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Brandon Feb 09, 2017 725 views

What parts of a network will require management while configuring basic cyber-security?

I am asking this because I am in the Information Systems Technology field (IST), but I am debating on whether I should use my office experience to go into management or cyber-security. My basic understandings are on Cisco Networking Academy, so please elaborate on whether the security measures...

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Carina Mar 19, 2018 454 views

What are three suggestions on the best way to network?

My plans are to attend a career fair in the future and my hopes are to network, so that I can find an internship. #network

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Christian Apr 16, 2019 581 views

Best Military College Option?

I want to become an officer in the military. I don't want to enlist. ROTC only pays the last two years of my college. That being said, what's my best option? 1.) Attend college then go to OCS: (Would attend college with my friends out of state, but the college is more expensive) 2.) Attend ROTC...

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Logan Mar 18, 2019 538 views

How much is an entry salary with a CCENT certification

#computer-engineer #cisco

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Jackson Jan 17, 2018 503 views

What is the potential to make connections for a future career at a private university verses a large public university?

I am a Junior at a St. Louis area high school looking at my options for colleges. To help me decide where to go if I am accepted I am looking for feedback regarding connections available at smaller private universities. I am a person who gets along with pretty much everyone and will have no...