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Career Questions tagged Graphic Designer

Roger P.’s Avatar
Roger P. Aug 26, 2021 132 views

What are some simple jobs that I could have, (before I start/finish college) that have to do with graphic design?

So I'm looking for an entry-level job that has to do with graphic design. I don't know what jobs I should be looking for. I probably want to be a motion graphic designer, so if there's a simple job related to that somehow that would be preferable. Thanks for the future responses....

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Melanie C.’s Avatar
Melanie C. Jun 09, 2021 125 views

What do I need to do to become a Graphic Designer?

I have just graduated from college with an Associate Degree in animation and motion graphics, but I love to create graphic designs since it gives me more passion. graphic-design design...


Grace M.’s Avatar
Grace M. Apr 19, 2021 314 views

How do I get a job in graphic design that focuses more on illustration?

I am in my third year of college with a major in graphic design and a minor in marketing. I would like to focus more on digital illustration rather than logo or web design. How would I go about presenting myself to a prospective job? What should I expect from the work environment? What will the...

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Kyle U.’s Avatar
Kyle U. Mar 15, 2021 123 views
Maureen M.’s Avatar
Maureen M. Feb 08, 2021 665 views

How do you become a graphic designer with a full time job?

I took a few GD classes in college and have done a few jobs for friends but, I have a long ways to go. I want to become a graphic designer and get out of my sales position. It is hard because I also have to pay rent and do not want to go back to college. Any advice? graphic-design...


Jersey S.’s Avatar
Jersey S. Nov 16, 2020 370 views

How is the life as a graphic designer? Specifically in areas of package, web or ux design??

I am pursuing graphic design in post-secondary. I am contemplating whether I should focus on package, web, or user experience design. Although, I am kind of leaning more towards user experience so any insights on how is it look would be really appreciated. Thanks! web-design graphics...

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Roger P.’s Avatar
Roger P. Oct 09, 2020 202 views

To people who are a graphic designer (the job not category of jobs) how easy or hard was it for you in college? Mainly classes and payment for stuff needed for class?

Hello, I'm thinking of being a graphic designer (I'm going say this every time the job specifically not the category of jobs), and the title/questions state everything I am asking. graphic-designer college...


Aun M.’s Avatar
Aun M. Feb 23, 2020 460 views

Does one need to be good at drawing to pursue a career in graphic design?

Even though I don't plan on pursuing a career in the graphic design field, this has always been a question of curiosity. I'm taking a communications technology course where we look at graphic design, and our teacher said that you don't need to know how to draw at all. Rather, you just need to...

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Rebecca R.’s Avatar
Rebecca R. Aug 31, 2018 521 views

Which is better for Graphic Design majors - Bachelors in Fine Arts vs Bachelors in Arts degree

I am looking at a variety of colleges with graphic design programs. Some offer Bachelors in Fine Arts while others offer Bachelors in Arts. Does the degree type make a difference in getting a job when I graduate? graphic-design...


Raney W.’s Avatar
Raney W. May 29, 2018 467 views

As an artist, how do I make money while also doing what I'm passionate about?

I want to be a graphic designer after college, but I don't know where to begin with finding a stable job that also allows me creative freedom. I understand that I won't necessarily love every assignment I get, but I don't want to spend my career bored or uninspired. What is the key to finding...

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