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Angela Y. Aug 18, 2018 274 views

How do I know when I've found a potential career mentor?

When is safe to approach someone in a higher position than you to form a connection? How can you ensure you're not stepping out of line in doing so? #career #mentor...


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Jackson T. Jan 17, 2018 294 views

What is the potential to make connections for a future career at a private university verses a large public university?

I am a Junior at a St. Louis area high school looking at my options for colleges. To help me decide where to go if I am accepted I am looking for feedback regarding connections available at smaller private universities. I am a person who gets along with pretty much everyone and will have no...

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Oreoluwa A. May 27, 2018 315 views

What are things you wish you k ew before going into neuroscince/neurology?

Are there steps you wish you would have taken before stepping into the field of neurology, or things you wish someone would have told you beforehand? #advice #startingacareer #priorknowledge #neurology #neuroscience...


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Abby H. Jan 17, 2018 443 views

How do you make connections for jobs?

How do I make the connections needed to find high-paying jobs? I am planning on graduating with a degree in International Business, and I am aware that you need connections with other people in the business to receive these kinds of jobs. #jobs #connections #networking #professional-development...


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Elizabeth D. Jan 17, 2018 454 views

What is the best way to network in an online only school?

I will be attending an online school for my Master's Program and would like to make some contacts that may help me later. #networking #online-schooling #graduate-school...


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Morgan F. Jan 16, 2018 587 views

Are large or small colleges better for making business connections?

I've heard the common phrase, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." So, when making connections for future internships and jobs, are large or small colleges better for this purpose? #connections #business...


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Sade C. Apr 16, 2018 298 views

If you do not go to a prestigious university, can you still make a good living or is it important to have connections to a prestigious school?

#college-decisions #prestigious-university #connections I am trying to decide where to go to college and I got accepted into a prestigious public university and a another university that is not as prestigious. I wanted to know if I choose the university that is not as prestigious, will I...

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Shakoor A. Mar 05, 2018 384 views

How do you make connections?

I am a high school senior and I am worried that when I get to college, I will not be able to make those connections to further my career goals. I know the question is pretty vague, but when I am in classes or I am attending a seminar, what is the best way for me to reach out to professionals...


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Jenero G. Jan 22, 2018 292 views

I've decided that I wanted to have a career in culinary arts, but where are good schools that have negotiable student fees?

I want to go to culinary school, but I don't know any culinary schools near my hometown of El Sobrante, CA that really cater/that my family can work around concerning fees, are there any schools like so? #culinaryschool #culinaryarts #gastronomy #connections #school #culinarycareer #future...

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Ludmilla S. Jan 18, 2018 369 views

How to gain connections to those with similar interest as you?

I would like to interact with many more people in my future major(through internships . workshops, or jobs) but I don't know how and I fear that it may be too late. #interested #internships #connections...


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milo B. Oct 12, 2017 450 views
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Timothy G. Apr 03, 2017 691 views

How do you start networking?

Hi, I have a few questions regarding how to go about networking. From what I understand the practice of networking is about discussing career opportunities with people who are involved in the fields that interest you or just to help you get your foot in the door for finding a job. How do you...

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Deborah C. Feb 11, 2017 641 views
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Deborah C. Feb 11, 2017 520 views
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Taylor Y. Jan 12, 2017 493 views

How pertinent is it that the jobs you have in college pertain to your career path?

I am a sophomore in college and I'm having difficulty finding summer jobs that apply to what I want to do in a career sense. Will this hurt me when I apply to graduate school? #college #employment...


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Rachel B. Dec 02, 2016 574 views

How vital is it to get to know my professors who are outside my area of interest?

I am a freshman who wants to study biology, but I also take classes that are not in the field of science (history and english). Should I try to make connections with those professors that are not within my major? #college #professors...


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Lee-Anne Jae A. May 19, 2016 630 views

How did you gain your connections for careers after you graduated?

I know the job market can be tough, so I just wanted to know how you secured connections to find good jobs after receiving your degree? #graduate #careers #job-market...


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Bryant A. Feb 18, 2015 828 views

What Kind Of Connections Does One Need To Get A Job In Creative Writing?

I Am A Junior In Highschool And I'm Very Interested In Creative Writing. I Have Heard Of Numerous People Who Are Also Interested In That Field But It Came To My Attention That People With The Best Connections Are More Likely To Get A Job And A Living With Their Writing. #job #journalism...

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Robby O. Apr 27, 2012 1530 views

How do you seek contacts in a chosen career path and how does it benefit you?

I am planning to enter the field of educational entrepreneurship and I don't know where to find people who have already chosen this field. I know there are experts on entrepreneurship and education reform but they seem so anonymous and/or distant from a high school student like myself. How much...

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