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Career Questions tagged Graphic Designer

Jada’s Avatar
Jada Feb 02 50 views

How does Graphic Designing work?

Can anyone tell me the steps in starting to work as a Graphic Designer?

Saanvi’s Avatar
Saanvi Jan 21 110 views

What is the hardest thing about being a Graphic Designer?

I am a junior in high school and I want to be a Graphic Designer.

Sasha’s Avatar
Sasha Nov 10, 2022 218 views

How to get established

How does one start out in graphic design, a form of art, or game development in a successful way? It would be hard to start a career like that without any prior connections.

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Nov 01, 2022 237 views

What advice would you give to an aspiring graphic designer?

What majors should I take for graphic design? What can I do as a graphic designer? What all do I need to know?

Brayden’s Avatar
Brayden Oct 17, 2022 138 views

Are there any careers you can get in graphic design without going to college?

I want a career in graphic design but I don't want to attend college unless I have to.

Ella’s Avatar
Ella Oct 11, 2022 150 views

What are the classes I should take in high school if I wanna do graphic design when I'm older?

Is there any good classes to take in high school if I want to be a graphic designer?

Katie’s Avatar
Katie Sep 27, 2022 434 views

What does a career in graphic design entail?

I have started doing some graphic designing lately during the summer of 2022, making overlays and some slides for my streamer friends. I might wanna get into this professionally, but for now, am preparing to do this as a side thing. But what does being a professional graphic designer look like...

Millie’s Avatar
Millie Jul 25, 2022 390 views

What do I need to know before becoming a graphic designer?

Are there specific qualifications you need to become a good graphic designer? And besides having a great eye for design, are there any other skills I need to acquire?

Nadine’s Avatar
Nadine Jul 03, 2022 222 views

Is Graphic Design the career for me?

Next year I'm planning to get a certificate in Graphic Design. Problem is I'm not creative or artistic. I really love art. I'm thinking of teaching myself to draw ect. I struggle to think outside the box and scared I will fail next year. I wonder if studying further is necessary and should I...

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jun 03, 2022 260 views

What do people look for in a graphic designer?

I want to know what kinds of skills/qualifications employers look for when hiring a graphic designer.

Andres’s Avatar
Andres Nov 08, 2021 385 views

What should you major in if you are interested in video editing and graphic design.

#graphic-designer #graphic-design #video-editing #editing

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Nov 08, 2021 542 views

what is the process of becoming a professional graphics designer.

#art #design #graphic-designer #computer #graphic-design

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Nov 03, 2021 356 views

What can I do to work up to a job as a graphic designer at somewhere like a major company?

#graphic-design #graphic-designer #design

Roger’s Avatar
Roger Aug 26, 2021 276 views

What are some simple jobs that I could have, (before I start/finish college) that have to do with graphic design?

So I'm looking for an entry-level job that has to do with graphic design. I don't know what jobs I should be looking for. I probably want to be a motion graphic designer, so if there's a simple job related to that somehow that would be preferable. Thanks for the future responses....

Antonio’s Avatar
Antonio Jun 16, 2021 490 views

What is the best path to get a career in graphic design?

#graphic-design #graphic-designer

Melanie’s Avatar
Melanie Jun 09, 2021 252 views

What do I need to do to become a Graphic Designer?

I have just graduated from college with an Associate Degree in animation and motion graphics, but I love to create graphic designs since it gives me more passion.
#graphic-design #design #graphic-designer

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Apr 19, 2021 522 views

How do I get a job in graphic design that focuses more on illustration?

I am in my third year of college with a major in graphic design and a minor in marketing. I would like to focus more on digital illustration rather than logo or web design. How would I go about presenting myself to a prospective job? What should I expect from the work environment? What will the...

Steven’s Avatar
Steven Mar 17, 2021 305 views

How is the pay for a graphic designer

#graphic-design #graphic-designer #graphics #interior #logo-design

Steven’s Avatar
Steven Mar 17, 2021 313 views

How hard is the day to day job of a graphic designer

#job #jobs #graphic-designer

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Mar 15, 2021 232 views

How is it hard to become a graphic designer?

I am in 9th grade and I am just curious.


hannah’s Avatar
hannah Mar 15, 2021 667 views

what classes did you take in high school for graphic design

I'm in 9th grade and I'm wondering about graphic design #graphic-design #graphic-designer #web-design #graphics #game-design #game-design

Lori’s Avatar
Lori Mar 15, 2021 314 views

What are the common programs you have to learn to be a graphic designer?

#graphic-design #graphic-designer

Michelle’s Avatar
Michelle Mar 11, 2021 514 views

How has your experience with being a graphic designer been so far? What process did you have to go through in order to reach this career, and what is the most rewarding thing about it?

#career-choice #career #graphic-design #art #college #careers #graphic-designer
#graphics #arts

Maureen’s Avatar
Maureen Feb 08, 2021 967 views

How do you become a graphic designer with a full time job?

I took a few GD classes in college and have done a few jobs for friends but, I have a long ways to go. I want to become a graphic designer and get out of my sales position. It is hard because I also have to pay rent and do not want to go back to college. Any advice? #graphic-design...

Reece’s Avatar
Reece Jan 14, 2021 265 views

What job possibilities are there for people with a degree in graphic design?


Megan’s Avatar
Megan Nov 24, 2020 4658 views

What qualities/skills do I need to become a Graphic Designer?

#graphic-design #graphic-designer

Jersey’s Avatar
Jersey Nov 21, 2020 1021 views

Why did you choose to become a user experience designer?

#ux-design #user-experience #ui-design #product-designer #graphic-designer #GivingisCaring

Jersey’s Avatar
Jersey Nov 16, 2020 620 views

How is the life as a graphic designer? Specifically in areas of package, web or ux design??

I am pursuing graphic design in post-secondary. I am contemplating whether I should focus on package, web, or user experience design. Although, I am kind of leaning more towards user experience so any insights on how is it look would be really appreciated. Thanks! #web-design #graphics...

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Oct 17, 2020 358 views

What happens if you don’t meet a deadline? Is it difficult to get a job as a Graphic Designer?

I am in high school and want to become a Graphic Designer. #graphic-designer #high-school #career

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Oct 17, 2020 324 views

Do you have conflicts at work about specific layouts?

I am in high school and want to become a Graphic Designer. #graphic-designer #high-school-students #art