Nishant’s Answer


Hi Logan,

CCENT certification is a entry level certification offered by CISCO. However doing some associate level certification like CCNA and professional certification like CCNP can help you out to get a job or internship. But CCIE certification will give you more edge in your career.

steven’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

yes definitely , starting with CCENT and targeting for higher certification such as CCNP, CCIE will definitely place you in demanding position for demanding good pay and job.

Shane’s Answer

Updated Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I would say having a CCENT will not give you much of a boom in the job market as this is a entry level requirement and most of the people are having CCNA ( which is level above CCENT). It is important you have the basic concepts right even if you have a certification or not. Certification will be a icing on the cake, but if you do not know the basics, certification will take you no where. My advice is to learn the basics and go for a higher certification such as CCNA and CCNP. CCENT is just for you to understand the underlying concepts.

CCENT, CCNA certifications are basic networking courses. There are 6 tracks are there in CCNA. You can choose your track and study well.

Ishant’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Certifications are an important part of career in life of a network engineer is what I have discovered. It helped me to get my first interview scheduled for my first job.

Being said that certification alone can't help you to get the job unless you have got your concepts well settled in your brains and that you can achieve with more and more practice as it is been quoted practice makes a man perfect.

And the same applies for you later in career as well when you opt for CCNP, CCIE. It will help you get opportunities.

Alejandra’s Answer

Updated Mexico City, Mexico

Hi Logan,

Certifications are always an important thing in your career. Of course it is more important to have the knowledge and the preparation skills for the job you want to apply. Here at my job I interview candidates and I would tell you that it gives you a plus between any other people with similar skills.

My recommendation will be to go for more, CCENT is the most basic certification, try to achieve the CCNA, that its not to too far from CCENT.

Aman’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Yes it will, and I would rather encourage you to go for CCNA as well. Will be a great add on

If you want to go for Networking you can go for CCNA Routing Switching and move from their own wards to many things like Security, Cloud Computing, IOT, Wireless, Voice.

For lectures on CCNA, CCENT and Basic Networking do check below youtube channel:


ArunKumar’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Hi Logan,

Certifications are mainly to increase your knowledge on the corresponding products. If you are a fresher to networking field, then certifications will help you in understanding the basics. Indirectly it helps to get you a job!

Luis’s Answer

Updated Mexico City, Mexico

Hi Logan,

It will be not that much as you would like and also, as good paid as you would like.

CCENT will just open to you the front door of a new world, it would depend on you if you want to know all the house and also, get the beneffits of it.

This is been said by a guy that 2 years ago wasn't even CCENT and now after getting the CCNP R&S is looking for his first CCIE.

If you think that networking and communications is interesting, once you start getting certs you can't stop by learning new stuff.

Hope my answer can be userfull for you.


Luis from Cisco TAC.